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Q&A with Craig Werth, David Francey's Main Man

Craig Werth is David Francey’s right hand and maybe left hand too.  He accompanies David on many tours and has arranged and produced his music.  He knows David’s music inside and out.  But he’s also a very fine singer-songwriter and has a multitude of musical talents.  As David notes, Craig is a natural-born storyteller as you can tell from the responses to the questions below.

Craig’s warm personality comes through on this…


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Q&A with Meg Braun

Meg Braun is an instrumental (pardon the pun) figure in the NYC world of singer-songwriters.  She’s one of the encouraging voices who helped steer a weekly gathering of songwriters who would get together and work on their craft (and often share chips and dip). She’s been touring with several of those same songwriters doing a tribute of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album….but this year she’s joined forces to pay homage to the legendary Carole King.…


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Q&A with Kat Quinn

Kat Quinn is an emerging singer-songwriter in the New York City music scene.  She’s learning the ropes pretty quickly and has impressed a host of notables with her memorable songs and easy on-stage demeanor.  You’d think she was born on stage…she makes it look that easy.   She’s got two EPs to her name thus far but we predict a long and lasting career as she continues on and makes more and more waves within the acoustic music scene.

To learn more about Kat Quinn, check out…


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Q&A with David Francey

What can you say about a former carpenter turned songwriter and artist?  You can say that he’s got a lot of experience in the workaday world and that he’s learned a lot about the life – so much so that his lyrics and music resonate profoundly with fans from east to west and north to south.  He’s a Scot who moved to Canada and has become an important voice in that nation.  James Keelaghan, perhaps one of the most revered Canadian songwriters currently plying his trade today, has…


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Q&A with Dan Navarro

Dan Navarro is a musician’s musician—not only does he write some awfully tasty tunes, play guitar with the best of ‘em, but he’s an advocate for all his musical colleagues.  He’s got their backs.  Dan has served on the board of Folk Alliance International and is very active and outspoken about all things related to musicians’ rights pertaining to their ability to make a living wage.

Dan’s music is written with a lot of heart.  It’s honest.  It’s real.  This interview below…


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Q&A with Lori McKenna

One of the sweetest musical success stories out of the greater Boston area has got to be that of Lori McKenna.  As she says below, she’s  just a “housewife” —  a housewife who has an impeccable way with music and lyrics.  She’s a woman whose songs speak to the hearts of people from all over.  Just ask Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Alison Krauss, and any other number of country stars who have covered her songs.  Her music is emotive; her words wrap themselves around melodies that are…


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Q&A with Dietrich Strause

Dietrich Strause – that’s a name to remember.  He has established himself as one of the most popular greater Boston songwriters of recent years.  In addition, he’s added some great brass arrangements (playing a damn fine trumpet) at some epic shows with friends in Camberville (Cambridge / Somerville).  Dietrich’s songs have been compared to Shaker furniture  — “simply…


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Hardy and Wilson – The Cluny 2 (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – February 13, 2014)

I bought a ticket for this show primarily to see Ross Wilson (Blue Rose Code) again, even though I saw him fewer than 2 weeks ago as part of Celtic Connections 2014. As I said in that review, North Ten' was probably my favourite album of 2013 and he was fantastic both times I've seen him. I was interested to see how he was going to play with someone…


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Old Black Kettle: A Harmonic Convergence at Station Inn (Concert Review)

For the past few years, the folk and Americana genres have been infiltrated by a bunch of artists who are far more flash than substance. This “Genericana” trend is full of pretentious posers who sport banjos and beards as semblances of their authenticity. (I'd use the lipstick on a pig metaphor, but I don't want to insult pigs. They are awfully…


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Dale Watson talks Ameripolitan Music Awards (Interview)

2013 was one hell of a year for Dale Watson. Though he has been a working musician for over two decades and has managed to release over twenty albums carrying his name since 1995, it was the release of El Rancho Azul (Red House Records) that exposed Watson’s signature honky tonk sound to a new audience eager to hear real country music. Over the course of 2013 the Texas troubadour toured relentlessly, saved the legendary Austin dive Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon when he…


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Carrie Tree - Home to the Invisible (Album Review)

Subtle, Nu-Folk that owes a debt to the bedsit writers of the 70’s  

Folk Music; and in particular English Folk Music, generally leaves me unmoved and a bit bored; so it takes something special to hold my attention, and Carrie Tree has managed that with ease.

The press release that accompanied the CD lists the usual suspects that Carrie was ‘influenced’ by but, if my memory serves me correctly she owes a lot more to Judee Sill and Sandy Denny than Ray…


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Robert Hill – My Corner (Album Review)

I’d never heard of songwriter and slide guitarist Robert Hill when a mutual friend recently  sent me a copy of his CD “ My Corner.”  First impression: “ This sucks, it sounds just like EmmyLou Harris’s Wrecking Ball.  Too much bass, too heavy on the  bass drums. Too much affectation in the vocals. Somebody wants to be thought of as an “artist”.

Twenty good listens to later, I am a Robert Hill fan.  Robert won me over, as a songwriter, first of all.  He touches topics…


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Q&A with Seth Glier

Just a quick look at Seth Glier’s press kit gives you a real clue as to the number of accolades he has received in just a few years time.   Quintessential folkie singer-songwriter Ellis Paul says "Talent like Seth Glier’s brings out the psychic in all of us… He’s gonna be huge.”  Livingston Taylor compares Seth’s songwriting to Billy Joel’s.  USA Today goes one step further and says his voice is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Joel.  Seth has an engaging stage presence,…


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Ash Breeze Debut Album

Ash Breeze has a new self-titled album out today.  It's produced by Aaron Ramsey, a talented and well-known bluegrass artist, but don't let that fool you.  The new album is a smooth blend of Ash Breeze's favorite genres; bluegrass, Americana and folk.  Listeners will be pleased because it includes many original songs that were written by band members, a few classics and fine instrumentals that almost blow you away.

Ash Breeze (formally known as The Smith Family Band) has…


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Q&A with Irene Kelley

Nashville musician, Irene Kelley, makes a most personal statement about her home state of Pennsylvania, family, friends and her own perspective about life on her new album, Pennsylvania Coal.  Irene’s discography is most impressive but this newest album is one that seems to have struck a chord with those inside and outside the music industry.  Pennsylvania Coal  is riveting.  Its organic homegrown feel  beckons the listener to listen….to really listen.  This is not…


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The Black Feathers – Old Cinema Launderette (Gilesgate, Durham, UK – January 25, 2014)

My second gig of the year, and again is at the Old Cinema Launderette. I do go to other places, but when the offerings are this good, you have to take advantage!

Harri Endersby opened the show, a local singer-songwriter, I was seeing for the first time.  I enjoyed her original songs and 1 cover, especially a song called 'Tobacco Tin' that was genuinely affecting. Harri's voice managed to be both vulnerable and fierce, and she showed a good range. Her clear, open delivery suited her…


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Pete Seeger is Gone, but His Circles of Song Ring On

I was lucky to be a neighbor, friend and occasional accompanist of Pete Seeger for 22 years. (That's me on the right above, with Steve Stanne and Pete in Beacon, N.Y., in 2010; photo by David Rothenberg.) Here are some reflections reposted from my Dot Earth blog at The New York Times:

Pete Seeger spent his life surrounded by circles of song with varying dimensions.

He often created them himself, …


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Cool Water - I Am Cured (Album Review)

The formula for a folk pop duo with acoustic guitars has been a long staple of the music world and Simon and Garfunkel, the Everly Brothers and the Indigo Girls wrote the book on how to make it successful.  Seattle based duo Cool Water are trying to put their own spin on the genre and with the release of their new album ‘I am Cured,” they honor the traditions of the past and embrace some new ideas. Talented guitarist and lead vocalist Brooke Pennock teamed up with lifelong friend,…


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The Mother Hips rock Austin (Concert Review / Photos / Setlist)

On a recent Saturday night California band The Mother Hips finished off a two-night stand at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas with a sold out show. Review and photos by Neil Ferguson. 

For nearly twenty-five years The Mother Hips have been one of California’s best-kept secrets. Like other groups that may fall within the realm of “jam bands,” The Mother Hips have managed to stay under the radar of the mainstream while building a loyal and loving fanbase, all of whom are…


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Transitioning from LeE HARVeY OsMOND to Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to track down and purchase great music.  Thanks to the internet, local record stores are just a mouse click away for better or worse.  Record labels and artists now can ship an album to your doorstep, even if they’re located in another country or hemisphere. Listeners can also invest in their favorite songwriter’s next project via Kickstarter and PledgeMusic campaign with added perks beyond a CD, vinyl, or digital download copy of the new…


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