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Lee's Listening Stack: Skybombers - 'Black Carousel'


Black Carousel

429 Records


Australia has produced more than its share of impetuous young rockers, from the Easybeats to AC/DC, and an identical strain of genes seems to run through Skybombers, a brash and bold young combo whose new LP reflects a similar off-kilter sensibility. With songs that boast a penchant for kinetic rhythms and impulsive instincts to boot, Black Carousel becomes a wayward ride from start to finish, loose in the…


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Greetings from South by Southwest: Missive 4 Civil Wars + Midlake Surprises

South by Southwest

The Next Day, Missive Four

Civil Wars & Midlake Surprises


It is so big, that it is bigger than itself. Not just South by Southwest, but South by San Jose – the alternative to the alternative fest. In the sprawling courtyard beside the San Jacinto Hotel, it is a high chic courtyard/bier garden with more established bands not looking to be scouted or…


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Greetings from South by Southwest -- New Old Country @ Antone's

South by Southwest

Missive Six

Modern Old Fashioned Heritage Country


Kelly Willis’ voice swoops and offers a satiny sheen that is both silky and so fluid it threatens to slip through the notes being played by her and husband Bruce Robison’s crackerjack band. For years the darling of progressive country fans, the sweetheart of the post modern rodeo was both too cool and too…


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John Mellencamp announces first European tour in 19 years

Press release


For the first time in 19 years, John Mellencamp is set to tour the UK and Europe with dates set for late June and July 2011. The No Better Than This tour is designed as a uniquely formatted "evening with," and brings Mellencamp's music to theatre-sized venues, a rare opportunity to experience one of America's most iconic songwriters and performers in an intimate setting, highlighting all phases of his artistry.

The new No…


Added by Adam Sheets on March 17, 2011 at 1:34pm — 2 Comments

Singer-Songwriter Keaton Simons: On Leading with Love....Unstoppable

By Terry Roland

(originally appeared in FolkWorks)


There's something special about the music of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Keaton Simons. Perhaps it's in…


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'Rebel' Rod's Reviews - Soulive: Bowlive - Live at the Brooklyn Bowl - DVD (Shine A Light Productions/Royal Family Records) releases March 23rd -

By ‘Rebel’ Rod Ames

I received this little jewel in the mail the other day not really knowing what to expect. What I expect now is to be at Soulive: Bowlive - Live at the Brooklyn Bowl next year in Brooklyn, New York.

The former owners of the famous and sorely missed The Wetlands, Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan, were seeking a new venue for some tremendously talented musicians. What they found… Continue

Added by Rod Ames on March 17, 2011 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Caitlin Rose-Own Side Now

Mining the past for inspiration has long been a hallmark of the performing arts. Musicians, actors, and writers have been re-interpreting ideas since the dawn of time, constantly putting new and inventive spins on classic ideas and concepts. In country and rock and roll music, appraisals go hand in hand with the territory and such is the case with young Nashville singer-songwriter, Caitlin Rose and her debut full-length Own Side Now, a wry, heartfelt, and confessional collection of…


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SXSW Rocks Into Gear

I arrived in Austin a day before the festivities really hit full throttle. Even though the festival and conference wasn't in full swing Tuesday night, I caught two bands I've been dying to see for a while - The Head and the Heart and Dry the River.

The Head and the Heart, you may by now be aware, are a bit of a power troupe from Seattle. Their album dropped last year and skyrocketed the band straight to the moon. I was a slow-comer, I'll admit. I tend to back off from hype pretty…


Added by Kim Ruehl on March 17, 2011 at 10:00am — 6 Comments

the state of music and blueberry muffins

“Can you put food on the table with music? Probably not. I see music as a really great hobby for most people in five or 10 years.

I see everybody I know, some of them really important artists, studying how to do other jobs.” – John McCrea, Cake, NPR Interview



Added by Easy Ed on March 17, 2011 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

South By Southwest, Missive 3: Jimmie Dale Gilmore+the Wronglers, Foster & Lloyd Together Again

South By Southwest

Missive Three --

Is This The Past or the Future That Is Calling?

Jimmie Dale Gilmore, the mystical old time country singer, is onstage at the balconied ballroom of Austin’s landmark Driskill Hotel, his high voice keening and spinning around the melody-line of several bluegrass standards with a nimbleness that belies the trickiness of the old time music. Exuberance unleashed, this is miles from Gilmore’s ethereal high country blend…


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More Greetings from South By Southwest: Beyond the G&S Lounge

    Greetings from South By Southwest

Missive Two    

            The G&S Lounge is not a pretty place. Not even close, Ceilings too low and in the pre-happy hours, they don’t even engage the myriad neon signs to extract that buzzing crayola light to deaden the pressboard ceiling and beat-up alternating black and white industrial tile floor. This ain’t anywhere a poseur’s gonna go, but it’s about as real as it gets, a bar that time and poseurs forgot.



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Greetings from South by Southwest -- Missive One

South BySouthwest

Missive One


It’s so easy to hate on South By Southwest… Too big, too corporate, too much, too too too… And it’s true, kind of. But not really…


The energy in the streets of Austin is palpable. Music everywhere. Aging hipsters not nearly as hip as they used to be tragically dressed & not necessarily checking the mirror to realize the sartorial joke’s on them as they cling to some sense of…


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Bela Fleck: A Force of Nature in Five Strings

Bela Fleck at MTSU's Tucker Theater, photo by David Shields

Earlier this evening, I attended a performance and speaking engagement with renowned banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck at Middle Tennessee State University, just outside of Nashville.  As the evening began, Fleck walked on stage in blue jeans and sneakers, carrying his banjo case.  He sat down in…


Added by Dustin Ogdin on March 16, 2011 at 7:00am — 6 Comments

The Power of the Sea: Matthew Byrne's Newfoundland Family Ballads

 The sea has been on my mind a lot lately. Watching the power of a tsunami descend on the Japanese coast has cast a pall over all our social networks and our minds this past week. It reminds us of the power of the sea, and how the waves can reach our homes even on shore. As a result, I've been listening a lot to the deeply powerful debut album of…


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Upcoming My Morning Jacket Album and Interview from Stereogum.


As far as favorite bands goes...My Morning Jacket is the one for me. Live performances blow you away and the CDs are there to help you in between shows... Here is Stereogum's Interview with all of the band.


Progress Report: My Morning Jacket

NAME: My Morning Jacket

PROGRESS REPORT: Kentucky’s greatest space-rock barn band converges in NYC to talk about their forthcoming full-length Circuital.

As a music writer, it’s…


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What Sings in the Blood- Rosemary Phelan, Mighty Wren

What Sings in the Blood might be a call to arms for the inner soul. It is a major breakthrough for this artist with strong content, perfectly paced, with many nuggets embedded deep within its songs. Like a timed-release capsule, when taken aurally it will provide a depth of understanding of both the simple miracles of every day life, and a vision for change in the collective hearts of the…


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Doo Wop Skeletons in Clinton's Closet

 Funk or Die version

Name two artists who came into music via their love of doo wop, exploded into the popular consciousness in the 70's, operated with a deep contempt of the music business, put together ultra talented bands, presented (still present) legendary live shows, used humor to make much larger points, and always seemed…


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Queen of the Minor Key: Eilen Jewell 12 March 2011 @ The Ark

Eilen Jewell 

12 March 2011

The Ark in Ann Arbor


It’s been a while since I took in a concert, and I when I heard that Eilen Jewell was going to be playing the Ark in Ann Arbor I really had no excuse to go. Eilen has been on my musical radar for a while, I wrote about her previously on this blog (see the link at the bottom) and have been wanting to see her live.


Musically she identifies as a folkie, at least on stage,…


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Happy Birthday to Ry Cooder and Lightnin' Hopkins

Today’s (March 15th) the birthday of both Lightnin’ Hopkins and Ry Cooder, two great musicians who are central to the story of the blues and the blues revival.  


Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins was born in Centerville, Texas in 1912, saw Blind Lemon Jefferson play when he was eight, and recorded spindly rhythm & blues hits like “Katie Mae Blues” in the late-1940s.  Hopkins was famous for his improvised lyrics and percolating fingerpicked guitar.  He liked to wail on an…


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Half A Review Of Alejandro Escovedo And The Sensitive Boys, El Paso's Reyn Theatre, March 11, 2011

I had the privilege of being at Alejandro Escovedo's show in El Paso last Friday night.  It was my first time to see him live.  Unfortunately, I had to be up at 4 to catch a flight out of town and he didn't go on until after 10, so I knew as I walked in I wasn't going to make it to the end of the show.  I saw enough, however, to confirm my at-a-distance opinion (and an opinion shared by his biggest fan, The Boss):  This 60-year-old ex-punk musician is a great performer.  Mr. Escovedo writes…


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