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Up at the Hotel Dylan

Woodstock, New York has a new hotel.  The Hotel Dylan, on Route 28 at Maverick Road -- just west and south of town -- opened on June 15. Already, word is spreading and its spanking-new, fanciful, musical rooms are filling.

(Photo: The Hotel Dylan marquee, design by Cortney and Robert Novogratz)

Paul Covello bought a defunct restaurant, the Black Bear, and the buildings adjacent about a year ago with an…


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Bentley, Montgomery Gentry, Janson Bring The Jam

It was another successful year at Jam In The Valley This was the 20th anniversary of Western New York’s only 3-day country concert event in Varysburg New York, and even though things were a bit muddy to start out, I’d have to say it’s one of the best festivals I’ve been to in North America.

Highlights were many and the energy was high.  Chris Janson. This guy is good. I would say the highest energy show I have seen in a long time. His 70 minute…


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Rootwire 2K13: August 15 - 18, Logan, Ohio

Rootwire 2K13 is quickly approaching. In less than two weeks, Kaeppner’s Woods in Logan, Ohio, will be transformed into a completely immersive environment for festival-goers who are seeking something a little different from the norm.

This event, the creative project of Papadosio (jamtronica, Asheville, N.C.), offers attendees workshops, yoga, live painting and a visionary art gallery, art installations and sacred ceremony, in addition to a…


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Wakarusa 2013: In Review

This year's Wakarusa was quite the event. I must say, it was the most intense festival experience I've ever had, and I've been to my fair share. The extreme weather threw a wrench in things on several occasions, leaving me to spend more time waiting in the car than could be considered pleasant.

And when I wasn’t shielding myself from the rain and lightning, I was treading through ankle deep mud and muck that spread over the entire festival…


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Wakarusa Day 4: The Last Hurrah

I had high hopes for Sunday. Saturday felt like the first day we didn't spend trapped in the car, and Sunday was only going to be better. Scheduled performances by some of my current favorites, plus a seemingly out-of-place appearance by Snoop Lion, had me feeling optimistic. Of course, I also felt some last day jitters—that creeping sadness that comes in anticipation of parting company with your weekend home and family.



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Wakarusa Day 3: I Can See Clearly Now...

The sun rises, but it doesn’t bring much shine. The leftover clouds and fog from last night’s storm block out the light, and leave you wondering if the show really will go on. You imagine the damage, thinking things must be beyond saving. It might be time to call it quits.

No music plays. You wait for the announcement to come that forces everyone out of the campsite and back down the mountain to begin the journey home. A few cars are leaving, but most stay and…


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Wakarusa Day 2: The Calm Before the Storm

After the exhausting events of Thursday, today got off to a good start, with sunshine peeping through the clouds and warming the air. We were excited for the chance to see some more music.

Of Monsters and Men

And we did—The Human Experience, Of Monsters and Men, The Motet, SOJA. Mid-evening, I snuck away to nap for a bit, hoping it would make it…


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Wakarusa Day 1: The Wait Is (Sort Of) Over

The anticipation is palpable. Dreams of what it will be like and memories of what it was become the subject of conversations held to pass the time. Minutes become hours and you settle in for the ride.

The car is packed with camping gear, food and fun. You struggle to find a comfortable position for a nap, because you still have miles to go. The shared discomfort of the road trip makes for memorable moments, and colorful characters brighten up your stops along the…


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Folk Festivals are a Time for Sharing Music

Two weeks ago as we drove down the Wakulla Cutoff through the lush jungle of the Florida panhandle along the Gulf Coast, we had to slow down to let an alligator cross the road. Maggie and I had just played a new folk festival at a winery in Interlachen, Florida, and we were exhausted. (Falling off a ladder last month didn't help my energy level)

This has been a busy season for us. We're just now home from playing the Florida Folk Festival over the…


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October in Louisiana

Sitting here at my desk in Seattle, wrapped in a sweater, sipping on Market Spice Tea, watching the skies crystalline tears slide down the windows of my corner Capitol Hill apartment, I remember the life I left behind in Louisiana. A state I return to once or twice a year in order to get my fix of community, loving friends, music, dancing and incredible food.


October is coming up, maybe one of the best months to travel to Louisiana, and you bet I'll be there. It's…


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Pickathon 2010, from the other end

Photos by Joseph Schell

For all my talk about unwinding during my write-up of Day One at this year's Pickathon, maybe I should have knocked wood. Saturday late morning, I ate the wrong thing, and wound up paying for it for the rest of the day and night. But, that didn't stop me from cramming as… Continue

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Day One at Pickathon: A lesson in unwinding

Yesterday afternoon, after a surprisingly rocking set from Weinland to open the whole festival (I'd only heard their more quiet, affected, sentimental stuff before seeing that set), I dropped myself on a dusty patch of hill and kicked back for Martha Scanlan. Schedule in hand, August sun beating hard.

Scanlan has been living in a cabin at the end of a ranch in the emptiest reaches of Montana, working on a record and seeing, as she told us, more cows than people for about a… Continue

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Another year at Pickathon, merely days away

Every August for the past four years or so, on the first Friday of the month, I've woken with the sun and boarded a train for Portland. By mid-afternoon, I'm rolling my suitcase (packed tight with tent, sleeping bag, and a couple of clothes) over hay and dirt, dodging the occasional patty of old horse shit, to choose my camp spot on Pendarvis Farm.

Last year, the split second I entered the gates to… Continue

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Festival Season and the Northern State of Mind

Been awhile hibernating in my Northern State, but soon I hope festival season will be upon us.

I've been drooling over the line-up at Merle-fest, coming up soon. Soon as in Southern State height-of-spring end-of-April optimism that a Northern Boy like me can not fully understand nor appreciate.

April in the North is still a time of transition--it can be 80*F one day, and frost that night. I like my place, don't… Continue

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Interview with the Old 97s

Rhett Miller performing at Bumbershoot with the Old 97s

As you may recall, I recently spent a soggy weekend at Seattle Center catching some great live music at the annual Bumbershoot festival. One of the first best bands on my schedule were the Old 97s, whose frontman and bass player - Rhett Miller and Murray Hammond, respectively - were kind enough to sit down with me before sound check for a quick Q&A.… Continue

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Photos from Bumbershoot

All photos © Carrie Robinson

Bumbershoot is an annual music and arts festival which takes place at Seattle Center in downtown Seattle, Wash. The 2009 line-up included performances by the best local and national bands across every imaginable genre, from country to soul, rock to hip-hop. Local photographer Carrie Robinson took those beautiful shots of some of Bumbershoot's finest roots and Americana… Continue

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Granted I've only been to Bumbershoot a handful of times, but this was the first year when it actually became necessary to have an umbrella. I don't want to waste your time with too many comments about the weather, but it did dictate a lot of choices this weekend, so it merits more than a passing mention. For example, Monday morning, the final day of festivities, I turned down the opportunity to check out the Minus 5 and Point Juncture, WA, in favor of an indoor set from the… Continue

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Down by the Riverside

I had meant to post this (or repost it, since it was on my blog) right after attending the Clearwater Hudson River Revival, but, well, I'm lazy, that's all. Better late than never, though I suppose you, the reader, are the ultimate judge of that. Be gentle.

I had thought about going to the Clearwater Hudson River Revival earlier in the year, but… Continue

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Wintergrass is thinking about moving, wants your feedback

I got an email this morning announcing that Wintergrass - which has, for many years, been one of the best things going on down in Tacoma aside from the glass museum and that bridge project - is thinking of moving north to Bellevue, Wash.

Somehow the mere mention of a bluegrass/folk/roots festival taking to the Seattle suburbs just seems silly to me. Granted, this whole area is teeming with rootsy music and you can hardly… Continue

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