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Steve Dawson - Rattlesnake Cage (Album Review)

Outstanding blues, folk and jazz solo acoustic guitar

Canadian guitarist Steve Dawson has often treated his concert audiences to solo acoustic performances, but his albums have always supported his picking with a full band. On his latest album, Dawson gives listeners an opportunity to hear a conversation between his imagination, fingers and guitars…


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Marah - Presents Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania (Album Review)

Ghosts from the backwoods and lumber camps of Pennsylvania

David Bielanko and Christine Smith, of the rock band Marah, have put together an album that is as folky as folk can be. Starting with an obscure compendium of songs gathered from turn of the twentieth century…


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The Mamas and the Papas - A Gathering of Flowers (Album Review)

The Mamas & the Papas in their own words and music

This 1970 anthology, reissued on CD for the first time, is a one-of-a-kind time-capsule of the Mamas and the Papas. In addition to their first six Top 10 hits, the track list adds non-charting singles, B-sides and album tracks, carefully selected and ordered to show off the many sides of the…


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Nudie - Remember This (Album Review)

Twangy country music from an unlikely island

The artist known as Nudie is a bit of a mystery. His bio admits to an Ontario birth, residencies in Quebec, Arizona, Texas and New York, and settlement on Prince Edward Island, off the east coast of New Brunswick. He developed a following busking, playing clubs and touring with his band…


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David Serby - David Serby and the Latest Scam (Album Review)

L.A. honky-tonker goes power-pop

David Serby's Honkytonk and Vine revisited 1980s Los Angeles' honky-tonk with its cowboy-booted country twang. Serby's follow-up, Poor Man's Poem, turned from honky-tonk to folk-flavors, but still kept its roots in…


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The Dream Syndicate - The Day Before Wine and Roses (Album Review)

The Dream Syndicate live in their early prime

Performed a week before laying down The Days of Wine and Roses, this September 1982 live set provides a career bookend to the Dream Syndicate's 1989 set…


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The Rolling Stones - Charlie is My Darling (Album Review)

The Rolling Stones at their 1965 peak

Filmed on a two day Rolling Stones tour of Ireland in September 1965, Peter Whitehead's fifty-minute documentary garnered only limited showings before being shelved. In 2012, ABKCO returned to the source material to restore and expand the film to sixty-five minutes, releasing it as a…


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Leo Welch - Sabougla Voices (Album Review)

Primal Southern gospel-blues

It turns out that there are still howling, primal blues talents left to be discovered, and Mississippi native Leo Welch is one. After cold-calling Fat Possum's Big Legal Mess label, he auditioned over the phone and reawakened the label's interest in releasing blues records. Welch played guitar, harmonica and fiddle from a young age,…


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Various Artists - I Heard the Angels Singing (Album Review)

Extraordinary collection of Southern black gospel 1951-1983

Ernest L. Young's Excello and Nashboro labels have a creation story that would be tough to duplicated today. Young started as a successful jukebox operator in Nashville before adding a retail store that sold his customers the very records they'd been renting on a nickel-per-play basis.…


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Buck Owens - Buck 'Em (Album Review)

50 prime hits, B-sides, alternates, live tracks and rarities from 1955-1967

Proving himself as savvy in business as he was innovative in music, Buck Owens wrested control of his masters from Capitol Records in a 1970s legal battle. His ownership led to a CD reissue program on Sundazed that stretched from 1995 through 2005 and encompassed nearly two…


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In Memoriam: 2013


Patti Page, vocalist

Sammy Johns, singer-songwriter



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Paul Simon - Over the Bridge of Time (Album Review)

A too-small helping of singer-songwriter brilliance

Given the wealth of Paul Simon's catalog, both in concert with Art Garfunkel and solo, and given the many reconfigurations and reiterations of this material issued on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD and digital download, it's difficult to place the specific utility of this new 20-track collection. Six essential tracks from Simon & Garfunkel and fourteen stretching across Simon's solo…


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The O's - Thunderdog (Album Review)

Joyous Americana-pop duo from Dallas

The O's are a Dallas-proud duo whose folk-rock marries the fervent joy of Polyphonic Spree (of which they were once members), the dually-sung testimonial uplift of the Proclaimers, and the guitar and banjo of a string band that brought along a kick drum to keep the beat. Their third album shows what a potent…


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Old 97's & Waylon Jennings - Old 97's & Waylon Jennings (EP Review)

The master and his disciples cut a single in 1996

With a pair of indie releases behind them, and their Elektra debut, Too Far to Care, just ahead, the Old 97's caught the ear of Waylon Jennings, who talked them up in an interview. Emboldened by this notice, the group…


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Owen Temple - Stories They Tell (Album Review)

A literate album from an observant songwriter

Owen Temple is a singer-songwriter with a sociologist's eye. His third collaboration with producer Gabriel Rhodes extends a string of albums that looks at people, society and the interrelationship between the two. The triptych began with 2009's…


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OST - Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (Album Review)

Steve Poltz soundtrack for a documentary on Dayton O. Hyde

Steve Poltz's soundtrack for Suzanne Mitchell's documentary Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde, features eight new lyrical songs interspersed among seventeen short instrumentals. Poltz wrote his…


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The Coals - A Happy Animal (Album Review)

West Coast Americana of country, folk and a taste of Dixieland

Though this Los Angeles band's second album includes eight tracks, it clocks in at only twenty-two minutes. With an average song length of 2'45, you might expect music that's a throwback to Top 40 pop, but the Coals are a folk-flavored Americana band, with road-weary vocals, acoustic…


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Stewart Eastham - The Man I Once Was (Album Review)

Day of the Outlaw front-man goes solo

Former Day of the Outlaw front man Stewart Eastham debuts as a solo with this semi-autobiographical album documenting his transition from Los Angeles to Nashville, and his rebirth in Music City. Ironically, given the genesis of his new songs, the album was actually produced by former band mate Burke Ericson in…


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The Band of Heathens - Sunday Morning Record (Album Review)

Band of Heathens refine and expand their sound

The Band of Heathens continues to surprise. While their new album offers up the Americana and Little Feat-styled funk fans have come to expect, there's a thread of late 1960s production pop that's a welcome addition. This opening track, "Shotgun," tips the album's surprise with its nod to "Everybody's…


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James Booker - Classified: Remixed and Expanded (Album Review)

The last studio recordings of a New Orleans legend

Though often cited as one of three primary New Orleans piano legends, James Booker's popular renown never grew to the size of Professor Longhair's or Dr. John's. Launching his career in the mid-50s, he was sidetracked by a late-60s drug bust and continuing brushes with the law. One of those…


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