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Album Review: Brown Bird - "Salt For Salt"

Rhode Island folk duo Brown Bird’s Salt for Salt is an extended spiritual rave-up of folk and blues which rages darkly on, expressing the eternal human battle to remain relevant through conflict and challenge. This is the folk album for people who love folk music and want it to remain devoid of anything commercial, a blistering testimonial recorded live to tape, capturing the band’s emotionally rich, honest musical missive. Though you may think I’m bubbling over with…


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Album Review: Mandolin Orange: Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger

Mandolin Orange’s latest double EP is an attempt to show the full, multifaceted depth of its bluegrass sound. The album art shows Andrew Marlin’s and Emily Frantz’s faces on the head of a copper coin, and though the splitting of their music across two EPs is unnecessary, it must be said that the Chapel Hill duo has developed an intriguing blend of folk, bluegrass and pop. Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger does a good job of allowing that music to rise to the top,…


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Levi Fuller's Ball of Wax Explores Harry Smith's Anthology

Levi Fuller's a musical explorer. Sounds cliche, I know, but I do tend to think of him with a pith helmet and machete, wacking his way through an underbrush of lame MySpace pages and Web 1.0 sites to pull forth little gems of cultural brilliance. He's a songwriter and performer himself, but through his series of regularly released compilation albums, Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, he's…


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Vanessa Peters sings (and talks) about "The Christmas We Hoped For"

Listening to NPR this weekend I had the misfortune to hear snippets of new Christmas releases from Michael Bubble and Justin Beaver with Busted Rhymes. Luckily the antidote, recently received in the mail, was nearby. I turned off the radio and slid Vanessa PetersThe Christmas We Hoped For into the CD player. Just what Santa Claus ordered: a tuneful and tasteful take on a dozen Christmas songs! There's…


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Kelly Pardekooper's Yonder: a great review, although I haven't heard it yet

I've pretty much been to the moon and back for the past two weeks, unable to muster more than an occasional visit to this website for a joust with Will or witty repartee with Gillian. Haven't even checked my email and the only new music I've been listening to has been old music...The Handsome Family, actually. I'm still a little shaky on my feet, green around the gills, and the only place I can occupy is the bed or couch. I just happened to check in here, my virtual home away from…


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Hearth Music Interview with Riley Baugus

A little while ago, I got the chance to interview one of my heroes of Appalachian old-time music, Riley Baugus. Riley's the real deal. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and learned as a kid from all the greats, especially Tommy Jarrell and Fred Cockerham. He's not nearly…


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Americana Rock Mix Review - "Mergers And Acquisitions" by Have Gun, Will Travel

There isn’t much that I can say here that I haven’t already said on my show. But, to put it in more of a substantial note, here are my thoughts on this album.


It’s hard to determine what it is that makes Have Gun, Will Travel sound so unique. With the influx of Alt. Country, Americana, Folk bands out there, it becomes that much harder to develop a sound that will cut through the noise. Whatever that sound may be, it helped them hit a strong stride with their last album…


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TPR#64 Border Blasters - Interview and Music

On episode 64 of the Taproot Podcast, Todd Jagger and JR Harrell talk about listening to border radio stations when they were kids, their own radio show, the joys of Texas…


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It's year-end list/reader poll time - What's your Top 10 of 2011?

Well, we are, approaching the end of another year full of so many good albums it's hard to even count. In other words, it's time for year-end lists.

There's a long tradition here at No Depression of compiling a community poll - a grand list of albums you, the community, most loved and adored this year. The rules are pretty simple. Respond to this blog post (in the comments section) with your personal Top 10 Albums of 2011. While you're more than welcome to expand upon…


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Rhett Miller's Lefsetzian Move

Rhett Miller is the latest established artist to pass on the record company route and go directly to his fans to finance his next album.  His page opened over the holidays is more than halfway home at this writing.  By the time you read this, the campaign won't be very Old but I'm guessing it will be 97 percent complete, or even more than that (apologies to all, especially Mr. Miller, for that…


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The Writing on the Wall

"The Writing on the Wall says Life's a bitch Ain't enough food Eat the rich." May feel ripped from the headlines. But that's the great thing about Michael on Fire. He speaks to the timeless human condition, not the moment.


I hope that sooner or later the human race evolves past class struggle, but in twenty years, Eat the Rich is probably still going to feel like today, just like "Whatever Happened America" or "Intelligence Ain't What it Used to Be." And that's what gives his…


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Holiday Reviews: Tommy Emmanuel, Buck Owens & Lyle Lovett

Tommy Emmanuel - All I Want for Christmas (Favored Nations, 2011)

Australian guitar player Tommy Emmanuel may just be the single most talented picker of his generation. His finger- and flat-picking are precise yet graceful, with tone that’s clean but still soulful. Emmanuel sticks to his acoustic here, playing in both solo and band settings. It’s the former, in…


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On the Road with Chuck Ragan

Next week, Chuck Ragan hits the road opening for Social Distortion, playing venues like the House of Blues and ending with three sold out shows at the 1300-seat Ogden Theatre in Denver. But tonight is another story. Tonight, Ragan isn't just playing a small dive bar in San Antonio, but the basement of a dive bar in San Antonio.

I walk right in the unattended side door and go…


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Willie Nelson - Remember Me, Vol. 1 (R&J, 2011)

Willie Nelson - Remember Me, Vol. 1 (R&J, 2011)

In contrast to the deeper picks of last year’s Country Music, this year’s model has Nelson working through some of the most famous tunes in country music’s chart history. Included are signature hits from Ernest Tubb…


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Eric Hanke, Factory Man

In some parts of the South, you might live there for eighty years, but locals will still say, "Well, you're from Michigan."  Texas is different; if you say you're a Texan, you are.  You might not be from there, but you got there as fast as you could.  By that definition, Eric Hanke is a Texan. His parents brought him to Dallas from Michigan as a toddler, and he never left--except for that long semester in Germany tracing his…


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Bryan Adams @ Metro Arena Newcastle UK

Bryan Adams

Newcastle Metro Arena

Thursday 24th November 2011

Alan Harrison


Just as the last notes from Sheena is a Punk Rocker faded away the house lights dimmed and the roar from the 10,000 strong crowd must have been heard over the river…


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A Preshow Interview with Seth Walker - Tulsa's Cain's Ballroom Wed. Nov. 30, 2011

Seth Walker sings the (Texas) Blues at the Cain’s on 11.30

by Julie Wenger Watson


Tulsa, Okla. - It’s probably safe to assume that Seth Walker is one of the few, if not the only, blues musicians to have grown up on a Quaker commune in rural North Carolina. Although this may seem like an unlikely beginning for a musician whose influences include Ray Charles, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Bob Wills, music has played a role in Walker’s life from…


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Three Bad Jacks Interview

While Three Bad Jacks are usually classified as “rockabilly,” the band takes it cues from a variety of influences from Elvis Presley, Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone. The result is a mix of rockabilly, punk and good old rock and roll … live and raw. And defiant of categorization.


Expect plenty of fireworks and showmanship as well — the band has become known for their fiery performances. Figuratively…


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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 123 - Vicodin Rock Mix

In this episode I'm dealing with some tooth pain. But it's being toned down considerably by the Vicodin I'm taking. But still, I'm not going to let some tooth pain keep me from delivering the best music you'll hear this week.


Download the episode HERE


Music in this episode:


- Low Down AND All I Know by The…


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Happy Thanksgiving!


As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, we just wanted to take a chance to thank all of you for coming to this site now and then - or on a regular basis. In an internet world where you have innumerable places to go for music news, reviews, interviews, analysis, discussion, and community, we are endlessly thankful that you choose to join us here. 


We're also thankful for those among you who take the time to contribute to this site.…


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