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Ted Z and the Wranglers - Like A King (Album Review)

Orange County, Calif., is not a place for Americana and grassroots music. That is what I so truly believed, growing up there and failing to find the scene. The O.C. hosts surf rock groups, ska rock, and various 1980s cover bands, but certainty not the Americana and folk music I have grown to love so much.  

 I was surprised and quite frankly shocked when I first discovered an O.C. indie Americana group named Ted Z & the Wranglers. I was quickly disproved. Ted Z & the…


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Rachel Brown Album Hits the Mark Once Again

What are we here for?  Is it a story from the heart or one that takes you someplace else?  Words put to music?  A tune’s introduction, an instrumental bridge, or is it the final chord?  For those that have been following along, I would say that we are here at ND for the songwriter. 

It was January of 2013 when I was not only talking up Rachel Brown’s Just Look My Way, but that her album ended up on my year-end “Best Of” list sharing company with the likes of…


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Heather Fay - Cherish The Broken (Album Review)

Heather Fay writes from the heart and the mind, blending the two into a coherent read on humanity and her life experiences.  Fay’s distinctive storytelling mien integrates factual and emotional styles akin to artists such as Tom Waits, Carole King and Fiona Apple.  Fay is a regular in Connecticut and New York City (The Living Room, Rockwood Hall), but also performs regularly online via Google Hangout.  Fay’s latest album, Cherish The Broken, is a dynamic collection of songs…


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Simone Felice - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow - 4/11/2014)

With his second solo album safely under his belt Simone Felice is rapidly conforming his status as one of the finest purveyors of Americana around these days. Fortunately (for us) he remains somewhat under the mass radar allowing audiences to see him in intimate settings such as the hallowed King Tuts, a perfect space to see and hear his shamanistic offerings. A mesmerising performer tonight he possessed a leonine grace, prowling and genuflecting,…


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David Wilcox - Blaze (Album Review)

BLAZE, solo album # 18, David Patrick Wilcox traverses a broad thematic gamut, his words at times thoughtful, occasionally provoking it’s simply another classic song collection.

BLAZE was recorded and mixed at former Over The Rhine guitarist Ric Hordinski’s Monastery Recording Studio – a deconsecrated church - in the Walnut Hills suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. In the album press release Wilcox sums up collaborating with Hordinski as “like hiking a new trail and seeing a vista…


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12 Years A Slave: Slavery and the Blues

(first published at Down at the Crossroads)

Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave is a very important movie that depicts the brutal horror of slavery in the Southern states of the US before the Civil War. It tells the true story of Solomon Northup, a musician and businessman who lived in the North as a free man but who was kidnapped and…


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Pete Seeger's Dream Comes Alive

When Kim Ruehl tipped me off that there was something goin' on up in Pete Seeger's town of Beacon New York on the day we acknowledge the life, work, accomplishments and passing  of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I hit the interwebs to dig up the information. In my mind, whenever the ninety-four year old Pete comes out to do something, it's pretty damn big news. An event. A happening. A gathering. So it was sort of surprising to discover barely any details of what Pete Seeger and the…


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"A Little Piece" is Another Side of Ray Benson: Talking with a Legend

“I always loved rock ‘n’ roll…blues…jazz…but I didn’t want to get too far away from the Western Swing thing with Asleep at the Wheel. But now, I figure I’d better do what I want to do musically…and I can do it very well…better than most!”

Bruce Springsteen, John Mellancamp, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger, to name a few distinguished senior heartland rockers, need not worry –despite the fact that Ray Benson can hang with the best of you.  Mr. Benson, who was “Americana”…


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Lee's Listening Stack – A New Batch of Reviews for November

Scott Miller

Big Big World

(F.A.Y. Recordings)

Scott Miller has a remarkable gift for exploring everyday emotion and uncovering the troubles and travails of ordinary folks simply trying to deal with the complexities of the modern world. That’s an auspicious…


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Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign

Albert King is one of the three kings of the blues – along with Freddie and B.B. – and is widely recognized as one of the most influential blues guitarists ever. On his long-overdue induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, Gary Clark Jr, said, “Albert King is the bedrock of the guitar tradition. Without his influence there would be no so-called virtuosos,” and Joe Bonamassa hailed him as “arguably the most influential (of the three Kings) in today’s pop…


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Health & Happiness Hour feat. Michael Weston King and The Seznec Bros live May 1st 2013

On this weeks Medicine Show Health & Happiness Hour we feature an exclusive tribute to George Jones and a preview of the new My Darling Clementine album, from Michael…


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Shelter for the Wolf - Burlap Wolf King Embarks on Midwestern Tour

Singer-songwriter Thomas Hentges better known as Burlap Wolf King embarks on a Midwestern tour tonight in Sioux Falls South Dakota that will take him through seven states in the month of April. After the successful release of a new EP in his native state of South Dakota, Hentges will bring his brand of "bare-boned truth in song" to the masses with stops in Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and North Dakota.

Burlap Wolf King has been turning folk, and…


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CD Review - Jerry Douglas "Traveler"

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the greatest Dobro player of all?

Faced with that query, most magic mirrors would probably respond by saying that Jerry Douglas has been, and is, the premier Dobro player of our time.

And who could argue?

As the featured soloist for the multi-Platinum, multi-Grammy, multi-(pick an award) Allison Krauss and Union Station, Jerry Douglas has been raising the bar for what passes as virtuosity on that instrument for decades now.…


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Music is Love: A Singer-songwriters Tribute to the Music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

"Music is Love" is a 2-disc set dedicated to the outstanding body of work produced by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Featuring 27 artists, 27 songs and a stunning 36-page booklet,

"Music Is Love" is a project supporting the Equestrian Therapy Co-op in Brandeis, California.



01. For What It's Worth Ron LaSalle 02. Triad Steve Wynn 03. Helplessly Hoping Judy Collins 04. Lady

Of The Island  Liam Ó Maonlaí 05. Bluebird  Sugarcane…


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CD Review - "Life Finds A Way" by The Grascals

by Dan King


On a recent field trip to Zia Records, I discovered two albums in the Bluegrass/Americana section that would fit the criteria for review on Prescription Bluegrass. One was Leonard Cohen’s “Old Ideas” and the other was The Grascals “Life Finds A Way.” I also found a CD by a fellow named Charles Manson in the section, but I’m still not sure if that was some store employees idea of a bad joke, or if perhaps there is a hot new mandolin…


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Doc Watson

by Dan King

Back in the late ’60′s, there wasn’t much to do in Phoenix Arizona. On summer afternoons, the mercury would routinely spike to 110 degrees and the prevailing wisdom was to take dental records along if you were foolish enough to engage in any outdoor activity. I was a young boy then, but I had already plunged headlong into the inviting world of performance music.

I was a guitar player.

My musical heroes at the time were electric rock…


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We're All In This Together - Michael Weston King

Just bought my copy! well done Michael Weston King, can't wait to hear what "The View from Shit Creek" is like from Jackie Leven (still can't believe we won't see Jackie again) great list of folk including our friends Kit Clark, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Eddi Reader, Martin G Stephenson, Peter Bruntnell, Reg Meuross, Andy White, Christine Collisterall venting their spleens for us, thank you well done!

At least in this project we…


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Burlap Wolf King - Bare Boned Truth and Prairie Pride: Singer-Songwriter Thomas Hentges

Singer-Songwriter Thomas Hentges is about as legit as it gets.  The man oozes; yes, oozes style from a time long forgotten with no air of pretension, and it shines through in everything he does musically.  I became familiar with Thomas at the Sioux River Folk Festival  back in 2007.  At the time he was fronting The Quaker City Night Hawks; one of the best undiscovered yet established alt-country/rock bands in his native South Dakota.  But this isn't a story about the Quaker City…


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Morning Becomes the Blues: WFUV Beams Gary Clark, Jr. Back Home on SXSW Live RadioCast

 Gary Clark, Jr. cuts a quiet figure, long limbs settled into a chair on a stage in a conference room in a convention center. It’s not even noon in the industrial bland room with some bean bags on the floor for the exhausted to drape on, but the folks from WFUV are doing their best to broadcast music that matters live-from-the-wilds-of-SXSW back to New York City, and the black man in the floppy, slightly over-sized fedora is happy to share his music when most other bluesmen would be…


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Lee's Listening Stack - More of the Best of the Rest

Rob Picott

Welding Burns


 Admittedly I’m playing a bit of catch-up here, because technically Welding Burns was released at the tail end of 2011. Still, this time next year, anyone reading this can feel free to remind me that I predicted it would emerge as one of the best roots/folk/Americana efforts of this year. Picott’s been plying his craft for quite awhile now, and sadly, too few people have taken notice. Which is all the more reason why this…


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