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Americana Music Show 163: The Gram Parsons tribute show

On episode 163 of the Americana Music Show, I feature highlights from the Gram Parsons tribute show produced by Jeff Hart and The Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC, September 20, 2013. Highlights from the show include covers from Ashley Carter, George Huntley, Kenny Roby, Tom Meltzer, Jill Kuhn Sexton, Lynn Blakey, Michael Rank, Jeffro, Rebecca Newton, Tonya Lamm, Jeffrey Dean Foster, John Howie Jr, Tress Chicas,…


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Phil Kaufman Interview

40 years ago today, Phil Kaufman kept a promise he'd made to his old friend, Gram Parsons. The legendary road manager was nice enough to chat with me about working for The Rolling Stones and he went into great detail about stealing and burning the body of Gram Parsons.

All other episodes of Thanks…


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Calling Me Home Book Update: Coon Dog's Secret

Many of you who've already read "Calling Me Home" have asked about the man whose the subject of Chapter Five, "Coon Dog's Secret."

With his family's permission, here are a couple of vintage photos of him:


After the book's publication, we were shown records that showed he was adopted not…


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Buddy Miller + Jim Lauderdale: Old Friends, Hometown, Pure Music Mercy Lounge, Nashville, 1 March 2013

Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale have been friends so long, making a record seemed almost beside the point. They’ve played in each other’s band, recorded each other’s songs and followed each other from New York to LA to Nashville, and along the way done a fine job carving out the sonic roots and origins of today’s Americana movement.

But time teaches people to honor their core, seek those things that are overtly pleasurable. Thankfully, Buddy…


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The Screen Door Slams... Brent Kirby Holds the Ghosts of the Midwest with Bruce & Gram Parsons

Out in Hollywood, all the pretty people were swirling down the red carpet. Decked out to be seen, glittering and sparkling, heels that theaten nosebleeds or spinal injuries, clothing folded like origami armor or barely there to catch the eye.

They tromp that camera-line, professing their undying love for Bruce Springsteen, a working class hero who rose from the practically Asbury boardwalk to sing their truth with bravura and an insistence that let them know that someone saw. For him…


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Calling Me Home (Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock) Book Preview...Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Pilgrimage to Waycross

In the far reaches of southeast Georgia lies 685 square miles of black-water swamp called “Okefenokee,” meaning “trembling earth.” Underfoot, you feel and hear the squish squish of the spongy ground. In winter, the mosquitoes are sparse and venomous snakes lie low. Put in a flatwater boat along any of the…

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Calling Me Home (Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock) Book Preview...Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Legacy versus Legend

On a bluff overlooking a bend in the St. Johns River, boys in short-sleeved shirts and ties mingle with attractive girls in summer outfits, pausing from intellectual pursuits to watch planes landing in the distance at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. In this serene setting, spectral strands of Spanish moss dangle in the cooling breezes. For decades, young people on the precipice of adult lives, beginning to shape dreams…


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Calling Me Home (Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock) Book Preview...Chapter One

ND friends: In an effort to introduce you to this new and different look at the influence of the South in Gram Parsons' music and legacy, in this blog I'll be excerpting some content from the book. We begin, appropriately, with chapter one...

Cosmic Roots

In Gulf Shores, Alabama, on a sun-drenched sliver of white sand, sea oats, and rolling dunes, Avis Johnson Bartkus opened up about being part of…

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The Holy Grail of Cosmic American Music - Gram Parsons Journal

Around the corner from Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, the Mother Church of Country Music, a bunch of lucky Americanafest goers found ourselves in the presence of the holy grail of Cosmic American Music, which, on September 14, transformed the Hard Rock Café on Broadway into our own little church. A long-forgotten journal filled with handwritten notes, lyrics, drawings, and set lists had once been held in the hands of Gram Parsons. Turning the pages (while wearing white “archivist”…


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Prine's fine at the Cambridge Folk Festival, UK

FIRST DAY - Friday July 27

One of the many reasons why the Cambridge Folk Festival is the pre-eminent event of its kind in Europe is that for decades the organisers have fearlessly programmed popular veterans alongside up-and-comers and the sort of world-music or blues acts that you'd not normally find in any folk club. In common with many other big festivals, though, the sheer number of performances and an increasing number of stages, notably the addition of the youth-orientated The…


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The Last Time I Saw Gram Parsons

By Bill Conrad (His Prep School Pal)

Summer of 1968, I was in London when I saw a flyer advertising the Byrds at Royal Albert Hall. Melody Maker, the local music news, suggested that a few Beatles and Stones might attend. That was incentive enough for me.

 The Byrds took the stage and launched into "Turn, Turn, Turn."  Other than band leader Roger McGuinn, I had no idea who was in the band. What happened next became one of my life's unforgettable moments. Applause for the…


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Gram Parsons for Lifetime Achievement Award? A Look at Web Metrics and the Meaning of "Lifetime"

In these days of Linda Chorneys and Lana Del Rays, it's getting increasingly difficult to deal with the criteria used to nominate someone, and in which category even, whether for halls of fame or for the likes of the Grammy Awards. There are clearly ways to "play the system" if indeed there still exists a system to be played. You have to know your way around the Casino.

And when it comes to "lifetime achievement awards," which would also include induction into halls of fame,…


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Review of new Mike Alan Ward CD. He finishes a previously unpublished Gram Parsons song

Mike Alan Ward

“Reading Hemingway: Looking Through the Pain”

Mud Bug Records

When Gram Parsons died at age 26 in 1973, he left behind a notebook he had filled with everything from doodles to shopping lists and the occasional song idea.

That notebook, more than 30 years later, wound up with Montana native Mike Alan Ward, who had been living in Nashville since the 1980s.

The idea was to pass the notebook around to several noted songwriters, like…


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How I Met Gram Parsons (In Three Parts)

From Part 1:

"The first time I saw Gram Parsons was shortly after I first heard of him. I was a major Byrds fan and in a band that covered everything they ever did. There was no internet back then so news traveled slow. But word finally reached us that the Byrds had re-grouped to include founding members McGuinn and Hillman, Hillman's cousin Kevin Kelly on drums, and some guy named Gram Parsons who had played in the Int'l. Submarine Band...."

From Part 2:



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More Nominees Need To Be Announced On Rock Hall Ballot

Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, Museum, and voting members:

It's a shame that at a time when we should be celebrating and ecstatic, many folks are unhappy and bewildered with the Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2012. When the nominations were first announced and then again finalized, there was a feeling of blasé by fans, critics, and people in the music business. Where is Todd Rundgren? Warren Zevon? Harry Nilsson? Gram Parsons? There would be a…


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Nomination Proposal to the Country Music Association to Induct Gram Parsons Into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Nomination Proposal to the CMA to Induct Gram Parsons Into the Country Music Hall of Fame; Reprinted on His 65th Birthday

(submitted as hard copy with List of Supporters to CMA, 9/19/08, on the 35th anniversary of Gram's death and available updated to them now 24/7 online)

Based on the criteria established and promulgated by the Country Music

Association in regard to an individual's nomination for induction into the

Country Music Hall of Fame…


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Interview/Review - LA Artist to watch: Mark W. Lennon

As part of Turnstyled, Junkpiled’s new monthly installment on LA-based Americana artists called “Sin City Spotlight,” we are featuring roots singer/songwriter, Mark W. Lennon, whose new album,  Home of the Wheel is on heavy rotation here.


Of course, one of the things that stands out about Mark, is that he doesn’t really fit into the LA music scene.  He’s a polite, melancholy, introverted Southerner, whose environment…

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A wonderful couple of weeks.

Lon and I recently returned from the Southeastern Regional Folk Alliance Conference in beautiful Mountain View, Arkansas. The conference was thoughtfully coordinated and presented by its president, Kari Estrin of Nashville along with her production team. We met so many interested and talented people as well as some delightful radio personalities and venue hosts. A great opportunity to connect with like-minded folks. Thank you Jack Williams for inviting us to participate!

Next spring… Continue

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Tyin' On My Flyin' Shoes (Chris)

Today is a Townes day. The flat is rented, tickets bought. Soon I'll be heading to Swampland in south Georgia (Gram Parsons Guitar Pull in September, anyone?), then later in the year it's off to Australia for whatever rock and roll misadventure might present itself Down Under. There just remains the now customary and symbolic purchase of a new pair of Converse to mark the occasion. Time, then, to be tyin' on my flyin' shoes.

Music and travel are inextricably linked in my… Continue

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Doctorin' The Joshua Tree Lineman (Chris)

I don’t believe in fate. For me there is no predetermined path, no pattern, no destiny. I believe existence is arbitrary, events determined by a combination of chance and free will.

But today has been a very odd day. A random series of happenings, entirely unconnected to each other and invisible to anyone but me and Live Fast, Die Young co-writer Joe, have conspired to make today the kind of day when you question whether life isn’t some sort of bizarre matrix which… Continue

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