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David Wilcox - Blaze (Album Review)

BLAZE, solo album # 18, David Patrick Wilcox traverses a broad thematic gamut, his words at times thoughtful, occasionally provoking it’s simply another classic song collection.

BLAZE was recorded and mixed at former Over The Rhine guitarist Ric Hordinski’s Monastery Recording Studio – a deconsecrated church - in the Walnut Hills suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. In the album press release Wilcox sums up collaborating with Hordinski as “like hiking a new trail and seeing a vista…


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Easy Ed's Sideshow of Solos, Duets and Ensembles: Session #42

Welcome to the 42nd installment of random thoughts, trivial facts. occasional fiction, poetry, haikus, photos, artwork, stories of fleeting fame and dastardly deeds, and videos or tunes that may have caught my attention or fancy of late. As you can see by the picture at the side, I've got dessert on my mind, and in particular...pies.

The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink has this to say about the origin of how pies ended up in America: The surrounding…


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St. Vincent in Concert: As Performance Artist, Annie Clark Shows Her True Colors

One of the most intriguing aspects about attending a St. Vincent concert is the anticipation. What will Annie Clark do next?

That’s what one high-strung son of someone was thinking for the rest of us while pressed up against the barrier leaving just enough breathing room between entertainer and her target audience as March wound down while that inevitable day for April fools waited…


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Lone Justice - This Is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes, 1983 (Album Review)

Much bootlegged, these landmark early studio recordings by Lone Justice are finally given an official release.

By December 1983, performing their swashbuckling fusion of punk and country, Lone Justice were consistently playing ‘sold out’ sets in L.A.’s numerous rock clubs. That month Maria McKee (lead vocal, guitar), Ryan Hedgecock (guitar, backing vocal), Marvin Etzioni (bass, backing vocal) and Don Heffington (drums) hunkered down in Suite 16 Studios in…


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Stace England & The Salt Kings – America, Illinois (Album Review)

Let me tell you a little about Stace England.  Back in 2005 or so, Stace and the boys put out an album titled Greetings From Cairo, Illinois which music critic Greil Marcus put in his Top Ten albums of that year.  They followed it up in 2007 with Salt Sex Slaves, another historically apt musical look behind the facade of reality-as-told.  (Here is part of the story behind the album, lifted straight off of England's CDBaby page:  "…


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Young Brits Climbing the Ladder: Blair Dunlop and Ward Thomas

Ah, sweet  youth. Time for an update on Blair Dunlop and Ward Thomas, two young British music talents that  I have mentioned before on these pages and who are worth keeping an eye on.

Dunlop turned 22 in February. He is a folk-country singer with an impressive musical pedigree (his dad is British folk icon Ashley Hutchings) and who, I have just learned played the young Willie Wonka in Tim Burton's…


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Slide Guitar Is Better Than Virtually Anything, But Especially These 25 Things

Slide guitar has long been the most pleasing instrument. That couldn't be more obvious. But only recently did it occur to humankind that the slide guitar might be the most pleasing thing on Earth, period. There is considerable evidence to support this notion. For instance, here are just a few of the things a slide guitar is superior to:

1. Sunsets

2. Shetland ponies

3. Caramel

4. Sophia Loren, circa 1960…


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Album Reviews: Katie Glassman, Kelcy Mae & Old Man Luedecke

Kelcy Mae: Half-Light Double EP

"Close your eyes. See the story in your mind, not with open eyes" starts Bright Eyes, the opening track of Kelcy Mae’s Half-Light EP. It's a song that thrusts the singers beautiful voice to the front over a single guitar before gradually building to a musical crescendo. The track shows a deft hand in doing so and…


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Exclusive Premiere of Cowboy Jack Clement's "Let the Chips Fall"

Cowboy Jack was one of the most beloved country and Americana artists of his generation. For proof, just look at the list of artists who showed up to lend a hand on his final album: John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Bobby Bare, Duane Eddy, T Bone Burnett, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Rodney Crowell, Buddy Miller, Dan Auerbach, Leon Russell, Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, Dickie Lee, Shawn Camp, Dierks Bentley, Jim Rooney, Jim Lauderdale, Will Oldham, his daughter Allison Clement, and more.…


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Riley Etheridge Jr. Comes in on the Straight and Narrow

There’s something deep into the core of New York City singer-songwriter Riley Etheridge Jr.’s new release, The Straight and Narrow Way, that carries with it a deeply Stax/Muscle Shoals realized sonic bloodline. It’s this sense of the music from these sessions that celebrates, travels, dances, thinks, feels, dreams and, at times bleeds, that links it to the finest soul music of the last several decades. It’s a roadhouse romp and big city blues jam fused with South Louisiana…


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A Conversation with Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell of the Greyhounds

Easter Island Festival opens tonight and runs through the wee hours of the morning Sunday, April 13. This music festival takes place just north of Tulsa, OK in Keetonville at the Valley Sports Complex. It’s a great opportunity to hear some outstanding local and regional talent, as well as a few nationally touring bands. On Saturday night, the Austin, Texas based blues-soul-hip-hop collaborative and self-proclaimed “junkyard band”, the Greyhounds, headlines. Keyboardist Anthony…


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Blue Rose Code - The Ballads of Peckham Rye (Album Review)

Is it too early to nominate this as best CD of 2014?

I confess that I had written this review countless times in my head before hearing a single track from Blue Rose Code's new CD 'The Ballads of Peckham Rye'.  I'd heard rumours that the legendary bassist Danny Thompson was involved - along with stellar musicians Kathryn Williams, Karine Polwart  and Aidan O'Rourke - and I'd had a taster of some of the new material at a recent live show. I therefore knew without…


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Eddi Reader - Vagabond (Album Review)

Folk meets Torch via a big dollop of the Blues     

When Eddi’s original band, Fairground Attraction stormed the parapets of the UK Pop Charts in 1988 with Perfect; their quirky Folk Music was like a breath of fresh air in a sterile industry. Subsequently her solo career had some commercial success in the early years; but the ever smiling singer has continued unabated; rarely treading very far from that Folk path in the intervening quarter century.

Her tenth…


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Alejandro Escovedo: The Artist of the Millenium & "Sensitive" Boys Deliver at the Dakota

"That's it!  I give up.  No Mas! No Mas!   I am never going to see a better live performance so I might as well stop..."

I have been telling myself this after attending almost every one of Alejandro's shows ever since my brother dragged me to my first Alejandro show at the 4oo Bar on Minneapolis' funky West Bank back in the late 90s.  Having very particular tastes in music, I can be like a mule sometimes when it comes to going out to see something new live.  However on…


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Arthur Migliazza – Laying It Down (Album Review)

Thirteen tracks of refreshing boisterous piano centric joy, full of authenticity, reinvention and firepower. That’s is an easy way to describe Laying It Down from piano man and two time international blues challenge finalist Arthur Migliazza, but what is happening here is so much deeper as it is evident Migliazza has spent a life time of study to become a master Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Stride and Trad Jazz Pianist.

The songs on his new album are presented in a…


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The Hold Steady and My Song of the Year, So Far

My high hopes for The Hold Steady's Teeth Dreams have largely been realised - and 2014 has finally delivered some classic songwriting for me to enthuse about.

It's great to have a new record from this band, after about a four year gap. No-one else has quite the same combination of power chords, punch-the-air choruses and (shaggy-dog-) story-telling lyrics. And, on top of the record, they've just been added to the bill for Brighton's Great…


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Lissie Flies Solo at 3rd and Lindsley's Backstage (Concert Review)

As a pop/rock artist, Lissie is accustomed to performing with a band... a really solid, hard-rocking band. So, for her to step on stage by herself, with some borrowed gear, and power through 12 tunes was an admirable feat. The fact that she did so in such a casually intimate setting as 3rd and Lindsley's Backstage room probably took a bit of the edge off (and her Lissie-branded Mezcal took a bit more). The space -- with its sofas and coffee tables -- made the night feel more like a…


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Jesse Winchester Has Died

My dear old friend, Jesse Winchester, has died; gone to that far side bank of Jordan.  Such a songwriter.  Jesse, in person, was a lot like his music, – sweet, observant, slightly weary, with the poet’s intentional melancholia.

I knew Jesse’s music for a decade before our paths crossed.  Eventually, I produced a number of concerts and festivals  (FolkTree) that Jesse was part of.  In fact, the very first Boston concert that I produced, starred Jesse Winchester, and…


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Those Crosstown Rivals - Hell And Back (Album Review)

Those Crosstown Rivals third full length studio album Hell And Back, released 2/26/14 on Shit Starter Records, will take you on that ride quick fast and then have you starting it over for another trip.  It’s a full-fledged raucous rock album with just enough twang to bear the map of Kentucky on its sleeve.  The four piece representing a thriving Lexington, Kentucky Americana Rock scene consists of Bryan Minks handling vocals and guitar, Nick Walters on lead guitar, and the…


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Hurray for the Riff Raff – Small Town Heroes (Album Review)

Considering I do this as a hobby, it sounds crazy to say, but I cannot stand music journalism. I recently read a piece where the writer breathlessly describes what the artist he interviewed had for lunch and what kind of tobacco he chewed. It must have been the guy's first time in a diner or something because the artist is not exactly a superstar...not that somebody's penchant for grilled cheese is fascinating fare regardless of who eats it. (That being said,…


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