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The Rhythm Surf Monkeys – Highway 9 (Album Review)

There is no shortage of well-crafted AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) in today’s increasingly fragmented music landscape; the challenge is in diving deep underground to find it. In that haystack resides the Rhythm Surf Monkeys, essentially an outlet for songwriter/composer Jim Hiltz to get his emotionally driven lyrics and hook-filled music fleshed out and powered up by a top-drawer band and revolving singers including Rob Fahey of the Ravyns fame (“Raised on the Radio”). Surprisingly,…


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Patrick Sweany Wears the Colors Traveling the World

Born in Massillon, Ohio where every newborn boy has a football with the high school colors placed in their bassinet, Patrick Sweany was instead drawn to an electric guitar and rock and roll. He went to Kent State University and played clubs; continuing to live in the area until leaving for Nashville in 2009. Like many others, there was only so much you could do singing the Rust Belt blues around Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown.  Nashville was calling and folks like…


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Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition deliver music that will rattle your soul.

When you get a new record from Jimbo Mathus you need to know two things. One, you never know what you will get from one song to the next and two you can count on it all being freakin’ brilliant. Mr. Mathus and his Tri-State Coalition are back with a new record, Dark Night Of The Soul, and these guys just…


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Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ keeps getting better with EP #4, Songs For The Turntable

Since Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ (DNC) started out on their journey through sound and space with the release of multiple EP’s they have kept fans and newcomers happy with the new music while simultaneously creating a want for the next EP. The latest in the EP line, Songs For The Turntable…


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10 Acts I Saw (and Loved) at SXSW 2014

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard the horror stories from this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. Tragedy, marketing madness and throngs of thirsty spring breaking teenagers certainly put a damper on the week and yet again raised the question of when SXSW will simply implode. These are all serious issues, but underneath all of that there is…


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The Lone Bellow – Sage Gateshead (Gateshead, UK – March 4, 2014)

Whether you like The Lone Bellow or not, you can't deny that they put their heart and soul into playing live. As it happens, I like them very much.

I, like many here, bought their debut album online, and it still hasn't been released in this country. I heard of them through NPR, when they posted a link to a fantastic video for '…


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Walker and the Texas Dangers - "Pay the Fiddler" (Album Review)

Walker and the Texas Dangers cross the boundaries between reverence and irreverence. The band excels in joyfully executed and authentic bluegrass but it’s filtered through an alternative perspective. Alt-country would be an apt description as Americana suggests a serious take that the group is having too much fun to subscribe to. Pay the Fiddler explodes with barely contained energy; banjos and fiddles are jamming on all cylinders, revealing a band that is most likely a…


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Robert Ellis: Full-Throttle Freeform at The Basement (Concert Review)

In a year that's shaping up to be another great one for music, an early contender for various 'Best Albums of 2014' lists is, no doubt, The Lights from the Chemical Plant by Robert Ellis. For the record, Ellis has shaken off the shackles of country music and his new sound defies definition. Draw a Venn diagram of country, bluegrass, Americana, jazz, rock, and other. Whatever the middle area turns out to be,…


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Diva Double-Header: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings and Valerie June in Austin

Valerie June had a huge year in 2013 with the release of her debut album, Pushin’ Against A Stone, which was flawlessly produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and ranked highly in numerous “best of” lists. As the new year gets going the Tennessee native’s relentless tour schedule shows that she has no intention of slowing down. Given the buzz surrounding June, it was no surprise to see such a large turnout to catch her early opening set for Sharon…


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Lee's Listening Stack: Fifteen More Essential Albums

Speed the Plough

The Plough & The Stars

(Bar None)

Speed the Plough was a band that ought to have been far more famous by now. With four albums to their credit -- spread across a productive 30 year career -- this New Jersey outfit demonstrated their penchant for superb song craft as part of their extraordinary output. Sadly, that glorious invention fell mostly on deaf ears and an indifferent public. It’s appropriate then that The Plough & The…


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Interview: Cahalen Morrison and Eli West on "I'll Swing My Hammer With Both Hands"

Although not quite household names (yet!) and often referred to as "musician's musicians", Cahalen Morrison and Eli West have returned with their magnificent, third full length album called I'll Swing My Hammer With Both Hands, which is sure to be making quite an impression. The duo have been making quite a name for themselves over the years, playing every kind of venue including small intimate clubs, opening up for some of roots music's biggest artists, as well as appearing…


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Health & Happiness Hour Scoticana Showcase Feb 19 2014

On this week's Health & Happiness Hour I feature the Scottish Roots Music Scene, in our Scoticana Show Case. Music from Dave Fleming, Davy Cowan, Martin Stephenson, The New Madrids, Red Pine Timber, David Latto Band, Co, Stevie Agnew, The Sunshine Delay, The Wynntown Marshals and Fraser Anderson.



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The Deep Dark Woods in Denmark

Me and my wife enjoyed a wonderful concert with The Deep Dark Woods from Canada this Sunday night at the venue Atlas in Aarhus, Denmark.

Though it was their 10th concert in a row they were in great form. Beautiful songs and craftful playing. The canadian group is on tour in Europe right now.

The Danish group Under the Pines was support for warm up. They too did a great job.

I'm a follower of The Deep Dark Woods and have all of the 4 albums they have released…


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George Ezra – The Duchess (York, UK – February 12, 2014)

I heard George Ezra's music before I saw him. When I did see him I did the same double take I did the first time I saw Ben Ottewell of Gomez – I expected an older, grizzled, whiskey-drinking bluesman who grew up in the Delta, rode the rails, and other cliches. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young guy who just happens to have a deep, bluesy growl of a voice.

I travelled down on the windiest, rainiest night (for northern England at least) of…


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Interview: The Willy Collins Band

Q: How old were you when you became hooked on music, and what sounds did you gravitate to?

A: It’s funny; I just connected with some old grade-school friends, and we were talking about the explosion of music in the early '60s when we were in our early teens. It was everywhere you turned and all different kinds of music. There was my mom listening to Sinatra, and my sister and her Motown greats that she played over and over. Then there was The Beatles and The Stones,…


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The Oysterband Set to Release "Diamond on the Water"

The Oysterband is the coolest 40-something around.

Any doubters need only listen to Diamond's on the Water, due to be released Feb. 17. It'd be easy and understandable if four decades left the Oysters a bit stale. But John Jones, Alan Prosser, Ian Telfer, Dil Davies and Al Scott (now on bass and mandolin) show they still have artistry to create songs that range from wistful ("A Clown's Song" "Lay Your Dreams Down Gently")  to downright rocking ("No Ordinary Girl")…


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The Stray Birds – The Cluny 2 (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – January 30, 2014)


That would be my review if I only had a single word. But as seeing as I have more I go.

My second Jumpin' Hot Club show in a week and it was so fantastic that even having a pint of beer dropped from the balcony just behind my chair couldn't dampen my spirits.

Opening the show was The Black Feathers who I saw…


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Baywood - "Baywood Live at the Palomino ’81" (Album Review)

Sometimes a time capsule can reveal more about the present than the past or at least both in equal measures.

In the case of the Southern California band Baywood, a live recording from 1981 can provide a glimpse into the present as well as a flashback of the West Coast roots-rock scene from several decades ago. First of all, Baywood – featuring Ronny Lee (vocals), Bill Rotella (vocals/guitar), Stewart Marsh (vocals/guitar), James “Sparks” Sinclair (pedal steel guitar), Bill…


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Single Review: The Rhythm Surf Monkeys - “Where Were You (When My Dad Became a Hero)”

As the scars from 9/11 continue to heal, it will always haunt the memories of those who experienced it, even from the distance of a TV set. It transformed lives, turning ordinary people into heroes; even now, how the tragedy enabled a city and, actually, an entire country to pull together and overcome such a horrifying event continues to inspire.

For composer/songwriter Jim Hiltz, the bravery of the first responders embodied the triumph of the human spirit. The sense of loss…


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Health & Happiness Hour - concert special with The David Latto Band Jan 23 2014

This weeks Health & Happiness Show is a concert special with Country influenced Indie band The David Latto Band recorded at and capacity Almost Blue in Aberdeen on Jan 10th 2014. 

David Latto and Gavin Brady, come from Kingskettle Fife  (the home of Scots Children Entertainers The Singing Kettle), I know because there is a sign at the road end…


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