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Deborah Crooks - Little Bird (Album Review as Poetry)

Little Bird

Four flights in nine years to India, she said,

A bird in a cage in the darkest corner.

(Is the unconscious mind, she meant.)

She found -- at Jack Kerouac's

School of Disembodied Poetics -- the glass

Ceiling of faith and got turned on.

(To the power of songwriting, she meant.)

By the starry plough on High Street near the bay

Her other half, her bittersweet valentine, leaned…


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Andy Ferrell - I Was Born (Album Review as Poetry)

I Was Born

The little boy in shorts hugs the guitar,

a future Ishmael he is, a someday Sal Paradise

Boone-born of Blue Ridge near Doc, his hero.

He dreams of the road, of oncoming trains,

everything sounding like a song,

everyone saying "don't chase such dreams."

The boy reads, he listens, he dreams, he travels

in his mind.

As a man he seeks the clubs and coffeehouses

on the road to the other side of the…


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I Draw Slow - White Wave Chapel (Album Review as Poetry)

White Wave Chapel

Brother and sister tell dark tales of trouble, debauchery

In songs that span oceans, rooted in emerald folklore

Older than mountains, from islands to Appalachia.

There is sanctuary here on the edge of the sea.

The waves speak.

On a hillside the ocean whispers far below, but roars

Out among the wind and waves, while here is peace

Like swans kept afloat on liquid silver.

Look! With brass and bone…


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Waylon Speed – Kin (Album Review as Poetry)


Think of Vermont:

Farmhouses, maple trees, syrup amber in jars,

Camembert, brie, jonagold,

Honeycrisp drives through lush green country.

Think of settling down, breathing once more.

But also of sleeve ink, Hank Williams, John Prine,

Of demons haunting a ghost named Waylon Speed,

Stalked through back streets leaving charred filters,

His Grimm breadcrumbs in the harsh…


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Little John the Conqueror: An Interview with The Reverend John DeLore

 Back in August, with Hurricane Irene bearing down on NYC and New England, Brooklyn singer/songwriter The Reverend John DeLore tweaked the lyrics to the old Leadbelly classic, "Goodnight Irene," giving it a timely Gotham City theme, a musical plea to spare the island metropolis. DeLore recorded a solo acoustic version around 3pm on August 28, emailed it to a number of his musician friends across the… Continue

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Album Review: Colin Hay - "Gathering Mercury" - (Compass)

By Jim Simpson


Forever known as the lead singer-songwriter of the iconic '80s band Men At Work, Colin Hay has been cranking out solo records for nearly a quarter century. Gathering Mercury is arguably his best work. Tragically, though, the album was inspired and written after the death of Hay's father. "Dear Father" features one of the most poignant and heart-wrenching lyrics on the album: "Dear father I…


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EP Review: Crooks - "Lonesome, Rowdy and Restless"

By Jim Simpson


There's nothing quite like a classic high lonesome sound to get straight to the heart of every country and roots music fan, especially when it's done right and with honest emotion. This Austin, TX, four-piece sure got it right.

A follow-up to 2008's full-length, self-titled album (and a precursor to this year's second full-length), "Lonesome, Rowdy and… Continue

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(Way More Than) 12 Questions with The Secret Sisters

By Jim Simpson

Honest and meaningful music is what caught T. Bone Burnett’s ear. The Secret Sisters certainly caught our collective ear with their clean and close harmonies — they really are sisters, after all.

Natives of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Lydia and Laura… Continue

Added by Jim Simpson on October 9, 2010 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

Book Review: Rosanne Cash - Composed

From AwaitingTheFlood

Jim Simpson


by Rosanne Cash

(Viking, 2010)

Rosanne Cash, firstborn child of country music icon… Continue

Added by Jim Simpson on July 26, 2010 at 3:53pm — 4 Comments

(Way More Than) 12 Questions with Lissy Rosemont of The Junior League Band

From Awaiting The Flood

by Jim Simpson

The Junior League Band, fronted by Georgia native and current D.C. resident Lissy Rosemont, releases Jelly Roll, their third full-length album, this Friday. The title conjures thoughts of New Orleans, old-time Delta… Continue

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Spotlight on Megan McCormick - 'Honest Words'

From CountryMusicPride - 6/21/10

by Jim Simpson

Out of the wilds of Idaho and Alaska, Megan McCormick has settled in Nashville. Her fiery debut, Honest Words, hits you from the opener, “Shiver”, a down-and-dirty song of obsession and addiction, and never lets up. McCormick… Continue

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Jim Avett Talks About Family, Nashville, New CD "Tribes"

From CountryMusicPride - 6/20/10

by Jim Simpson

When asked about his plans for Father's Day, Jim Avett simply said, "Not a thing. There's nothing special about Father's Day as far as I'm concerned. I get the gift of being a daddy every day."

If you're ever lucky enough to spend an… Continue

Added by Jim Simpson on June 20, 2010 at 11:35am — 1 Comment

Imelda May - Love Tattoo - (Verve Forecast)

From CountryMusicPride.com - 6/6/10

by Jim Simpson

Dublin-born rockabilly sensation Imelda May is further proof that the Irish are the European torchbearers of soul.

Backed by a band that includes her husband Darrel Higham on guitar, she alternately growls, shouts, purrs and croons… Continue

Added by Jim Simpson on June 7, 2010 at 7:53pm — 2 Comments

Declan McGarry – Self-Titled Debut – (LT Records)

Originally published in CountryMusicPride


Jim Simpson

Declan McGarry is obsessed with summertime and being seventeen again. That's what you might think on on the opening "Summer Heat" and subsequent songs like "Seventeen" and "Summers of My Life."

But hold on. This 25-year-old… Continue

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The Jayhawks' "Bunkhouse Album" Finally Available on CD

From Country Music Pride, 4-5-10


Jim Simpson

Legendary alt-country pioneers The Jayhawks will reissue their 1986 self-titled debut (aka The Bunkhouse Album) for the first time ever on CD. Originally released by Bunkhouse Records with a pressing of 2000 vinyl copies, the CDs (and… Continue

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Jim Lauderdale - Patchwork River - (Thirty Tigers - released May 11)

From CountryMusicPride


by Jim Simpson

Jim Lauderdale is a musician's musician, an artist's artist, a songwriter's songwriter. In short, he's not a household name. That is unless your household contains music by Elvis Costello (Lauderdale sang all of the harmony vocals on Costello's superb Secret, Profane and… Continue

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Spectacle: Elvis Costello with Bruce Springsteen, Wed. 1/20/10, 10p.m. EST, Sundance Channel

(From CountryMusicPride.com)

The Sundance Channel is well into the second season of its critically acclaimed music/talk original series "Spectacle: Elvis Costello with...". This week -- Jan. 20, 10 p.m. EST -- features the first of a two-part episode with guest Bruce Springsteen.

In the series, executive produced by Sir Elton John, Costello interviews his musical guests and… Continue

Added by Jim Simpson on January 19, 2010 at 7:00pm — 4 Comments

The Bottle Rockets - "Lean Forward" - (Bloodshot Records)

(Originally published 9/25/09, CountryMusicPride.com)

Atlanta, GA — I’ve never liked comparisons. If a reviewer must mention how closely one band’s sound resembles another, that only reduces the band to mere cover-band status. Just my opinion, but hey, that’s what I’m here for.

That said, The Bottle Rockets have been… Continue

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