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Sharon Van Etten Won't Let You Doze Off

One of my most vivid musical memories involves bellying up at an upstairs bar called Sirens in Port Townsend (Wash.), with the sun gleaming in through a balcony door late on a Saturday afternoon. The beer was dark, the food was good, and the soundtrack was Cat Power - specifically, The Greatest. I could have stayed there forever, and when I'm hard-up for inspiration, I frequently go back there in my mind.

After lunch one recent Wednesday, I was fixing to take a nap,…


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Josee Allard – Day By Day (Album Review)

A new voice has burst on the North Country music scene:  Canadian born transplant Josee Allard.  Josee is a singer/ songwriter and a good one.  With family roots in Quebec, via British Columbia, Ms. Allard mixes a west coast attitude with a hint of a French accent and lots of bubbly notes  and crafty lyrics.  She’s not a folk singer, in the classic sense of the word, and her newly released CD (this is her third) mixes pop hooks and grooves with discreet Jazz meanderings.  Her voice…


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Q&A with Dala

Dala = AmanDA Walther and SheiLA Carabine.  They are two very talented young women from Toronto who make music that takes your breath away.  Their music could be labeled acoustic pop but it has tinges of folk and maybe even a little soul.  They are winners of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for the Best Vocal Band of the year.  I like what this writer from the Peterborough Examiner has to say about Amanda and Sheila.  “Dala can sing! What beautiful flights…


Added by Kathy Sands-Boehmer on November 11, 2013 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

Get Nailed with Kirby Sewell Band's "Bought Myself a Hammer" CD

You will notice several things listening to the Kirby Sewell Band. One, this guy has an understated energy and passion in what he’s doing. Two, he’s good at it, and three, he likes to have fun doing it.

On the Smelly Cat Records CD, Bought Myself A Hammer by the Kirby Sewell Band, you get all of those in good measure. In discussions with Kirby, those characteristics come across as well. He’s one of those guys who has that friendly energy about him, that puts you to…


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CD review: Sunday Wilde – He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown

Imagine a place like Gip’s in Bessemer, Alabama. A little backyard get together place. Not huge bands, not huge crowds. Now imagine some local gal on a piano, a bass player, and a guitar player. Nice huh?

That’s what Sunday Wilde’s fourth, original, and self-produced CD, He Gave me a Blue Nightgown, sounds like. This act fits in right there at Gip’s, or Hopson, a mere strut from the town Sunday Wilde resides in, uh…Atikokan, Ontario? Where the hell is…


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Album Review - Cara Luft - Darlingford

Folk music is a touch and go genre for me.  The style has been done…and done…and done…over…and over again.  Many artists bring nothing innovative or original to the table.   After all you can only listen to “Railroading over the Great Divide” so many times before you start getting that nagging feeling that there should be more to this than, well…this.  Hell - even…


Added by Mathew DeRiso on July 11, 2013 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

"The Whale's Back" - Animated Americana

I grew up loving Americana and Country music, but I also grew up following animated tv.  I first combined one of my songs with animation in 2009 for a song called "Another Love"--animated by Nat Dart. It was less expensive to hire an animator than to do a professional video shoot.  It was also something that I would enjoy more than just seeing myself on the…


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CD Review - Jay Aymar "Overtime"

After listening to many great releases by many talented artists I was afforded a chance to sit back and listen to something I can simply enjoy in the spirit in which it was made. This music was actually recommended to me by another musician I respect and admire.  

Jay Aymar has been mining a stylistic narrative songwriting vein for a few years now but this latest effort – “Overtime” -- while being for selective tastes – and…


Added by John Apice on May 1, 2013 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

CD Review - Burns & Kristy "Caravan"

I always enjoy discovering something special about any new music. So, with this new CD – “Caravan,” I am treated to the refreshing voice of  Terry Burns – the youngest sister of the Burns Sisters – a trio that recorded two albums with Columbia Records in the late 80’s and continue to release great music independently - and Ron Kristy – composer of music for…


Added by John Apice on January 18, 2013 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

Country Fried Rock Q&A with Canadian Band, The Sheepdogs

After an extended run in the US, The Sheepdogs are heading north to their native Canada for a while.  Their music fits my missing 1970's 8-track collection, while still sounding fresh and not as derivative as some of the seventies-influenced folk rock that seems to be coming from California right now.  Ewan Curry readily shares his love for Humble Pie with a dark-haired Peter…


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Kathleen Edwards with Jim Bryson & Gord Tough, live in London

I'm really pleased to see Kathleen's LP Voyageur featuring in plenty of people's Top 10s for 2012. It's my joint number 1 with The Mastersons to save anyone looking.

She's just played two nights in London at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush. I was there, last night, for the second of them.

She opened with Asking For Flowers and performed it with rage rather than the sense of resignation that pervades the original version and it is utterly riveting. Kathleen, with her hair…


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Quick Q and A with Garnet Rogers

Garnet Rogers asked me to edit this to make him more human and likable.  Whoa!  This man is one of the most human and likable musician I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and I told him that there was no need for editing. 

 Garnet Rogers is a presence.  He’s a skyscraper of a man; his baritone voice is a mighty instrument and his guitar playing is impeccably pure.  He sings and plays with conviction.  It’s impossible not to be moved by his music.  Give it a listen.

 For more…


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Kim Beggs

This blog previously appeared in an expanded form on Country Fried Rock.

Kim Beggs may not be recognizable to American roots music fans, but in Canada, her music brings forth luminaries like Ivan Coyote, Dan Mangan, and…


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Bryan Adams @ Metro Arena Newcastle UK

Bryan Adams

Newcastle Metro Arena

Thursday 24th November 2011

Alan Harrison


Just as the last notes from Sheena is a Punk Rocker faded away the house lights dimmed and the roar from the 10,000 strong crowd must have been heard over the river…


Added by Harrisonaphotos on November 25, 2011 at 8:00am — 40 Comments

An interview with Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir's Bob Keelaghan

Recent music history shows that a substantial roots revival came about a handful of years ago. Today it is still going on, indeed on a larger scale than at its onset, with new and unusual bands and singer/songwriters surfacing from the underground at every turn. One such band is the Calgary-based quartet…


Added by James G. Carlson on April 27, 2011 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Does the Canadianness of Canadian Music Matter?

‘Tis the season for inferiority to rear its ugly head here in Canada, or Toronto more specifically.  In other words, it’s Canadian Music Week.  What should be a celebration of locally produced music the week serves to reinforce our eternal notion that we, and our cultural products, are inferior to those emerging from the U.S.  At this stage, when the Canadian music industry has been thriving for the last 50 years, producing world-renowned…


Added by Gillian Turnbull on March 8, 2011 at 2:40pm — 15 Comments

Diana Catherine & the Thrusty Tweeters - The Spirit Ranch Sessions

They may well be contenders for the title of Canada's hardest working party band. True road dogs they are, Diana Catherine and the three burly men who comprise the Thrusty Tweeters, as they tour their infectious bluesy rock up and down the map non-stop.

When I saw the band perform at the old Ironwood Bar & Stage in Calgary about a year and a half ago, I was a little awestruck by just how charismatic a performer Diana Catherine is. With a huge stage presence that is…

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Viper at the Virgin's Feet - Allison Brown

Allison Brown makes it all appear so effortless. She is blessed with one of those big voices that can fill a room and the sense to hold back from belting that voice up to the rafters with all her might.

In her new album, Viper at the Virgin's Feet, Allison Brown uses her gift wisely, imparting the primarily gospel and roots recording with a powerful yet smooth depiction. The album was recorded in two parts, a large portion at the island studio and under the…

Added by Barbara Bruederlin on January 14, 2011 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Like Birds, Too Tired To Fly - Shawn Clarke

There's a deceptive simplicity to the arrangements on Shawn Clarke's debut full length release. With his clear agreeable voice and a sweetly folky style of finger-picking, the subversiveness of many of Shawn Clarke's lyrics may not be immediately evident. With the exception of the gleefully repeated chorus of "fuck you, I hate you, fuck you, no I don't" on Hurt Before, the caustic emotions behind many of the lyrics are rather more subtle.

The tracks…

Added by Barbara Bruederlin on January 5, 2011 at 4:00pm — 8 Comments

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