Jimmy LaFave, In The Woods (Lage Vuursche, Holland 11/3/12)

'In The Woods’ is a music venue, run on a not for profit basis by music lovers who attract a discernible audience. Almost as soon as the tickets for Jimmy LaFave’s show went on sale they sold out and I was told that this 165 capacity venue (although they definitely squeezed in more for LaFave’s show) could have sold three times over such was the demand!

Whilst keen applause and cheers of appreciation greeted LaFave and his band (Richard Feridun, guitar; Glenn Schuetz, bass; Chip Dolan, keyboards and Bobby Kallus, drums) you could have heard a pin drop during the songs such was the attentiveness of the audience.

This was the fourth show in a run of five over consecutive nights (yes reader I’ve been to them all!) and the setting seemed to set the scene for a relaxed evening of music by a group who really do enjoy playing together. LaFave leads with authority but is never overbearing, he just nods in the direction of whomever he want to take the next solo and off they go!

From the first notes of Only One Angel to the last notes of Your Bright Baby Blues and all points in between, the audience was treated to a classic performance featuring as it did, twenty three songs of which almost half were covers. In his own right LaFave sings ballads about love and heartache but throws into the mix songs with a rockier edge, which pay homage to his ‘Red Dirt’, roots. As an interpretative artist he chooses wisely and always makes the song his own. He’s well known for his Dylan covers and tonight there were five including Pledging My Time and Simple Twist of Fate, ones that don’t often get aired. 

Concluding the first set by satisfying a request made by the organiser of tonight’s show, LaFave played one of his own rarities, Café in the Rain. With a nod to Dolan who finished the song with a much-appreciated solo on keyboards, they left us wondering how the second set could top what we had already delighted in.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the performance (and there were many) was LaFave starting off a song, his soulful voice accompanied just by his acoustic guitar then the band would gradually add more so that the song finished very differently from how it started. The second set opener, Dylan’s Not Dark Yet was a case in point – just gorgeous! How well these guys play together is evident from the fact that they don’t have a set list and just take the lead from LaFave. He turned around at one point and said to the band ‘we played this one last night’ and off they went into When I See You Again - another rarity!

During the evening someone had placed a sheet of paper on the floor of the stage with Loved You Like Rainbows written on it. LaFave spotted it and as they returned for an encore, said to the audience that the band had never played it before, enquired of Schuetz if he knew it to which the reply was ‘we’ll just follow you!’ and so they did! Amazing!  

Two more encore songs, Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey and Jackson Browne’s Your Bright Baby Blues brought the memorable evening to a close and garnered a well-deserved, second, standing ovation. Jela Webb

Set List
Only One Angel
Pledging My Time (Dylan)
Snowin’ On Raton (TVZ)River Road
Bad Bad Girl
Love Minus Zero No Limit (Dylan)
Rock and Roll Baby (Bill Neely)
Going Home
Desperate Men Do Desperate Things
Outskirts of Town (William Weldon/Roy Jacobs)
Café In The RainNot Dark Yet (Dylan)
Hideaway Girl
When I See You Again
Just Like A Woman (Dylan)
Clear Blue Sky
Key to the Highway (Big Bill Broonzy/Charles Segar)
Never Is A Moment
Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan)
Ready, Willing and Able

Loved You Like Rainbows
Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison)
Your Bright Baby Blues (Jackson Browne)

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Comment by John Graveling on November 4, 2012 at 4:31am

Nice to see "Cafe In The Rain" in that set list Jela. It comes from my favourite Jimmy album "Highway Trance". I just wish he'd ease back on the covers, although he does Dylan very well I'm not sure on great songs like "Tupelo Honey" and "Bright Baby Blues" I want to hear anyone other than their authors sing them. Just my personal take where I prefer writers to sing their own songs rather than the songs of others. Interestingly another Texan, Eliza Gilkyson recently closed her U.K. shows with Dylan's "Love Minus Zero (No Limit)".

Comment by Jela Webb on November 4, 2012 at 5:33am

He's certainly playing some rarities during the Dutch tour so each night the set list is highly anticipated. I just love the way his band pick up on what he's playing and gradually join in, even when it's a song they haven't ever played before! I understand what you mean/feel about the covers but his Dylan covers are brilliant - you can actually work out what a great lyricist Dylan is, which you can't always appreciate when Dylan sings Dylan!

My friend Mo particularly loved 'Tupelo Honey' last night. 

My first introduction to Eliza Gilkyson was via the 'Nod to Bob' album and her version of Love Minus Zero, No Limit sent me off to find out more about her. Am a fan but sadly couldn't get to a show on her recent UK tour.

Comment by Keith Harrison on November 10, 2012 at 8:59am

I'm so glad Jimmy LaFave has a new album out and that he's touring, and I agree he is amazing on Dylan covers. I would be a little bummed, though, if I saw Jimmy and he played 50 percent covers and skipped songs like Buffalo Returns to the Plains, Hardest Burden to Bear, The Open Road, and Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon. And the one Dylan cover I'd really want to hear is his take on Red River Shore, which is getting so much attention.


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