CD Review - Cassie Taylor "Out Of My Mind"

There’s no longer any need to say she’s Otis Taylor’s daughter. With her latest, Out Of My Mind, Cassie Taylor proves she has carved out her own niche in blues. Even though her vocals still have a breathless quality, there’s more bottom to her sound this time out.

The title cut recreates the ‘60s soul sounds of Diana Ross and the Supremes but with more punch thanks to Taylor’s throbbing bassline.

Taylor’s bass is like a punch to the gut on “Ol’ Mama Dean Pt 1 and 2” as the singer recounts the tale of a beaten woman in part one and her revenge in part 2 when the  smacker gets 25 to life for battering his woman. Sounding like she’s singing through a harp mic on part 2, Taylor delivers a vocal performance like Koko Taylor mixed with Dusty Springfield.

Sultry, sexy and soulful, Taylor soars like Phoebe Snow on “Lay My Head On Your Pillow,” guitarist Steve Mignano plucking at your heartsrings with his tasteful phrasing while Taylor  makes the listener wish he was the lucky one with the pillow she  wants to sleep on.

Taylor brings the sass of Shemekia Copeland to “No, No,” telling a soon to be ex boyfriend that all his coolness does is make her chilly and since she ain’t a fan of the cold, he might as well take his chilly ass elsewhere.

“Forgiveness” is a strange composition, Jon Gray’s trumpet buttery trumpet spread over a stuttering backbeat, funked up by Taylor’s burbling Hammond organ, like a blend of soul and Tex-Mex, Western soul food that keeps you hopping while satisfying your inner needs as well.

Mignano’s guitar is a perfect foil for her voice throughout, but he takes it to another level on “Again” as Taylor takes off for the stratosphere, launched by Mignano’s blistering, booster rocket solo.

Taylor’s original compositions here all have to do with heartbreak, but she expresses her pain so exquisitely that it’s a pleasure for the listener to bear. If hurtin’ sounds this good,  let’s hope Taylor’s  got a truckload to deliver.  

Grant Britt

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