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New Releases Pay Tribute to Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne

Rarely do I go in depth on a record release that is a reissue, live, or tribute album.  But two such albums featuring Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne are getting special treatment this week.

Originally aired as a live pay-per-view event on October 16, 1992, Columbia Records threw Bob Dylan a 30th anniversary bash at Madison Square Garden with one of the most impressive lineups in the history of rock and roll.  My VHS tape has long worn out and trying to locate a copy…


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Dreams Do Come True

Central Valley born and bred Gary Tackett's DREAM as a 10 year old was to "play guitar on a Merle Haggard record". "That was my only dream". "Not to be a policeman, fireman, or doctor, but to be a sideman for Merle Haggard (Be one of the Strangers featuring Norm Hamlett, Roy Nichols, Mark Yeary, Biff Adams, Jimmy Belkin, Tiny Moore). Gary's dream came true on October 16th 1989 when Merle's keyboardist Mark Yeary called…


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Starting at the Root

Jimmy Lumpkin lives in a cabin on the edge of a swamp in Summerdale, Alabama where trees grow tall in the murky water of the Fish River and leaves break sunlight into shade. It is also where Lumpkin and his southern blues jam band Trigger Root pick out new guitar licks, write songs, or drink a beer. Inside, Dave Howell’s drums are tucked under the loft stairs between the kitchen and den. Mics hang down from the rafters, and…


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Thanks For Giving A Damn

Today is kind of a big day for me in my tiny piece of the world. A year ago, I promised myself I'd do something positive. I'd create a show that features some of my favorite musicians telling road stories, tall tales and anecdotes. No music and no one plugging their new record. Just lighthearted talk where the host (me) shuts up and stays out of the way. I had no idea what I was doing, but I dove in head first and taught myself along the way. I loved the idea of speaking directly…


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CD Review - Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb "In Session"

There are two kinds of people in this world: true believers who know Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb to be the country/pop equivalent of Lennon & McCartney and non-believers who've yet to see the light. For the latter, the brilliance of Campbell's voice and the dynamism of Webb's compositions presented in this tastefully produced session should be enough to convert even the most stubborn of the realm. For the former, "Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb In Session..." serves as…


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45 RPM Goes Up The Country, Honoring Connie Smith @ Douglas Corner 11/7/2012

For those who believe real country music has fled Nashville, the recent CMA Awards would do little to ease your notion. Bombast, smoke, lasers and lots of the arena rock are the anti-thesis of steel-soaked, fiddle-laced songs built on melody, submerged in big emotions and turned with hooks that can’t be forgotten.

But for the true believers and in-the-knowers, a handful of insiders and old school players have conjured 45 RPM,  a last Wednesday of every month celebration of classic…


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Quick Q and A with Jimmy Ryan

If you know anything about the Boston music scene, you have undoubtedly heard Jimmy Ryan’s name mentioned.  He’s one of the most in-demand session players in town and plays a mandolin like there’s no tomorrow.  His song “John Brown” is often covered by Session Americana and Pesky J. Nixon.  It’s a show-stopper of a song.  Anyone who can write a song about a nineteenth century abolitionist and give it so much soul is someone who earns my respect.

Jimmy has recorded with Warren Zevon,…


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ALL THE LABOR, New Feature Documentary In-Production About The Gourds

ALL THE LABOR is the definitive documentary about Austin, Texas roots/Americana legends, The Gourds.  The film will introduce viewers to the energy and excitement of the band’s live performances while painting an intimate portrait of these talented songwriters and musicians at the top of their game. Production began in August 2011 with an expected completion date of January 2013.  ALL THE LABOR is a production of Big Sky Pictures, LLC, in association with High Plains Films.…


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BEYOND SXSW: The Silos, The Bluebonnets & Others Rock Beyond the Mainframe

Silos' front man Walter Salas-Humara’s hair is now laced with silver, but the Florida ex-pat has lost none of the romantic tendencies that marked the Cuban songwriter/singer’s songs from the Silos’ earliest days. Also, a visual artist specializing in dogs, the appropriate place to decamp for South by Southwest was the backyard of Yard Dog Gallery, who’d hosted some of the week’s best parties.

Like the dBs, who had fans clogging the sidewalk outside their BD Riley’s  Friday night show…


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Music Prelude: Jimmy LaFave & Eliza Gilkyson (with Juanes) Celebrate Woody Guthrie @ SXSW

This Land Is Your Land

Jimmy LaFave + Eliza Gilkyson’s Woody Guthrie Dream

Nora Guthrie’s father would’ve been 100 years old this year, yet somehow the music he left behind remains timeless and timely. It’s a notion she savored at the Prelude Music: Woody Guthrie Tribute – which served to warm-up the audience for Bruce Springsteen’s keynote address at the 2012 SXSW – telling the crowd, "These days are exciting times … My Dad would’ve loved to been here for this. This is a very…


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Around the table with Session Americana: listen to a preview of their upcoming new release

You sneak up on Session Americana. Oh, not literally, as you can discover them in an ever-widening circle of clubs and festivals, three studio records and one live set, and on a new, as-yet-untitled 10-song release due this spring (listen to early mixes of "Easier " and "Goldmine" below). But, after…


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The Grand Ole Opry On A Saturday Night: GoodBye Ghosts, Hello 1st Times & 63 Year Members

The Grand Ole Opry on a Saturday Night

Good Bye To Ghosts, 63 Year Members + One Very Special Debut

There are very few things as American as the Grand Ole Opry on a Saturday night. Once upon a time, beamed across the middle of the country on the powerful WSM-AM 650, it was a unifying force of entertainment for the have-littles and down-homes. Today, for all of its controversial changes, it’s more…


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Aural History

I’ve been giving some thought lately to what music I should expose my toddler to. There’s a lot of pressure involved. One false move and she could end up a huge Gwar fan. Or god forbid, Ke$ha. I’m not one of those rabid “Play Mozart to your baby or they’ll end up uneducated and friendless, fighting wild dogs for food scraps” types--it isn’t our daughter’s success I’m worried about. I just want to make…

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Buck Ritchey: A Northwest Country Radio Legend

The Pacific Northwest's most storied Country/Western radio DJ – Marion "Buck" Ritchey – effectively promoted that genre of music for about 32 long years on area radio stations. Born in 1915, he was initially inspired by the recordings of America’s “Blue Yodeler” Jimmy Rodgers, & he taught himself to play the guitar. In 1930, & at the mere age of 15, he left his home in Missouri, & his wanderings eventually led him out to Tacoma in 1938.

By 1942 he’d been…


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CD Review: Earl (Cate) & Them - Special Blend

Earl & Them- Special Blend (Swingin’ Door Records)
by Julie Watson

Earl & Them’s Special Blend is straight up tail shaking, badass music. From the irresistible funky groove of “Putting Out Fires” to the blues harmonica driven wail of “Dirt Road Woman”, this CD won’t let you sit still, and that’s a very good thing. 

The CD includes five original cuts, three of which were penned by blues…

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An Interview with Jimmy LaFave on Woody Guthrie, Ribbon of Highway and L.A. Acoustic Festival

 by Terry Roland    (Reprinted with permission of FolkWorks  )


Oral traditions have long been the way we've handed down our stories, our characters, the dreams we've dreamed and our tragedies. Even in the end, with technology being what it is, it still may come down to one person talking to others with something urgent to tell them, some lesson learned, some human comedy. I think…


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Jimmy Wallace

This entry is excerpted from the original on Country Fried Rock.

We first heard Jimmy Wallace's tribute to the Peanuts cartoon characters at the Station Inn, Nashville, during Americana Music Festival 2010, capping off a showcase from his other band, 18 South. Little did we realize at the time, that two of our favorite records of the year involved the same piano-player from Louisiana. After years on the road in support of… Continue

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More Greetings from South By Southwest: Beyond the G&S Lounge

    Greetings from South By Southwest

Missive Two    

            The G&S Lounge is not a pretty place. Not even close, Ceilings too low and in the pre-happy hours, they don’t even engage the myriad neon signs to extract that buzzing crayola light to deaden the pressboard ceiling and beat-up alternating black and white industrial tile floor. This ain’t anywhere a poseur’s gonna go, but it’s about as real as it gets, a bar that time and poseurs forgot.



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Roots On The Rails - Train trips with Webb, Winchester, Russell, Alvin, Smither, Case, Lewis




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Colin Gilmore's "Goodnight Lane" revives spirit of west Texas

1.0 How does your new release Goodnight Lane differ from your previous releases? It feels and sounds much more like I intended it to. For one thing, I had musicians playing on it that had played the songs with me live before we recorded. Also, I’d never worked with Lloyd Maines and he added a very strong touch.

2.0 What do you feel co-producers Lloyd Maines & Eric McKinney bring to your… Continue

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