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Willie Nelson - Band Of Brothers (Album Review)

Does anybody know how many albums Willie Nelson has put out? I can think of three that have come through my mailbox in the last year alone, and if I went down into the basement to look, I don't have a clue how many I would come back upstairs with. What I do know is that there isn't a single one that doesn't have at least a few good songs on it, and there are dozens that I have listened to all the way through more times than I can count. His whole career has been a testament to the…


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Shaking the Cage: A new interview with Steve Dawson

Canada’s premiere roots music producer Steve Dawson talks with Doug Heselgrave about dialing it down and going solo acoustic, cutting an album a week for five weeks with an all-star band, and packing it all up and moving down to Nashville.

Guitarist, singer, producer, arranger, band-mate, and label owner -- there aren’t many aspects of musical creation that Steve Dawson hasn’t tried his hands at in the last 20 years, as he’s determinedly carved out a niche for himself…


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Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust: The Bridge To Russia (Album Review)

Billy Joel’s historic 1987 tour of Soviet Russia is reissued as a deluxe 2 CD/DVD set

How long has it been since you lost sleep over the looming Russian nuclear threat? When was the last time you thought of Billy Joel? If you’d asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to recall the last time that either the piano man or America’s former enemy had crossed my mind.  After all, the Berlin wall came down nearly a quarter of a century ago; and, with the dissolution…


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Talk Minus Action Still Equals Zero: Interview with DOA's Joe Keithley

Talking with the Canadian Punk Rock legend about politics, Pete Seeger, the Guthries and that acoustic album he keeps threatening to record.

Activist Summit: Joe Keithley and DOA talking backstage with Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie at Vancouver's Malkin Bowl before the 'Expo Hurts Everyone' free concert, May 25 1986

 Not many punk rockers get profiled on roots music websites.  It wouldn't make sense. What could - say - Merle Haggard and The Sex Pistols possibly…


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Thunder and Light-ening

A film about Ferron by Bitch (DVD/CD)

Soundtrack by Ferron

Review by Douglas Heselgrave

 But I don't forget the factory

I don't expect this ride to always be

Can I give them what they want to see?

Let me do it twice --

The second time for me

 - from Shadows On A Dime

A song lasts as long as it takes to sing, it hovers in the air for a second and then…


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Time Passes Quickly: Bob Dylan - The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (CD/DVD Review)

By Douglas Heselgrave

When the 30th anniversary concert was announced and advertised as a pay per view television special, the event seemed curious and as if it came out of nowhere. To be sure, the 30th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s arrival in New York and everything that grew out of the cultural conflagration that erupted in Greenwich Village was worthy of commemoration, but cultural values themselves have never usually been enough to inspire an…


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Kevin Finseth with Peggy Lee – The Wounded Quartet (Album Review)

by Douglas Heselgrave

Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out why a particular piece of music affects us in the way it does.  On the surface there may be nothing especially remarkable about it, nothing to distinguish it from so many other recordings, but for some reason it catches us and won’t let go.  For the last four months, there haven’t been many days I haven’t listened to Kevin Finseth’s ‘The Wounded Quartet’ EP at least once, and on more occasions than I can…


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Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI – Orient-Occident II: Hommage a la Syrie (Album Review)

By Douglas Heselgrave

In purely visual terms, there has never been a better argument put forward for the continued existence of the physical CD format than ‘Orient-Occident II: Hommage a la Syrie’ provides. The idea that the packaging, artwork and accompanying materials that accompany the music are essential to the overall experience the artists create is a concept that other musicians and their labels should pay attention to. The aesthetics are so strikingly…


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Glad Tidings and Great Joy – Reid Jamieson’s Christmas Miracle

Holiday music reviews by Douglas Heselgrave

Songs For A Winter’s Night – Reid Jamieson

I don’t know how I missed it, but somewhere between the release of his debut CD, ‘Staring Contest’ and what could be mistaken for a simple holiday album ‘Songs For A Winter’s Night,’ Reid Jamieson has become the greatest Canadian pop singer ever.  Forget about Celine Dion and Michael Buble or Paul Anka and Anne Murray in their primes.  When it comes to bring you down…


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Nora Guthrie on Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty - Greystone Park Hospital Revisited

"Woody Guthrie's Wardy Forty," by Philip Buehler in Collaboration with Nora Guthrie and The Woody Guthrie Archives

Review and interview by Douglas Heselgrave
When Nora Guthrie invited me to call her at her home to talk about ‘Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty’, I took it as a good sign that Woody’s daughter and the director of the…

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Still Ambivalent – The Essential James Taylor

Review by Douglas Heselgrave

One of the many great things that’s come out of the recent major label rush to release huge collections of classic artists’ work in affordable box sets and greatest hits packages is that it encourages people to go back and reassess the music they grew up with.  It’s all a little…


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Dave Van Ronk – Down In Washington Square (Album Review)

It’s been nearly forty years since I first heard an old Dave Van Ronk record at a friend’s house near my old high school, and it’s probably been about a dozen years since I’ve given his music much thought at all.  There was a flurry of tributes in the music press when he died in 2002, and I think I pulled out a few old LPs around that time and gave them a spin, but there’s been little since then that has compelled me to give Van Ronk and his music consideration.  And, maybe that’s…


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Sunshine Daydream: Restoring Faith in the Dead

The Grateful Dead finally release their ‘greatest concert’ as a lavish 3 CD/DVD box set

It’s not always easy loving the Grateful Dead.  Anyone who’s a Deadhead already knows how much abuse such an affection can entail and has probably heard lots of versions of the joke about the fan who goes to a Grateful Dead concert without being stoned only to wonder who the shitty band is and why they’re playing for so long. And, if you’ve ever tried to convey the…


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Once Upon a Time: The Lives of Bob Dylan

Review by Douglas Heselgrave

You’ve got to be either very tough or very foolhardy to consider writing a biography of Bob Dylan this late in the game.  The subject in question has expressed so much derision, bafflement, and bemusement over the years towards anyone who’s tried to get to the bottom of what makes him tick that you would simply have to forgo any attachment to the outcome to consider embarking on such an exercise.

You could never claim…

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Life’s works – Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell – The Studio Albums 1968- 1979

Paul Simon – The Complete Albums Collection

We live in a time of great reckoning. At least that’s what you’d think if you took what’s going on in the record business as a reflection of the world outside. I don’t think I can count the number of box sets and ‘complete albums collections’ that have come through the mailbox in the last few years. Louis Armstrong, Charles Mingus, Thelonious…


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Jazz in 2013?

Riverside Jazz Reissues – Chet Baker, Wes Montgomery, Thelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan, Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson

Mulatku Astake ‘Sketches of Ethiopia’

Peggy Lee ‘Invitation’

Madeleine Peyroux ‘The Blue Room’

By Douglas Heselgrave

It’s the middle of August and the jazz, folk and world music festivals that have taken up most of the summer have wound down and my family is beginning to recover from the…


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Sugaring Season: The Lost Beth Orton Interview

With Douglas Heselgrave

Last fall, I spoke with Beth Orton just before her appearance at a small nightclub in Vancouver.  At that time, she’d just finished recording ‘Sugaring Season’ with Tucker Martine in Oregon and was doing a limited tour in support of its release.  As you’ll read below, there was a lot riding on this record and the reception it received.  Beth’s last CD, The Comfort of Strangers, often sounded like the work of an…


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The Living Room Sessions Volume 2 By Ravi Shankar

‘The Living Room Sessions Volume 2’

Review by Doug Heselgrave

Taking the plastic covering off of ‘The Living Room Sessions Volume 2’ CD was like opening those Christmas presents so painstakingly wrapped by my grandmother just days before she died nearly half a year earlier.  As much as I was excited about hearing the music, and as much as I wanted to know what was inside my Grandmother’s present, I just didn’t want to acknowledge everything that opening…


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“Let the song be the star and just fucking sing!” – Nora Guthrie Interview Part Two

Talking about opening up the songbook, Woody and jazz, Mermaid Avenue Blare and the House of Earth

By Douglas Heselgrave

Part One: “We Brought the Protest Inside”

DH: I wanted to ask you about some of the recording projects you’ve been involved with.  You oversee Woody’s archives and a lot has been written about how…


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Nora Guthrie Interview Part One: “We Brought the Protest Inside”

Talking about tornadoes, Washington and 100 years of Woody

 By Douglas Heselgrave

One hundred and one years after his birth, the spirit of Woody Guthrie still looms large in the North American psyche.  Gentle, lyrical and humorous one minute, tightly wound, irritable and ready the lash…


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