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Playing What People Want with the Eagles

When veteran California rock band the Eagles hit the stage in London on June 21, there was no pretence about why people had come to see them or what the band was expected to do. It was a case of play the songs we know, dudes, and please don't change anything.

So, a lively run-through of "Hotel California", "Tequila Sunrise", "Take it Easy", "Witchy Woman", "Life In The Fast Lane", "Desperado", "Take It To The Limit", and more than three hours of other Eagles standards went…


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Massy Ferguson – Victory & Ruins (Album Review)

Diesel-powered country that ploughs a straight furrow

As the press release says, this is an album best listened to with a cold beer in your hand at the end of a long hard day; or, as in my case, on the car stereo with the sun beating down during a long motorway journey.

Victory & Ruins gets off to a great start with singer Ethan Anderson singing, “Hello, it’s good to see you all again,” on "Hello". Perhaps it’s just me that gets the joke, but…


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The Machismo of Easy

In the American pop canon, the term "easy" is most associated with three songs: "Easy" by the Commodores, "Take It Easy" by the Eagles and "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins. Lesser known are "Make It Easy" by the Moondoggies and "If I Wanted Someone" by Dawes. But all these songs have something in common, besides prominent use of the word "easy": machismo, bordering on misogyny--save for one.

In "Take…


Added by Mike Seely on March 7, 2014 at 3:30pm — 14 Comments

Baywood - "Baywood Live at the Palomino ’81" (Album Review)

Sometimes a time capsule can reveal more about the present than the past or at least both in equal measures.

In the case of the Southern California band Baywood, a live recording from 1981 can provide a glimpse into the present as well as a flashback of the West Coast roots-rock scene from several decades ago. First of all, Baywood – featuring Ronny Lee (vocals), Bill Rotella (vocals/guitar), Stewart Marsh (vocals/guitar), James “Sparks” Sinclair (pedal steel guitar), Bill…


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Album Review: Baywood - "Live at the Palomino '81"

Baywood open up their posthumous live album with “We’re Gonna Have a Party Tonight,” and the vibe is infectious. The group is clearly in a good mood, and the whole set reflects not only the band’s high hopes for pop stardom but explosive chemistry. 32 years later, one can merely imagine what would happen if the group had managed to break through the mainstream and become famous. Alas, country rock was not scorching the charts in 1981; the Eagles were on the verge of splitting up,…


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It's Time to Take It Easy on the Eagles

Shitting on the Eagles is basically a national pastime for hard-core Americana fans. In fact, while there are several brilliant artists that alt-country loyalists are apt to bond over, dislike of the Eagles may be the single most prevalent and unifying force.

Yet while there is ample cause to loathe the Eagles, the band's raw output…


Added by Mike Seely on August 25, 2013 at 1:30pm — 129 Comments

40 Years of Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Story Behind The Song

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” as told by Jack Tempchin

Written by Jack Tempchin.  Recorded by the Eagles.  Released as a single on Asylum Records 12/1/72

“I was…


Added by Jack Tempchin on December 1, 2012 at 11:30am — 14 Comments

Tom Kell's "This Desert City:" Where True Hearts Fall Apart, Then Hold On with all They Got

Got the email from a musician you know who’s played and recorded with everyone you love. Known him so long I don’t remember when I didn’t. He was always there, always tasty, always someone whose taste was incomparable. Somewhere in the folds and wrinkles of all that life and music, intersections and overlaps happen. He had a friend who produced a record on a songwriter who was good.

Yeah, who didn’t? But Kevin McCormick plays with the very best songwriters. Jackson Browne, Melissa…


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An interview with folk-pop singer/songwriter Tom Nichols

The sweetly melodic folk-pop of Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter Tom Nichols delivers an emotionally uplifting alternative to much of the cynicism in the indie scene these days. On his latest album, Trust, Nichols writes straightforward, gently moving songs of life and loss. On “Every Now and Then,” Nichols seems to be singing about the death of a loved one, reflecting on old memories that are tinged with regret and puzzlement. This theme is further reflected on…


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Sonoma Wireworks Interview: "You don't know Jack? Read on to learn about this amazing songsmith..."

Jack Tempchin

 Artist Spotlight by Daniel Codella- Sonoma Wireworks Artist Spotlight Page Story Link

A relatively small group of musicians have had top 10 singles in their careers. An even smaller group have written platinum selling albums. …


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Interview: Dan Smith of reunited country rockers Riverrock

One of the surprise benefits of an underground music scene taking off on a mainstream level is the rediscovery of pioneers that have been somewhat forgotten. These are artists who, for one reason or another, simply were not able find massive success in the active days of their youth. For example, in the ‘80s as alternative rock began to stir interest on a commercial level, the genre’s late ‘60s godfathers the Velvet Underground found their discography reissued to a collegiate and more… Continue

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Gwendolyn, little hootenannies

1.0 – How would you compare your new disc Bright Light (September 20th release) to your debut Ultrasounds back in 2000? 


Ultrasounds is collection of recordings I made here, there and everywhere I could over five years. I was experimenting – trying all kinds of sounds and recording techniques with friends of mine. At the time I didn’t imagine they would come…


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Singer/songwriter Dave Ford's new CD "Anthology" recalls unpretentious rock & roll of Tom Petty

The cream doesn’t always rise to the top. The easier access that musicians have in producing and releasing their own records has saturated the market with countless garbage – amateur-hour replications of major-label hit-makers, cookie-cutter indie rock, well-meaning but unpolished talent – with the most edible sprouts sometimes lost in the shuffle. Such is the case with Kansas City-based singer/songwriter Dave Ford (…


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by Terry Roland

“Country-rock music is not a fad. It was a created sound during the late 60’s and early 70’s that put the best of two worlds together, two elements of solid music. We were pioneers in doing that.”

Richie Furay

At a May 22, 2010 Eagles… Continue

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by Terry Roland

Artist Website:

How many songs from the last 50 years are there mainstream music lovers can recognize just by name and even sing a bar or two with the words? Surprisingly, I've found, not many. Then, there's "Peaceful, Easy Feeling." The… Continue

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Our House (CSNY) is a very, very, very fine house

I'm Chris Price. My friend Joe and I go by the name of Missing Parsons. We blog about our experiences on the road in search of the roots of our favourite American songs - a coast-to-coast road trip searching for the spirit of rock and roll America. It was kind of a sixtieth birthday present to Gram Parsons.

The blogs have become a book - Live Fast, Die Young: Misadventures in Rock &… Continue

Added by Missing Parsons on February 17, 2010 at 11:00am — 8 Comments

Tom Gillam, guilty pleasures, and the hunt for a sharp hook

Last night, during one of the hours in which parenthood trumps the chime of the phone, my friend Tom Gillam called to share a rant.

I will paraphrase: "I keep hearing these bands being compared to the Eagles," his message said, knowing that mentioning the Eagles at all trods dangerously toward one or several of my rants. "Or some other band from the '70s. But I've been listening, and they don't have any hits, they don't have any hooks."

Now, Tom has a new album out, called… Continue

Added by Grant Alden on November 24, 2009 at 7:30am — 5 Comments

How I Hear It: Sky Blue Sky

I remember being introduced to Wilco about ten years ago by my friend Mark in the basement of a house we shared in Seattle. And, the first album I ever possessed was Being There, given to me by my brother-in-law shortly after I got married. Yet, Wilco never really struck a chord with me until I was given the gift of a lifetime last fall: Sky Blue Sky.

Since then, I have probably listened to Sky Blue Sky in it's entirety three times a week. I…

Added by Scott Porad on May 27, 2009 at 11:30pm — 16 Comments

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