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Coleman Lantern & A Radio: My Tribute To Jason Molina

It has taken me a long time to pay tribute to Jason in a way I feel appropriate. Of course, the tribute album Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina is coming out on April 22, 2014 via Rock The Cause, and the album is a great homage to Jason and his music. However, I still feel compelled to…


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Q&A with Lydia Loveless

Two years after the critical success of her breakout second album, Indestructible Machine, Lydia Loveless comes out rockin' and swingin' with her fourth album, Somewhere Else, which is by far my favorite release of 2014. I have a feeling Somewhere Else will be a strong contender standing its ground firmly in the pantheon of many end-of-the-year-best-of lists. And, I'm willing to put good money on it. Somewhere Else is a damn good album showcasing…


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Q&A With Scott H Biram

Grit, dirt, booze, and 18-wheelers are often associated with country-blues-punk rock foot-stomper, Scott H. Biram. Not often do you link him with a baptism, but you'll find Biram emerging from a crimson river in some state of ecstasy, guilt, or deliverance on the cover of his new album, Nothing But Blood. Recorded at his home in Austin, TX, Nothing But Blood is a catalog of hardcore stories of wrongdoings and redemption with a shit-ton of soul and spirit. Although…


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Ben Fisher - Charleston (Album Review)

So, this is my first "real" post of 2014 and I can't think of a better album to start with than Ben Fisher's Charleston. Since his first album, Heavy Boots & Underwoods, Ben has been a favorite here at CFM headquarters for his ability to spin stories through song and his strong voice from years of busking in the streets of Seattle. But, since his first album, Ben has grown from great to greatness with Charleston.

Charleston is an…


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Red Tail Ring - The Heart's Swift Foot

The other day while driving deep into the Kanawha River Valley where the ancient Appalachian mountains hug the Kanawha River on my way to Montgomery, West Virginia, I plugged in my iPod and pushed "play" on The Heart's Swift Foot. To my delight it was the perfect album for the trip. It had just finished raining, so the Valley was washed clean of the coal dust and the mist was rising from the mountains like primitive ghosts rising from the ground bringing to the…


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The Honey Dewdrop - Silver Lining

I have made it no secret that I'm a mountain girl. I'd rather camp or visit family in the mountains than go to some of the world's most beautiful cities. Why go when you can find some of the prettiest places on earth here? These hills and mountains of West Virginia and Virginia will always be a part of me…


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Damien Jurado - Maraqopa

For the past couple of days, Damien Jurado's new album, Maraqopa, has been filling my home, car, mind, body and soul.  This album is like a drug. When I pushed "play" it entered my bloodstream, warmed my body, heightened my senses, and sent me into an euphoric state. If there was a way to actually shoot up this album, I would. And, because of Maraqopa, I've become a Damien Jurado junkie.

My first introduction - the gateway drug, if you will - was "Nothing…


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A Q&A With New Canadian Songstress Jenny Berkel

It's hard to believe Jenny Berkel has only been writing songs and playing the guitar for four years. Born out of a love for writing poetry, Jenny started to create music around her written words while living in an empty apartment in Winnipeg. After a year  in Winnipeg, she traveled Canada and Europe the spent…


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John Statz - Old Fashioned

If relaxed midwestern folk is your bag, then you're sure to dig John Statz's upcoming album Old Fashioned, due out January 24 via Yer Bird RecordsStatz, a songwriter and world-traveler who has written, recorded and performed in places from Budapest to Anchorage, is now back in the Heartland. Recorded in Iowa City with producer Bo Ramsey (Lucinda Williams, Jeffrey Foucault, and Pieta Brown), Old…


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The Local Strangers - The Local Strangers EP

The Civil Wars better watch out because there's another indie-folk/Americana duo on the scene. The Local Strangers is comprised of Matt Hart and Aubrey Zoli, two Midwestern transplants living and performing in Seattle. After meeting in September 2010, they realized their musical connection and commonalities and quickly entered the studio to record their debut, self-titled EP.

A four-song EP that combines the sing-along qualities of campfire folk with the attention to…


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Jenny Berkel - Here On A Wire

Okay, I thought I would post something about this later, but it's just way too good to sit on and keep to myself.  It's my first post of 2012, so why not give you an album to get excited about?

This three-song collection from Canadian songstress, Jenny Berkel, is just a snippet of what is to come on her full-length album, Here on a Wire, which is due out sometime this winter. These songs are breathtaking. Drawing from personal experience and history, Berkel's songs…


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Q & A With Everybody's Brother - Bro. Stephen

If the name Bro. Stephen sounds familiar to you, it should. Why just last week I reviewed his debut album, Baptist Girls, which in my opinion, should be considered a pillar of fantastic indie-folk for 2012. Okay, I don't even know if that makes sense, but I'm going to run with it anyway. So, after the review, I immediately…


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Bro. Stephen - Baptist Girls

There were just a few more days left in 2011 and I was already making predictions on the best of 2012. I'm predicting (and, I'm fairly certain) that my 2012 end-of-the-year list as well as others will include Bro. Stephen's debut, full-length album, Baptist Girls. Yeah, it's that great! I haven't stopped listening to it since he sent it to me last week.

Bro. Stephen (intended "Brother" not "Bro") is the songwriting project of Scott Kirkpatrick, who is also behind…


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Carly Maicher - Hiding

A few years ago, singer-songwriter Carly Maicher was looking for a change of scenery from her familiar surroundings in Manitoba, Canada for the remote setting of Grand Manan, a tiny island in New Brunswick where her grandparents grew up and where she could delve into a study of loneliness. Intended to be a few weeks of vacation, songwriting, and recording, this short vacation turned into years. During this time, she managed a restaurant but did not record until last January when…


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Q & A with Seattle Busker Ben Fisher

A few months ago, I featured an album from a popular Seattle busker by the name of Ben Fisher. His debut album, Heavy Boots & Underwoods, is a great list of songs written and sung…


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Pharis & Jason Romero - A Passing Glimpse

Every once in a great while the stars align and the universe works its mystical powers to match and unite people into perfect and harmonious couples and/or partners like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and, now, Pharis and Jason…


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Q & A with South of Lincoln


Max Holmquist otherwise known as South of Lincoln isn't just one of the best new artists, he is the best new artist. I don't know if I can say anything about the man or his albums without gushing or sounding like a crazed fan, but that's exactly what I've become. There isn't a day that goes by when his album Homes or his EP The…


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South of Lincoln - Homes

Best new artist maybe a bit of an understatement when talking about Nebraska native and singer-songwriter, Max Holmquist, who also goes by the stage name South of Lincoln. For me, not only is he one of the best, he's lo-fi crack. When I'm not listening to his most recent full-length album,Homes, or his new EP, The Monsters/Bathroom Session, I'm actually…


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Chris Bathgate - Salt Year

"Holy shit!"  is my exact thought each and every time I listen to Chris Bathgate's new album, Salt Year. The sheer musical and lyrical power of this entire album got under my skin and seeped into my veins becoming a part of my human fiber. A life-affirming album that affirms I'm alive and not numbed from the massive amounts of sad sack singer-songwriters I…


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Nell Robinson - On the Brooklyn Road


Brimming with Southern charm, Nell Robinson's new album, On the Brooklyn Road, is rooted deeply in its culture as a bucoulic celebration of family and heritage. Named after the red clay dirt road leading to her family's rural Alabama farm, this record includes "field recordings" recounting family stories and folklore from Robinson's mother and uncles. Produced by Nell and Jim Nunally, On the Brooklyn Road is a collection of original and traditional…


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