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Spencer and Rains, The Old Man and The Old Woman

Tricia Spencer is a born fiddler. It’s in her blood, having been born to successive generations of fiddlers.Tricia Spencer is well known across the country for her craft. She can fiddle all styles but her specialty these days, and her passion, is Old Time Fiddle. I reviewed her debut album, Fiddlin' Like There’s No Tomorrow, about a year…


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Amy Black Soars with "This Is Home" (Album Review)

Amy Black opened for Rodney Crowell at several of his northeast tour dates last fall, then joined the Grammy winner on stage.  There she charmed the audience by performing one of his original songs, backed by Crowell on harmony vocals.  The two kept in touch after the run of shows ended, and Amy gratefully accepted Rodney’s input and advice on some of her own new music.  He was among those to receive an early listen to the freshly recorded tracks and had a reaction that did not…


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A closer look: Betse Ellis – High Moon Order

If you follow Roots music in the Old Time Country arena, then you’ve surely heard of Rural Grits Records and the Wilders. The Wilders hailed from Kansas City for 15 years, touring the country and the world, creating a loyal, dedicated and wild, loving fan-base. In 2011 the Wilders won the Independent Music Award for Best Country album for “The Wilders” (Free Dirt, 2011) The awards and nationally acclaimed appearances this band garnered are far too many to mention here. In 2011, Ike…


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Reviews: The Bloggy Mountain Breakdown - Two Impressive releases bridge the gap between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountain ranges

Two impressive releases graced my mailbox this month - one from a Old Timey super group of sorts and another from my native state of Colorado. Who knew I'd get so lucky at the close of Summer 2013 to discover two albums that appeal to both of my primitive American Natures - Old Timey and Roots Country. One thing is for certain -there's some great American Roots music on tap. Read on...

The first release is from Old Buck (self titled)- a gathering of four…


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CD review: Time Sawyer – Headed Home

Time Sawyer, a quartet of young, original, talented fellows are proving themselves to be musical workhorses in every sense of the word.  They released their first album, "Time For A Change" in April 2011, closely followed by three more..."The Maroon Album" in November 2011,  "Come On In"in May 2012 and most recently, "Headed Home" released in March of 2013.

Pulling on influences from The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, Joe Pug, Justin Townes Earle and their ilk, one would assume…


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Album Review - The Tillers "Hand on the Plow"

It seems as though prevailing string-bands are popping up everywhere.  Right here in my native flyover country I know of quite a few locally successful acts that blend enlightened  folk rock  lyricism with banjos, wire brushed washboards, acoustic guitars topped with that signature gang chorus.  It seems to be a common trend.  Rockers are trading in their electric guitars for mandolins.  The electric bass is being replaced with the dented and scratched stand up variety fresh from…


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Oldies and Old Time according to Ivan Rosenberg (review)

Old Time music is something I'm passionate about.  The raw, down and dirty earthbound rootsy sound of the Southern Mountain region holds a special place in my heart.  I loved sharing Old Time music with my friends until I was met with the all too typical criticisms of  "It sounds too Old."  

Here I thought that was the point.  

Old Time is a glimpse into America's musical roots of country, blues, folk and pre-dates it all.  That said I could never really…


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Howard Rains and "The Old Texas Fiddle"- preserving Texas Americana Fiddle Music

When I hear the word “Texas”, I immediately think of “big” or “oil”, or “Longhorns” or “Lone star”, or “rich”. When I hear “Texas fiddle”, Texas dance music or “Swing” comes to mind, like the twin and triple fiddles of the Texas Playboys with Bob Wills calling out behind the vocals of Tommy Duncan singing “San Antonio Rose”, something like that. Well when I received The Old Texas Fiddle by Austin based fiddler/artist, Howard Rains, I sort of expected to hear some of the bouncy…


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Meet Ryan Spearman, Green-Strumming in St. Louis with Folk and Blues

When I first heard Norman Blake, about thirty or so years ago, I was blown away by the notion that there was actually a picker who could hit the hot licks, but chose, rather, to explore the sounds from another day combined with the sounds floating around in his head. I admired Norman Blake for making that choice, or taking that stand. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in all types of roots music, acoustic mostly, North American, mostly. Today’s world is crammed full of songwriters,…


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CD Review - Jami Lynn and Dylan James "Cluck and Croon"

Old Time Tin Pan Soul  from the Hills

Traditional music has gained quite a following here in the Midwest. Traditional being a very loose term these days. Just about every old punk, hipster and indie rocker is going folk. Goatees turn to handle bar moustaches and civil war era beards, mohawked rebels turn die-hard dapper-Dans complete with vintage vests and clip on bow-ties. People are trading their amplifiers for mandolins,…


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CD Review - Patterson Hood "Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance"

For his third solo album, "Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance," singer, songwriter and Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood continues to create his own brand of American mythology, writing four minute elegies to a generation that's lost its way, one that's slowly slicing away at itself with a hard-edged blade of insecurity, confusion and loneliness.

Taken on the surface, it's not a pretty picture at all. 12:01 is a creeping, crawling dirge about a clandestine trip across the…


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CD Review - Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb "In Session"

There are two kinds of people in this world: true believers who know Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb to be the country/pop equivalent of Lennon & McCartney and non-believers who've yet to see the light. For the latter, the brilliance of Campbell's voice and the dynamism of Webb's compositions presented in this tastefully produced session should be enough to convert even the most stubborn of the realm. For the former, "Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb In Session..." serves as…


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CD Review - The Trishas "High, Wide and Lonesome"

"Make something out of nothing, Temporary restoration, An original creation, A deadringer for the real thing."

So go the first lines of Mother Of Invention, the opening cut from The Trishas' debut, "High, Wide & Lonesome." Packed with sublime lyrical references to love and the simple life (and bearing no small musical resemblance to the famed Harris/Ronstadt/Parton triumvirate of the 1980's), Mother Of Invention wastes no time defining what The Trishas bring to the musical table:…


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Country Fried Rock Q and A with The Corduroy Road

The Corduroy Road's fans sounded alarm bells when the band left their life on the road for a long hiatus, but after nearly an eight-month break, the core of the band emerged with some new players in the lineup, refreshed and ready for the next phase of the band. The Corduroy Road musically balances between Americana and bluegrass in the dance-able area we refer to as "upbeat string band." Their songs make you…


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Some words about Old Sledge (and some Videos too)

Where I muse about Old Sledge, the band Chance McCoy was in prior to joining Old Crow Medicine Show. Originally posted at

Old Sledge was a band I discovered last year after they had already split up. Now that may not seem so bad, but the cruel irony is that for a time they were based just over the ridge from me and played many frequent shows at local fine dining and fine…


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Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three

A definite highlight of many people’s Calgary Folk Music Festival, Pokey himself seemed an honest gentleman, through and through. His commute on Prince’s Island Park would be stymied by fans who easily spotted his iconic 30s attire – I can honestly say that his willingness to engage conversations of any kind is rare like hens teeth.…


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Steven Graves, Matter of Time

Let me say something upfront:  Matter of Time, from Santa Cruz songwriter and guitarist Steven Graves (, is not what I expected.  It's something much better: a very pleasant shock.

The truth is, every time I hear about a new band from certain parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, I have to bite back a groan: oh damn, is this going to be yet another Grateful Dead wannabe…


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Dar Williams Release "Cool as I Am" Video to Raise Awareness of "War on Women"

Dar Williams is back at it again.

The much-loved contemporary folk musician is using her songs to bring awareness to social injustice. In this case, it's the War on Women. Williams has set her song "Cool as I Am" against a montage of images of legendary feminists, musicians, and others to draw awareness to this social injustice.

"Every state and every party, both men and women, have found creative, resilient ways to say YES to a society that values its women…


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Dusty Wright video single for freedom fighters everywhere

Metaphysical Cowboy, Dusty Wright, has released a video single inspired by Woody Guthrie’s …


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Volcanic: Bluegrass Underground Tapes Season II

 "It’s like something you’d dream up. It doesn’t seem real, but it is. And there’s a chandelier to boot.”

 These were the words from a dazzled and dazzling Sarah Jarosz as she took a pause from her music last Saturday afternoon, looking around the Volcano Room and shared her feelings with a highly attuned audience. I saw my first Bluegrass Underground on a postcard autumn day in 2008 when my pals The Infamous Stringdusters played the show. I’ve grown to know the producers and…


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