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Jeff Bird - Rhythm And Entertainment (Album Review)

In 1987, multi-instrumentalist Jeff Bird entered the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto to lend accompaniment to a young band called Cowboy Junkies. The results of that day became The Trinity Session, one of the most acclaimed records of the decade. Bird has been a fixture…


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Catching Up With Noelle Scaggs From Fitz & the Tantrums

There's no shortage of band's seeking inspiration in the stacks of vinyl records released by Motown and Stax. Retro will always have a certain charm to it but the best bands use that inspiration to create a new sound. Fitz & the Tantrums have proven over two records that the music they love can be taken…


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Q&A With Mailani

Already a success in Hawai'i when she decided to become a solo artist, Mailani's self-titled debut album earned her the prestigious Female Vocalist Of the Year award in 2010, one of her three No Hoko Honohano awards to date. Her second album, Aina, moved closer to traditional Hawaiian roots music and this year's Manawa completes the journey and establishes her at the forefront of contemporary…


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CD Review - Piranha Brothers "The Blinding Speed Of Trust"

Entering their fourth decade as a working band, Piranha Brothers are not going to suddenly sell a million records and headline SXSW in Austin. False starts and broken promises litter their career like any band that has tried to navigate the tumultuous waters of the music industry. There were two albums, released on MCA's imprint in Japan and probably harder to find than Robert Johnson's skeleton. Leaving behind their Chicago roots in 1992, the band took up residency in Hawaii and…


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REVIEW: Cowboy Junkies - The Wilderness

Cowboy Junkies - The Wilderness

Latent Recordings

On The Wilderness, Cowboy Junkies bring their four-album Nomad Series to a stunning end with one of their finest records to date. The band has always been at their best when the music and songwriting dance together like two lost souls clinging to a shadow of hope. Lay It Down (1996) and At The End of Paths Taken (2007) are two Cowboy Junkies albums that strike that perfect…


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Cowboy Junkies - Sing In My Meadow (Review)

When R.E.M. called it quits, the band talked about walking away having maintained their artistic integrity throughout a 30-year career. As Cowboy Junkies pass the quarter century mark, the Toronto band must rest well at night. The band’s consistent work flies under the radar more times than not and the band sounds content with keeping it that way. With volume three of the band’s ambitious four-album Nomad Series, Cowboy Junkies bring their touring unit into the studio and…


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Cowboy Junkies - Demons

Cowboy Junkies


Latent Recordings


The Cowboy Junkies have been a consistently perplexing source of music for over two decades. From album to album, the music finds its breath in the shadows of rock, folk, blues, post-punk, alt-country, and pop. It’s an endlessly interesting catalog that explores new textures and themes while somehow always sounding like the same band that cut a low-fidelity collection of blues covers in their garage in…


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Live Review: Cyndi Lauper Sings The Blues

Cyndi Lauper

August 21, 2010

House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV

The last time I really thought about Cyndi Lauper, it was 1984 and I was an 11 year old trying to understand the sexual metaphors lacing the ‘She Bop’ video. Being a huge wrestling fan at the time, seeing Captain Lou Albano in the ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ video gave Cyndi a special place in my new wave heart but I never owned a record of hers. My new wave tastes… Continue

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Standing At the Crossroads

Leaving Chicago on a Friday morning, I set out for a Saturday concert in Memphis, TN. As I approach Memphis, I keep the car running and head for the delta. Earlier this morning, I realized that a night in Clarksdale, MS was there for the taking. Following Highway 278 west, I approach Clarksdale as the blood-drenched host of a sun slides behind the horizon and darkness quickly envelopes the green fields riding both my hips. About ten minutes outside… Continue

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Cowboy Junkies, Houston, TX, June 15, 2010

To many casual music fans, Cowboy Junkies emerged in 1987 with an ethereal cover of the Velvet Underground’s ‘Sweet Jane’ and then dissipated into a haze of dorm room memories. Over a twenty-five year recording career, the band has flown under most music radars while releasing increasingly diverse and challenging albums. The latest, Renmin Park, is the most sophisticated album to date and the band introduced several of the new tracks to an… Continue

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Review: Cowboy Junkies: Renmin Park

When a band renowned for sparse arrangements collides with a culture as dense as modern-day China, something has to give. The first of four albums that will comprise their ambitious Nomad Series (all to be released in the next 18 months), Renmin Park unfolds like a film score to songwriter and guitarist Michael Timmins’ three-month visit to China. Pushing the band’s sound into new creative waters, the album remains surprisingly cohesive as it… Continue

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Into The Great Wide Open With Cowboy Junkies (Mid West Tour - March 2010)

I’m sitting in an alley in Cleveland, OH and Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies is declaring Canada the victor of the War of 1812. A small collection of fans and a few band members have gathered around a small table where longtime fan Skippy is dishing out fresh made pasta and homemade sausages despite the dropping temperature. A biting wind blows in from Lake Erie and the surrounding buildings of brick and rust are creating a wind tunnel effect on our small tailgate party. The band is only a few… Continue

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Sleeping Under Strange Skies With Cowboy Junkies – 11.18.09 – 11.21.09

The brakes of the train groaned under me as we slowed to a halt in a field just north of Rouses Point, NY and the border patrol agent took to checking the documents of the rumbled, weary travelers in the Amtrak car. All four of us. What brings you to Canada, he asked, looking at my passport. Going to see some concerts, I replied. A band from Toronto, Cowboy Junkies, I added. No response. Have a good time he finally offered, satisfied that I posed no threat to US-Canadian relations. With that, I… Continue

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