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I like everything but....

 “‘Cause I think what they’ve done is well worth doin’

And they’re doin’ it the best way that they can

You’re the only one that you are screwin’

When you put down what you don’t understand.”

— Kris Kristofferson, from “If you don’t like Hank Williams”

When I’m getting to know a new person, a question I sometimes like to ask is “What kind of music do you like?”

The most common response I get is something to the effect of “I like just about everything. ...” It…


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The Rolling Thunder Americana Revue & Travelers Log

Attending the Americana Music Association in Nashville from September 17 through 22 is much more than just about the music.  It’s about reconnecting with old friends and fostering new ones.  It’s about good comfort food and local beer.  It’s about revisiting old haunts and exploring new hidden gems.  So sit back and relax … this will be a very long story.

Hitting the open road at eight-thirty in the morning from Akron, my partner in crime Dale Elwell and I made our way down…


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Singer/Songwriter Chantelle Tibbs: The Journey from R&B to Indie Folk-Pop

The music of singer/songwriter Chantelle Tibbs spins moods like a spider weaving its web. There is a hypnotic effect on her new album Bicycle, one that threads its way across the whole record; the slow, gradually developing tracks are awash with atmosphere and quiet feelings. On the surface, the record is a flashback to the dreamy haze of Mazzy Star, especially on the sundown-lit tranquility of “Hollow” and the bright shimmer of “Covered in Me.” However, there are times…


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Ten artists to see this summer (wherever you may be)

1. Guy Clark

I've been hearing rumors that Guy Clark isn't in the best of health. True or not, he will be appearing in the Texas area, Louisiana, Montana and all the way up north to Canada. One of the great Texas songwriters and best friend of the late Townes Van Zandt, Clark's influence on country music is prolific.

Tour schedule…


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Switchback blog: "Making It"

The day after the great Chicago blizzard of 2011 came roaring through, I found myself in my office working on my guitar when I heard the television in the other room blaring out that unmistakable theme song for American Idol.  Now that Steven Tyler was on the show, my wife Annie liked to watch.   The show centered around the auditions in Austin and of course was edited…


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Dean's Store, Weinert, Texas

Once again, it has proven valuable to hang out in Hunter. Last night we went bar hopping back and forth between Happy Cow and Riley’s, and I can’t remember how many times we crossed those railroad tracks. Between talking to friends, singing along to Gary Stewart on the jukebox, and sinking longnecks someone put an…


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Good review from

Very even-handed review for Shooting Star from Belgian website I never thought Bob Dylan and Neil Young would be named in a review of our CD. I've had to use Google Translate and then make it sound more natural because the literal translation was very messy, but the heart of it (and I hope this is accurate) is as follows:

"From the first song, When I Look In Your Eyes, the tone of the CD is set: harmony vocals, acoustic guitars and tuneful pop songs. An ideal start for… Continue

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Some reviews for Shooting Star

Shooting Star has had a few reviews in the UK, Europe and US already. Here are the highlights:

“Straightforward folk-pop songs with perfect harmonies...Shooting Star" contains ten great songs...The music is catchy, sometimes happy, sometimes sad but always honest. "Shooting Star" is a wonderfully entertaining album” –

“The songs have a distinctively acoustic sound and come over as delightful folksy pop songs, but with an immediacy that would indicate… Continue

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14 years to make an album? The story of Shooting Star

When UK four-piece band Saloon Dogs recorded all the tracks for their Shooting Star album in a couple of short sessions at the end of 1995 and mastered them in early 1996, they thought getting the recordings released would only be a matter of time. And they were right. But what a lot of time it's taken.

Fast forward to 2010, two marriages, eight children, a drummer in New Zealand and two singers in Ireland and somehow, despite the distance, the band has finally managed to get the… Continue

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Review: Big Star - Keep an Eye on the Sky [Ardent/Rhino, Box 4cd 2009]

In the wonderful booklet that comes with Keep An Eye On The Sky, the most comprehensive compilation of the semiminal (though often overlooked) Big Star, there’s an in-depth article where Bob Mehr gathers comments from fans, friends and famous supporters of the group.

Among them there’s…


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Singing AT People @ The West Seattle Festival

When we arrived for the meet and greet at the Bumbershoot booth we did not know what to expect. We were met with warmth and excitement from the staff there. The booth was set up with a spinning prize wheel to hand out bumbershoot merch like buttons and iron-ons. Justin was smart enough to bring his guitar and Travis suggested making one of the prizes on the wheel a song from me and Justin. It was a hit… making people uncomfortable, that is. We started by playing a full Beatles song AT someone,… Continue

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Busy weekend coming up!

I'm very excited and looking forward to next weekend! We get to share the stage with the Dusty 45's thur. 13th at Raw Space in Ellensburg, WA. My home town! I remember seeing the Dusty's play in Ellensburg back when we had Gust Fest. They played both years. Aside from seeing my friend drink too much coffee and throw up and getting hit in the back of the head with a pot pipe, The Dusty 45's were the highlight! Billy Joe knows how to put on a show!

We've also got a three day tour… Continue

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A night with Dark Star Orchestra

I took a trip to Seattle last weekend and had a chance to see Dark Star Orchestra, a top Grateful Dead band. It was an impressive show and a cool scene.

Read more on my blog.

They played the setlist that the GD played April 14, 1988, in Chicago:

Set 1:

Jack Straw ; West L.A. Fadeaway ; Mama Tried > Big River ; Althea ; When I Paint My… Continue

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Tractor Tavern w/ Legendary Oaks and Hurricane Chaser April 30th!!!!!!!

Hey y'all,

We're super excited to be back at The Tractor April 30th! It's probably one of my favorite places to play and I love Ballard! We'll be sharing the night with two great bands, Legendary Oaks ( and our good friends, Hurricane Chaser (!!! We hope to get as many people out as we can for this show!… Continue

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Thank you, Alex.

Something happened the first time I heard Big Star. It's hard to say exactly what it was, but I felt a connection to them, both musically as well as in how they went about their career. So much passion, so much vision, and a tragic lack of recogntion. Over the years the recognition came and I was glad for them, like they were an old friend. Big Star is one of those bands that I have come back to time and time again and always found something new in their work. Just a few weeks ago I bought Keep… Continue

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Cry Like a Baby...The Passing of Alex Chilton

At almost the same time this evening my phone started vibrating with text messages from all over the country on the passing of Alex Chilton.

Here is the news from the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Pop hitmaker, cult hero, and Memphis rock iconoclast Alex Chilton has died.

The singer and… Continue

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Out of the weeds

Hi all,

My name's Jason T. Lewis and I've been lurking around the ND site for a while now. I used to be in a band called Star City. We put out a couple records in the late 90s/early 2000s (we were featured in ND issues 25 and 34) before I put the band on hiatus to do some other stuff musically. Who knew that that other stuff would lead me first to Chicago to work on and EP of stuff with the late, great Jay Bennett (I miss him dearly), then back to my native West Virginia not long… Continue

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Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Sarah Lewis And Her Band JAG STAR Unveil Fifth Studio Album

As Heard On ABC, A&E, CBS, E!, FOX, MTV, NBC & The CW

Knoxville, TN: Having been heard on every major broadcast and cable outlet over the course of their 10-year career, this critically-acclaimed quartet closed out the first decade of the new… Continue

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Star & Micey on Ardent Music

In the midst of the buzz surrounding Big Star’s “Keep An Eye On The Sky” Box Set and the reissue of Chris Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos” comes another Ardent related story that should also be on your radar. The Ardent Music label will release Star & Micey's self titled debut October 20, 2009. While playful in nature, Josh Cosby, Geoff Smith, and Nick Redmond have created a collection of songs that reflect a churning emotion in heart. Notable Memphis musicians who make cameo appearances include… Continue

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Welcome To Cosmic America: A No Depression Festival Review (Part One)

Known as “the prophet” to country artists worldwide, Gram Parsons had a premonition. He knew that American music would transcend all genres to evolve into an entity beyond the imagination; something he called Cosmic American Music. Yesterday, Redmond, Washington produced the prophet’s wishes and then some at the first annual No Depression Festival.

With the light and quiet crowd, the music began with Malaysian pop-princess Zee Avi. Hailing from Jack Johnson’s renowned and renewable… Continue

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