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Guest Blogger: The State of Music in the Age of Culture as Commodity

Please give a few moments to read this guest commentary, the original of which can be found here.

I want the world to be a better place and the best way for this to happen is to have societies organized in systems that allows people to have access to the resources they need to humanize themselves and their communities. I don’t have a destination in mind. A dogmatic approach to social… Continue

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New Release: Don Walser "Just Me and my Old Guitar"

From Off the Record by Austin Powell, Austin Chronicle , 10/7/2011.


God's Own Yodeler:

In September 2003, late C&W yodeler Don Walser retired from the stage as the swelling and numbness in his hands made it increasingly difficult to perform. His dear friend Mark Rubin made arrangements for a field recording that became Walser's final recordings. The…


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Short notes about some releases I think you might enjoy..

There’s quite a bit of good music being made these days, which is strangely paralleled by the boat-loads of egregious pap that seems to clog the traditional media outlets. Public radio, at least in my hometown, has decided to become “what 50 year old men think 26 year chicks would like in the vain hope to make themselves look cool and maybe get laid” format, ground out by post –ironic hipster d-bags in skinny jeans and assorted ridiculous moustaches. Country radio gave up on trying to make… Continue

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What is "folk" music anyway?

So there I was on Facebook, answering some post when the Folk Alliance conference came up randomly, and one of my FB friends recalls I was a speaker on a panel called "What is Folk" when the conference was held in Austin a few years back. I mentioned that my participation on that panel was greeted with quite a bit less enthusiasm as I had hoped. I was… Continue

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Required Veiwing for American Citizenship

Ok, maybe not all of you were film majors in college and it's possible you don't process your thoughts through art like I tend to. But I was recently amazed at how many folks I run into these days aren't hip to some mighty amazing, socially conscious, thought provoking and genuinely entertaining films.

What follows is a little recommended viewing list… Continue

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Now available: a handy Mark Rubin FAQ's

In all the years of my public life as a performer, a radio and television host, music supervisor for motion pictures and television or even as a journalist for print and web, not once had… Continue

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No Tourists Allowed

Sarah Hagerman from the Steam Powered Preservation Society talks to me about a wide range of topics including growing up Jewish in small town Oklahoma, the real purpose of music in cuture and how the legacy of the Bad Livers was so misunderstood. Part one of two parts.…


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