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Five Questions: Kris Orlowski

With his new album, Believer, Seattle's Kris Orlowski steps forward in two new directions. First, it's a full-length record (after three EPs) and, second, he's a band (not just a singer/songwriter). Listening to the depth and breadth of Believer, both points ring out loud and clear -- it's a solid collection…


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Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition deliver music that will rattle your soul.

When you get a new record from Jimbo Mathus you need to know two things. One, you never know what you will get from one song to the next and two you can count on it all being freakin’ brilliant. Mr. Mathus and his Tri-State Coalition are back with a new record, Dark Night Of The Soul, and these guys just…


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Ten Out of Tenn: Heartfelt Goodness at Thistle Stop Café (Concert Review)

Almost everything in life is better when it's shared -- no matter if it's a sunset or a supposition. When kind-hearted, like-minded people come together, goodness abounds. And that's exactly what was on the menu last night for  Ten Out of Tenn's…


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Parker Millsap - Parker Millsap (Album Review)

Parker Millsap’s sophomore set rings the musical changes and sparkles like a diamond

It’s not truly raspy or hoarse to the extent of aurally grating, but Parker’s (singing) voice is most assuredly weathered way beyond his tender twenty years. Born and raised in the small town of Purcell, Oklahoma (Pop. 5,884), Parker is another Red Dirt bred musician with a great deal to say for himself. On this self-released (Okrahoma Records), self-titled,…


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Interview: Cahalen Morrison and Eli West on "I'll Swing My Hammer With Both Hands"

Although not quite household names (yet!) and often referred to as "musician's musicians", Cahalen Morrison and Eli West have returned with their magnificent, third full length album called I'll Swing My Hammer With Both Hands, which is sure to be making quite an impression. The duo have been making quite a name for themselves over the years, playing every kind of venue including small intimate clubs, opening up for some of roots music's biggest artists, as well as appearing…


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Q&A with Caravan of Thieves

Caravan of Thieves is a magical musical configuration of four talented people (Fuzz, Carrie, Ben and Brian) whose joy while playing together is palpable. Walking into a performance by these four is akin to having the sun break out from behind ugly gray clouds after an extended period of darkness.  They light up any stage they are on and the audience is swept into their mesmerizing world of gypsy jazz, rootsy folk, and all-around good-time music.  It’s a sound that is unique and a…


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Lee's Listening Stack: A Dozen Reviews to End the Old Year and Start a New One Right

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Small Town Heroes

(ATO Records)

To most of the world, Hurray for the Riff Raff will appear to be newcomers, although their songs harken back to early Appalachian tradition. Part of the reason for that lack of awareness can be traced to the fact that their earlier albums were given only European release, and while an eponymous endeavour and the excellent Look Out Mama might have struck a lively connection had they come out in…


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Uprooted Music Revue's Favorite Audio Recordings of 2013

Before we get to the rundown of Uprooted Music Revue's yearly "best-of" list, first, let me say that this has been a year filled with excitement, reflection, and ultimately, some new beginnings for me. Early on in the year things were heading towards some unforeseen and unpredictably exciting places.

I feel the need to give thanks because I have had some amazing opportunities come my way this year. I worked with the Avett Brothers backstage for an exclusive video shoot,…


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Ep#171 - Best of Americana Music Show, part 1

On episode 171 of the Americana Music Show, There was a bumper crop of good music this year on the Americana Music Show. More albums than ever were submitted to the show. By my rough count, almost twice as many albums hit my inbox in 2013 than 2012. So far I’m proud to say that I was able to give every single one of them a listen.

More important than the quantity, the music coming into my inbox just keeps…


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Interview: The Band of Heathens embrace change

On their recent album, Sunday Morning Record, Austin group the Band of Heathens couldn't help but focus the music and songwriting on a period of change within the band and their personal lives while still managing to stay true to their distinctive sound...

Succumbing to the pressures of personal relationships, creative differences, financial hardship, and the strain of life on the road with the same group of people day in and day out, bands…


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Henry's Top Twenty Albums of 2013

As another year rounds the corner and heads off into the chronos, there is no end of the making of "best-of" and "top ten" lists of albums, books, or films. We at No Depression will soon be releasing our Top Ten albums of 2013, but I wasn't satisfied with the original list I submitted. I had to leave off too many good albums, so I decided to make a Top Twenty; even this list has many good albums missing from it, of course, and it doesn't include the many great boxed sets that hit the shelves…


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The Dancing Hats – We Are All Still Friends (Album Review)

I’m coming a little late to this release, but decided to write something because I began to listen to it more than once and that’s a sure sign that something's likeable and special here.

Released in October 2013 -- this is a rousing and melodic little collection -- with well-balanced male and female vocals.

The Dancing Hats has an aggressive approach similarly exemplified by bands such as Great Big Sea, the Oyster Band and Spirit of the West. The drums are just an…


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Jay Minkin's Best Albums of 2013

    Jason isbell.jpg    escondido

This has been one of the most prolific years for outstanding record releases.  It was very difficult to narrow down my choices; especially for my critic’s pick Top 10 turned into No Depression.  As I’ve broken it down in the past, this edition of Liner Notes has three divisions: Male, Female and Duo/Group.  After the dust settles, one will be crowned the overall champion.   Just like the BCS, I’m splitting hairs at times to determine who…


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Joseph Arthur Writes His Great American Novel With "The Ballad of Boogie Christ"

 To some, Joseph Arthur is a painter from New York.  To others, he is a recording artist who has clocked well over fifteen minutes of fame since the release of Come to Where I’m From in 2000.  But to the locals, he’s just another kid from Akron that took his talents elsewhere as his star power had outgrown the small metropolis of Midwestern Ohio culture.  But just like other Firestone High School alumni Chrissie Hynde, Dan Auerbach, and Patrick Carney, his heart never really…


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An interview with Zebulon Whatley of Sons of Perdition

Texas-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Zebulon Whatley recently made available the third and final installment in his “Dissolution Trilogy,” titled “Trinity,” under his Sons of Perdition banner. A fevered exercise in dark roots and apocalyptic country, “Trinity” is a mad and rambling narrative told in sixteen absorbing chapters. Myth and music collide as the tale takes the listener through the perilous…


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An open letter to the CMA and Country Music Hall of Fame on behalf of Johnny Horton

Last week the newest members to the hallowed Country Music Hall of Fame were officially inducted. The three artists selected by the CMA for induction this year are all unquestionably deserving of the honor. And yet I find myself, as with every year, in utter disbelief at a continuing, inexcusable oversight. One of the most popular, influential, innovative, and lasting country music stars of the 1950’s and early 1960’s remains excluded. That artist is Johnny Horton.

Johnny Horton died…


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More Music at Sea: Three New Themed Cruises Set Sail in April

The music cruise industry has really taken flight -- or, shall we say, really set sail -- in recent years, spawned by a desire by fans and musicians alike to take the fun of a festival to sea. After all, music cruises offer certain advantages, specifically a variety of bands all playing in the same setting, but without forcing their fans to rough the rigours of camping or trek from distant stage to another. After all, what could be better than seeing some great groups in both…


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Q&A with Mason Daring

Marbleheaders are all proud to call Mason Daring one of their own. Daring is the much heralded and influential composer of the soundtracks for John Sayles’ films as well as half of the duo, Daring and Stahl. “Marblehead Morning” is the most well-known song by Daring and Stahl.

You’ve recently taught a class at Berklee College of Music called “Scoring the Moment.”  It sounds fascinating.  Tell us a little bit about how you approach this class and what you ask…


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Review: "Trinity" by Sons of Perdition

Zebulon Whatley and company, otherwise known as Sons of Perdition, have ventured from the shadows into the daylight to introduce an all-new full-length album, “Trinity,” on Gravewax Records. “Trinity,” a wholly creative and inspired body of work in sixteen movements, is without doubt the best Sons of Perdition effort thus far. And with an altogether idiosyncratic sound marked by dark roots,…


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Over The Rhine Takes Listeners on a Journey

The husband and wife team of Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist call their beloved 1833 brick homestead “Nowhere Farm” located on the outskirts of the Queen City in southern Ohio.  There is something to be said about moving from the city and living off the grid these days with the constant political ineptness making headlines and headaches for the…


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