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David Olney – When The Deal Goes Down (Album Review)

Olney contemplates life, love and death on this sparkling multi-rhythm musical collection.

On this Kickstarter-funded collection, 66-year-old Rhode Island bred Olney, at turns, rocks with almost punk abandon,…


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On Tour with Tony James Shevlin

I thought I'd post another blog from Tony James Shevlins experiences in Nashville as he toured his new album, Songs From the Last Chance Saloon.

Every city has a rhythm.  New York and London are frenetic; Paris and Rome, less so. Moscow’s is taught. I was having trouble finding Nashville’s rhythm. I think it could be that the city has been invaded this weekend by fans of women’s basketball from the states of Indiana, Maryland, Connecticut and New York, whose teams…


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Health & Happiness Hour John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson in session June 4 2014

This weeks Medicine Show Health & Happiness Hour from The Highlands of Scotland, guests are John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson, we find out what its like to play music in Sweden and talk about their new EP and homecoming tour, playing music of Charlie Roth and visiting his current tour, looking forward to Americana Cavalcade this weekend featuring music by Taj Mahal, Eric Bibb, Etta Baker, new music from down-under with Spike Flynn and Lachlan Bryan and from Scotland with Dumb…


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John Fullbright - Songs (Album Review)

It’s enigmatic. Songs, simply for the sake of the words and melody…

As with Fullbright’s studio debut From the Ground Up (2012), Songs was co-produced with Wes Sharon and recorded at the latter’s studio 115 Recording in Norman, Okla. Songs delivers, in the main, stripped down renditions of one dozen originals by this son of Okemah. Four songs solely feature John on permutations of acoustic or electric guitar, piano or organ; on "Another…


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Colin O'Brien: Banjo on My Mind

Colin O’Brien is an anomaly. Colin O’Brien is a folk singing, guitar playing, fiddling banjo picker who is making a living doing what he loves, in Nashville. Remember the old joke;

Son:”Mom I want to be a banjo picker when I grow up”

Mom: “Now, son, you can’t do both.”

Colin has figured out how to do both, plus the others. The key term mentioned above is “making a living”. Colin O’Brien has been making his living performing his original music and favorite…


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Chuck Ragan, The White Buffalo, and Jonny Two Bags - The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ - 4/19/14)

Church was brought to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ the Saturday before Easter with guest sermons by Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham, Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo, and Chuck Ragan.  Not to practice sacrilege but the night had a religious overtone to it, albeit due to the fact that Easter Sunday was dawning only a few short hours after shows end.  Not to mention the aura of Chuck Ragan, who does resemble Jesus, had he been a rocker and could play a sweet Martin and stomp the…


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John “Mad Dog” Marino – Mad Dog Blues (Album Review)

I have to provide a disclosure at the commencement of this review.  I’ve played with Mad Dog, at each other’s kitchen tables and on stage. We’ve also had some pretty public disagreements, and I’ve been unabashedly critical of his unnecessarily loud playing on more than one occasion. That being the case, I was somewhat surprised that his agent sent me a copy of his latest release, Mad Dog Blues, to review.  I was more surprised, pleasantly, at the quality of this combination of…


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Flatland Harmony Experiment - The Experiment is Complete, The Results Are In!

Harmonic Resonance. It's when tones come together to produce a vibration with sustain. A good vibration. I once attended a finger-style guitar workshop for beginners, hosted by National Finger-style Guitar Champ Pat Kirkley. Pat began by talking about tuning. He said, “You know you’re in tune when you strum a chord and the guitar begins to resonate.” It makes this pleasant vibration, at least the acoustic guitar does. Harmonics, in general, resonate from one ear canal to the other,…


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Folk Alliance International - Kansas City 2014

Just last month I had the pleasure of spending the week in Kansas City at the Crown Center with around 2000 Folkies from all over the world. A wonderful blend of folk, country, Americana, and roots music from various winds that blow filled the Crown Center. Mandolins, guitars, doghouse basses, fiddles, enthusiastic singing fought for the ears of all in attendance.

My week was spent as part of a team that recorded many of the stalwart mainstay artists in the roots music movement. Kim…


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John Gorka – Bright Side of Down (Album Review)

If you’re familiar with his songwriting shtick, BRIGHT SIDE OF DOWN is a selection of words – and latest album title - that’s totally, totally Gorka. Casting a backward glance, RED HORSE (2010) was a collection of covers, reinterpretations and a few new songs with Red House label-mates Lucy n’ Eliza. John being the trio virgin, Kaplansky had tampered with the configuration via the turn-of-the-millennium’s magnificent Cry Cry Cry and the one-fourth larger, much earlier Fast Folk…


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Riding That Train - The Awesome Array of Artists That Made the Sail Across the Sun Cruise an Awesome Adventure

I’m a big fan of music cruises. For me they are ideal entertainment. You get a bunch of great bands onboard, all the food you care to gorge yourself on, nice accommodations, a friendly service staff and a party atmosphere like no other. Suffice it to say, these excursions are like traveling seaworthy festivals, except at the end of the day when you’ve burnt yourself to a crisp you don’t have to go back to a tent and flounder in the mud. Instead, you can beat a retreat to your…


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Health & Happiness Hour February 12 2014 (who's touring)

On this week's Health & Happiness Hour  I look forward to future guests on The Medicine Show - David Celia, Sara Grey, Danni Nicholls, The Seznec Brothers, & John Mitchell & Sofi Jonsson, I flag up toura and play the music of  Chris Mills &  Amanda Pearcy , and we look at Country Music’s  beating heart in the heart of Scotland – Perth - with  The Red Pine Timber Co & The New Madrids.…


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Amy Black Soars with "This Is Home" (Album Review)

Amy Black opened for Rodney Crowell at several of his northeast tour dates last fall, then joined the Grammy winner on stage.  There she charmed the audience by performing one of his original songs, backed by Crowell on harmony vocals.  The two kept in touch after the run of shows ended, and Amy gratefully accepted Rodney’s input and advice on some of her own new music.  He was among those to receive an early listen to the freshly recorded tracks and had a reaction that did not…


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Mark Ripp - Quiet Again (Album Review)

At first glance of the CD cover art I try to determine what kind of a journey I am going to embark on musically. When I received Mark Ripp's new collection "Quiet Again," I was a little confused. The title of the CD gave me an impression of an all-acoustic set with spare instruments and lots of interesting little story songs.  But, the cover art had this old fashioned looking microphone, a rugged bearded Steve Earle cowboy hat wearing red-shirted J.J. Cale looking…


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Single Review: The Rhythm Surf Monkeys - “Where Were You (When My Dad Became a Hero)”

As the scars from 9/11 continue to heal, it will always haunt the memories of those who experienced it, even from the distance of a TV set. It transformed lives, turning ordinary people into heroes; even now, how the tragedy enabled a city and, actually, an entire country to pull together and overcome such a horrifying event continues to inspire.

For composer/songwriter Jim Hiltz, the bravery of the first responders embodied the triumph of the human spirit. The sense of loss…


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"A Little Piece" is Another Side of Ray Benson: Talking with a Legend

“I always loved rock ‘n’ roll…blues…jazz…but I didn’t want to get too far away from the Western Swing thing with Asleep at the Wheel. But now, I figure I’d better do what I want to do musically…and I can do it very well…better than most!”

Bruce Springsteen, John Mellancamp, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger, to name a few distinguished senior heartland rockers, need not worry –despite the fact that Ray Benson can hang with the best of you.  Mr. Benson, who was “Americana”…


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Health & Happiness Hour House Concert Hub 5th Birthday Celebrations 8th Jan 2014

Happy New Year everyone, this week in 2009 House Concerts York were the first to join us on The Euro House Concert Hub and last week Philip Wilde of Wilde Rocks became our 2000'th member, and on Tuesday the…


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Favorite Ten Songs of 2013

As's Top 50 Albums poll proves, 2013 was a banner year for roots-oriented music. Since several bloggers have already posted their top albums of the year, I'll use my initial blog entry to reveal my ten favorite songs. The competition was particularly fierce in 2013, so, rather than try to "rank" the songs, I'll just post them alphabetically by artist. When possible, I linked to either a live performance or the proper video for the song. Thanks to all the songwriters and…


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Remembering John Lennon

I'll never forget Dec 8, 1980. My wife and I, married less than 2 years, about to turn in for the night when her Dad knocked on our door (in his house!) and told us John Lennon had been shot. We just couldn't take it in. It seemed insane then and seems insane now. His music lives in my bones and will never leave. …

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Eugenio Finardi - Anima Blues (Album Review)

Re- Introducing A Major Italian Rocker's Scorching All-Blues English Album

Released in March 2006 this CD -- in some markets -- passed under the radar but should have been widely heard by aficionados of the blues especially in the United States and other English-speaking countries.  

Americana, folk, blues, roots music – nowadays it comes from many more places than just America as this collection attests. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England…


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