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Michael Stosic - "Michael Stosic" (Album Review)

The indie approach of low-frills studio production has become clichéd and dull. Michael Stosic’s new self-titled album flips the pages back to a different aesthetic, when sounding slickly recorded and big wasn’t a crime against musical taste. For the most part, Stosic is channeling the ‘80s here, equal parts Hall & Oates-ish R&B and Bruce Hornsby heartland rock. For those old enough to recall Adult Contemporary radio during that era, Stosic’s music will strike a nostalgic…


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Interview: Kelly Zirbes of Kelly's Lot

Q: Your new album Plain Simple Me doesn't suggest someone who has just entered the field, but a professional musician with a confident outlook and an established vision. How long have you been doing this?

A: My band, Kelly's Lot, has been around for 18 years playing regionally in Southern California with a couple national tours under our belt and five tours in Europe. We play rock and blues. Before that I was a…


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Claudia Schmidt – New Whirled Order (Album Review)

Possessed of one of those Collins/Koloc/Hills pure-folk singing voices, Schmidt re-emerges with her New World Order

The 2012 Claudia Schmidt compilation "Bend in the River: Collected Songs" contained sixteen selections from the handful of albums that this Michigan bred singer/songwriter had recorded for the Minneapolis based Red House Records between 1987 – 2000. Claudia debuted as a recording artist in 1979 with a self-titled set on the late Bruce…


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Interview: Michael Stosic

Q: Your new self-titled album doesn't suggest someone who has just entered the field, but a professional musician with a confident outlook and an established vision. How long have you been doing this?

A: I started playing music in bands when I was twelve years old playing all original music that I wrote. You must remember my mega-hits "Fun In The USA" and "Loving All I Gotta Do?" No? My first songs. I wrote and released my first album in 1986. It was a Gospel album…


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Q&A with Seth Glier

Just a quick look at Seth Glier’s press kit gives you a real clue as to the number of accolades he has received in just a few years time.   Quintessential folkie singer-songwriter Ellis Paul says "Talent like Seth Glier’s brings out the psychic in all of us… He’s gonna be huge.”  Livingston Taylor compares Seth’s songwriting to Billy Joel’s.  USA Today goes one step further and says his voice is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Joel.  Seth has an engaging stage presence,…


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Mark Ripp - Quiet Again (Album Review)

At first glance of the CD cover art I try to determine what kind of a journey I am going to embark on musically. When I received Mark Ripp's new collection "Quiet Again," I was a little confused. The title of the CD gave me an impression of an all-acoustic set with spare instruments and lots of interesting little story songs.  But, the cover art had this old fashioned looking microphone, a rugged bearded Steve Earle cowboy hat wearing red-shirted J.J. Cale looking…


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Single Review: The Rhythm Surf Monkeys - “Where Were You (When My Dad Became a Hero)”

As the scars from 9/11 continue to heal, it will always haunt the memories of those who experienced it, even from the distance of a TV set. It transformed lives, turning ordinary people into heroes; even now, how the tragedy enabled a city and, actually, an entire country to pull together and overcome such a horrifying event continues to inspire.

For composer/songwriter Jim Hiltz, the bravery of the first responders embodied the triumph of the human spirit. The sense of loss…


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"A Little Piece" is Another Side of Ray Benson: Talking with a Legend

“I always loved rock ‘n’ roll…blues…jazz…but I didn’t want to get too far away from the Western Swing thing with Asleep at the Wheel. But now, I figure I’d better do what I want to do musically…and I can do it very well…better than most!”

Bruce Springsteen, John Mellancamp, Tom Petty, and Bob Seger, to name a few distinguished senior heartland rockers, need not worry –despite the fact that Ray Benson can hang with the best of you.  Mr. Benson, who was “Americana”…


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James Bruce Moore – Lisbeth (Album Review)

Love and loss is the universal theme behind much of Lisbeth, the debut album from James Bruce Moore. It is also highly personal, a tender, moving Valentine to Moore’s late wife, whom the record is named after. Weaving together elements of folk, country, and the blues, Moore caresses the sorrow in his lyrics with the warm afterglow of laidback roots music. The songs are stunningly beautiful, and a number of them are tinged with a profound sadness that stays with you. “Tears…


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Interview: Singer/songwriter James Bruce Moore

Q: Your album is named after your late wife, Lisbeth. Did she mainly inspire the songs?

A: I was very fortunate to meet my wife Lisbeth when we were in our late 20s. She was a beautiful Swedish lady who was my best friend, soul mate, wife and mother of my two daughters. The love and comfort and kindness I enjoyed during our lives together inspired me and allowed me to write the songs on the album. She heard all of the songs on the album, the recording of which was…


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Q&A with Darlingside

Be prepared.  This is not your typical music interview.  I interviewed the band a mere three months ago when they were chosen to be part of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artists showcase.  See that interview here.  Suffice it to say that Darlingside blew me away (up, down, sideways, and any other which way) with their performances  at the festival.  This band has real…


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Getting to Know Doug Kwartler

Doug Kwartler is a contemporary singer-songwriter with passion, inspiring lyrics, driving rhythms, and memorable melodies that make one sit up and listen.  He’s got the energy of a rocker but the ability to draw in his audience with his elegant quiet tunes as well. Doug has been chosen as one of 24 Emerging Artists at this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, New York. He’ll be hitting the…


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Howard Rains and "The Old Texas Fiddle"- preserving Texas Americana Fiddle Music

When I hear the word “Texas”, I immediately think of “big” or “oil”, or “Longhorns” or “Lone star”, or “rich”. When I hear “Texas fiddle”, Texas dance music or “Swing” comes to mind, like the twin and triple fiddles of the Texas Playboys with Bob Wills calling out behind the vocals of Tommy Duncan singing “San Antonio Rose”, something like that. Well when I received The Old Texas Fiddle by Austin based fiddler/artist, Howard Rains, I sort of expected to hear some of the bouncy…


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CD Review - Stevie Agnew “Wreckin' Yard"

The offspring of two famous musicians prove their worth independently on this commendable effort

I came to this music on “Wreckin’ Yard” not knowing anything about Stevie Agnew and his band. And that’s a good thing, because as time went by I learned more and was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t usually read biographies or research other critics reviews of an artists’ music because I don’t want to be influenced by what they might…


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The Best of 2013, So Far

With just three months 0f 2013 in the history books, it's shaping up to be a quality year for Americana records. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Records of the Year (So Far).

10. Bobby Bare - Darker Than Light

Bare's first album in seven years is a collection of 16 songs drawn from a list he's kept for the better part of his 50 year career. There are murder ballads, songs of the sea, interpretations of rare classics and readings from the rock and roll songbook. The…


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CD Review - Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison "Cheater's Game"

This is one of the top CDs that I have heard this year. Before this couple got married, they both had successful solo careers and still do. This is the first CD that they have done together and I think they sound very well singing together, though I'll take Willis singing by herself anyday. I like Bruce's brother Charlie better than Bruce, just a stylistic, talent thing. Bruce is very talented himself.

This is produced by Brad Jones…

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Freight Train Boogie podcast #200 featuring Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Roger Knox, Holly Williams, Overmountain Men & more

FTB podcast #200 features the first-ever collaboration album from husband and wife KELLY WILLIS & BRUCE ROBISON called Cheater's Game.

Here's the direct link to listen now!

Show #200…


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The Screen Door Slams... Brent Kirby Holds the Ghosts of the Midwest with Bruce & Gram Parsons

Out in Hollywood, all the pretty people were swirling down the red carpet. Decked out to be seen, glittering and sparkling, heels that theaten nosebleeds or spinal injuries, clothing folded like origami armor or barely there to catch the eye.

They tromp that camera-line, professing their undying love for Bruce Springsteen, a working class hero who rose from the practically Asbury boardwalk to sing their truth with bravura and an insistence that let them know that someone saw. For him…


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Uprooted Music Revue's 15 Favorite Books of 2012

One of the things that already tops my list of "things I miss most about living in Brooklyn" is the reading time during my daily commute. So until moving to Portland this past August, the NYC subway (MTA) is where I have absorbed most of my reading material since I moved there in 2004. Burying my face in a book on the subway was not only a great way to wake up in the morning on my way to work, but it also served as the ideal method of mellowing out on my way home.

As I…


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Interview: Jonah Tolchin On Life Before and After "Criminal Man"

Jonah Tolchin mesmerizes audiences with his impeccable musicianship, foot-stomping rhythms, and lyrical original songs. At age fourteen he fell in love with traditional blues and began playing guitar and harmonica.

At fifteen he appeared at Tupelo Music Hall in New Hampshire with blues legend Ronnie Earl. Now he plays everything from roots and Americana music to old time folk & acoustic blues, but likes to settle down in the in-between places. From 2007-2011…


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