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Well Crafted, The “Not To Be Missed” Music Festival of 2014

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill located in pristine Harrodsburg, Kentucky plays host to what is shaping up to be the best Americana music festival of 2014.  Well Crafted, August 8-9 2014, couples some of the best musical talent in our beloved scene with the fine frothy libations of Kentucky’s local Craft Beer creators.  Shaker Steps Productions’ Derek Feldman , Shaker Village’s VP of Marketing and Development Jennifer Broadwater, and Delight Hanover of Alias Records helped put…


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Josh Nolan - Fair City Lights (Album Review)

It may appear I’ve been a little fixated on Kentucky’s music scene as of late but, as the hotbed of brimming talent keeps on pooling, I am more than delighted to introduce another one.  Lexington-based singer-songwriter Josh Nolan recently released an impressive debut record, Fair City Lights, a few months back. It's an effort put out independently by Nolan himself that originally began as a fan-funded project. His confidence in his material provoked him to follow through…


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Josh Farrow's Dreams Come True at Hangout Music Festival

The Hangout Music Festival is more than a weekend of music at the beach for Nashville singer-songwriter Josh Farrow. He has been to every Hangout festival, most of them as a fan, and calls it the best music festival in the country. Last year his band played on the shuttle bus in one of the best sets that most of the crowd never saw, and he proposed to his girlfriend at the festival. This year he was picked by MTV to play on…


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Mick's Birthday Bash - June 21, 2013 - Ground Zero with Jesco White, Roger Alan Wade, Dan Deel and more

June 21, 2013 is a perfect example of folks working together to make something very special.  The venue was Groundzero in Spartanburg SC which is a place where I have seen many diverse acts from Man or Astroman?! to Ted Nugent to Wesley Willis to Misfits to Vanilla Ice  to Doug Stanhope. It's been called the CBJB's of the south and thru the years have survived a few decades where many have came and gone the mighty Groundzero is still providing a haven for many. I am not sure where…


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Health & Happiness Hour, in session Josh Harty & Topher Elliot

This weeks Medicine Show  syndicated  Health & Happiness Hour is on tour with Fargos Josh Harty and Inverness's Topher Elliot around the Highlands and returns to our home at Loch Broom FM in Ullapool, for the first ever radio…


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Can musicians get fans to put down their cameras?

“At the request of Matt and Zooey, we ask that people not use their cell phones to take pictures and video, but instead enjoy the show they have put together in 3D.”

This is a sign posted at recent concerts of She & Him – the duo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. The pair is among a recent group of musicians attempting to gently tell fans to put down…


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New England NERFA Conference at the University of Rhode Island: Ten showcasers show their stuff!

I had the pleasure of attending the One-Day NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) at the  University of Rhode Island campus in Kingston.  RISA (Rhode Island Songwriters Association) coordinated the event with the help of NERFA.  In addition to several panels about marketing, radio, recording and mastering, we were privileged to hear the ten showcasers who won the juried spots.

First up was Heather Styka, freshly…


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The Best of 2013, So Far

With just three months 0f 2013 in the history books, it's shaping up to be a quality year for Americana records. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Records of the Year (So Far).

10. Bobby Bare - Darker Than Light

Bare's first album in seven years is a collection of 16 songs drawn from a list he's kept for the better part of his 50 year career. There are murder ballads, songs of the sea, interpretations of rare classics and readings from the rock and roll songbook. The…


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Rising Group PC & The Angels Of Death Getting Noticed

PC & The Angels of Death are an alt. country rock group from California headed by singer/songwriter Patrick Coleman. Their influences are on their sleave, sort of speak; The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons, Rolling Stones, and Son Volt, although they do cover songs by Chris Hillman and Gene Clark, respectively.

Their first CD coming out (after their Codeine EP) is called "Jaded Starlings In A Gilded Cage" and is produced by Eagles manager Josh Leo and even features…


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Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Josh Graves Book!

JOSH GRAVES - “Bluegrass Bluesman, Josh Graves, A Memoir,”

In my humble opinion, the 1960’s was the most pivotal decade in the post WWII era. Yes, that was fifty plus years ago, but, those times had a profound affect on the United States, on me and the way I’ve lived my life since. The ‘60’s still bring…


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Review: Punching Bag, by Josh Turner. (MCA Nashville)

Long removed from the promise of the truly stirring Long Black Train, Josh Turner's new album, Punching Bag, proves that Music Row, Nashville has elevated cliche to art.

This album is about as involving as a slice of store brand cheese product.But you know, there's always some sort of low reached every time a slice of product is presented from God's point of view, such as this album's I Was There.…


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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 144 - Four Years Down

This episode marks the 4 year anniversary of The Americana Rock Mix. But we’re not really doing anything special about it. We’ll do that next year. Instead, we’re carrying on as usual, bringing you the best new music you haven’t heard yet!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- One-Eye’d Barber AND Party by The…


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Lee's Listening Stack: MORE of the Best of the Rest for May

Ryan Adams

iTunes Session


 He may not be releasing new albums at the fast and furious pace he did just a few years ago, but that doesn’t allay the suspicion that Ryan Adams may be the most prolific artist of this generation bar none. So instead of getting a new LP every six months, our man Adams has resorted to other mediums to get his music out, among them iTunes, which released this gem of a collection as an exclusive offering a short time back. Those that…


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Katie Powderly: Songwriter's Showcase

This week on Songwriter's Showcase, we have Katie Powderly, who, in the last year, has sold all of her belongings and is moving into an RV to embark on a 50-state tour in support of her new album, Slips of the Tongue

Slips of the Tongue was recorded primarily at Smart Studios in Madison, WI. Owned by Butch Vig of Garbage,…


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Teleprompters for Musicians: Cheating or Helping?

Reprinted from

A recent story in the Washington Post brought to light that Bruce Springsteen was using a teleprompter on stage during his recent tour as well as his last one (read it HERE.) While the article didn’t flat-out deride him for using it, it did lament…


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Interview with Tim Barry

By Josh Diamond

For nearly two decades, Tim Barry fronted Avail, a hardcore punk band whose catchy, aggressive music coupled with Tim's smart, straightforward lyrics gained the band a massive following.

The band, however, released its last album…


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The Pear Traps, dreamy 'Midwesticana'

Interview w/ Nathan, bassist of THE PEAR TRAPS

1.0 – How did the band come together? 

Bryant had written a number of songs before moving to Chicago and went to craigslist to find some bandmates. Within two months we were regularly playing in Billy’s basement, drinking, booking shows and recording.


2.0 – Did…

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Josh Harty Nowhere


I reckon this'll be the third album for Wisconsin native Josh Harty. Coming from an intensely musical background, he seems to have been playing and performing most of his 30-odd years and his fluency on the acoustic guitar is testament to all those years of playing. As a songwriter, I would say he's striving to be as honest, as true to an emotion, as he can possibly get, and I guess he has a perfectionist streak that prevents him being more…


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"That Just Happened" - Mountain Heart - A Review

Mountain Heart has created a very creative acoustic rock recording with lots of influences. Josh's vocals are very rich, and can be easily mistaken for Vince Gill on a slow ballad. This recording sounds a lot like a live album, though I know there are several overdubs.

The cookin' "That Just Happened" starts the disc out , with several people helping out, especially on vocals. sounds a bit like Seatrain on Steroids, like it rocks, in it's… Continue

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Mountain Heart has finished it's new EP- "That Just Happened"

This latest EP by the group shows their passion for music, both their own and the music of others , There are 4 original songs and 3 cover tunes like "Whipping Post" and "The Ride." Jim Van Cleve spent lots of time with it, so it is quite a quality recording, with Eddie Bayers on drums and additional guitarist Bryan Sutton(always, one of my faves) Here is where you can preorder

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