Doesn't have to be a great revelation. Doesn't have to change the year in music. Could be old. Could be new. Just has to do it for this week. So what is doing it for you this week?

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I saw these guys in the Spring in NC before they came out with their debut cd, and they were awesome. Just saw them mentioned on another post and found them on CD Baby here  Just as good as I remembered. Maybe better. Albums called Crumble. Very live feel. Great songwriting. Great guitar. The real deal.

Ry Cooder - "Election Special"

Another vote for Election Special , what a great album !

I'm in on Election Special too!

Ry Cooder for president!

I never even liked him much before Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down * (also a great album) , now i have to start working my way back. I'm getting I Flathead at the weekend.

*Apart from the Paris, Texas soundtrack , EVERYBODY loves that.

"To Terrapin" -Grateful DEad

Listening to Drive By Truckers last night after a tweet made by Mandy Moore to Jason Isbell. I'd checked out some of DBT before and have never been a fan only because they're heavier then I normally listen to. Decided to focus on the albums made when Jason Isbell was a member. Love "Danko/Manuel", "Outfit", and "TVA". Also: "When the Pin Hits the Shell".

Goddamn Lonely Love is by Jason and possibly their best song (apart from Cooley's , obviously !).

Hours we've spent on here , giving you recommendations and listening tips , and ONE LOUSY TWEET by someone you don't even know , sends you on a music hunt (shakes head ).

LOL - (small voice) sorry...

I forgot to mention Stina , you really should check out Jasons most recent album Here We Rest which is superb and his best solo effort so far. There was a very interesting blog on here as well about the artwork.



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