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Ted Z and the Wranglers - Like A King (Album Review)

Orange County, Calif., is not a place for Americana and grassroots music. That is what I so truly believed, growing up there and failing to find the scene. The O.C. hosts surf rock groups, ska rock, and various 1980s cover bands, but certainty not the Americana and folk music I have grown to love so much.  

 I was surprised and quite frankly shocked when I first discovered an O.C. indie Americana group named Ted Z & the Wranglers. I was quickly disproved. Ted Z & the…


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The Howlin' Brothers - Trouble (Album Review)

Nostalgic bluegrass, folk and blues with a shot of modern vitality

The Howlin' Brothers continue to combine a formidable collection of Americana sounds, including country, folk, blues, bluegrass, gospel and Dixieland, with the moxie of street performance. Their latest works even harder to stop passerby in their tracks with banjo country, harmonica-and-slide… Continue

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Otis Gibbs Bears Fruit with New Record Release

Otis Gibbs jokes around the house that he has done everything he can to remain obscure without realizing it. He has been hitting the pavement for the last 12 years, traveling through America and Europe, performing original music and garnering fans along the way. It’s true with just about everything that when luck, timing, hard work, and perseverance all converge at the crossroads, something special and magical happens. Well, all those things happened when the mail showed up with a…


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The Ree-Vahs! - Geordieland (Album Review)

England’s coal mining County unearths a diamond

The Ree-Vahs sing in the dialect of North West Durham in North East England, where Andy Loan who everything revolves around, comes from; as do I. This accent is slightly softer than the Geordie twang the region is noted for and also contains words and phrases not used even 10 miles from Stanley so I salute Loan for having the courage to sing how he talks, and write about the things in his day to day life exposing his…


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Charlsey Etheridge - "Memories of Mine" (Album Review)

Written by Dan King

Having been a CD reviewer for Prescription Bluegrass in the past, as well as having written for various other publications including my own, it came as no large surprise when I received a package in the mail from a music publishing company containing a few CD’s that were hoping for my attention.

When you are a published reviewer, all sorts of offerings come your way shouting for attention, and they can run the gamut from pretty darn good to just…


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Jamestown Revival Blows Up Americana

Danger! Danger!  The Minkin’s Music Civil Defense Network is issuing a warning about an Americana explosion.  Don’t touch that mouse … this is not a test.  No need to duck and cover down in your bomb shelter, but run like the wind down to your local record shop and pick-up the brand new release Utah from rookie sensations Jamestown Revival.

From the very first strains of “Fur Coat Blues”, the duo of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance from Magnolia, Texas will capture your…


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Bluegrass and Sound

How do you take five not very noisy instruments that cannot be listened to without electronic amplification except in a rather small room and turn their music into something large groups of people can listen to? Add to this problem the fact that each of the instruments has a distinctive native sound that doesn't necessarily mix well with the others. The mandolin, beloved to Bill Monroe, has little or no sustain and must be played with a tremolo picking style to hold a note. The guitar is a…


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Jay Minkin's Best Albums of 2013

    Jason isbell.jpg    escondido

This has been one of the most prolific years for outstanding record releases.  It was very difficult to narrow down my choices; especially for my critic’s pick Top 10 turned into No Depression.  As I’ve broken it down in the past, this edition of Liner Notes has three divisions: Male, Female and Duo/Group.  After the dust settles, one will be crowned the overall champion.   Just like the BCS, I’m splitting hairs at times to determine who…


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Missy Raines and The New Hip – New Frontier (Album Review)

Hearing accomplished musicians in one genre seamlessly shift into another makes my heart happy because I love a range of music: from jazz to Americana, to pop and R&B. For this reason and more, Missy Raines and the New Hip make my heart swoon with happiness on their latest release New Frontier produced by Raines and fellow band member Ethan Ballinger along with Ben Surratt. The interactions between IBMA…


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Honeybucket Brings New Grass to the Cuyahoga

I try and pride myself on going local.  Local restaurants.  Local beer.  Local groceries and produce.  So liner notes once again is going local with some home grown Cuyahoga valley bluegrass.  You don’t need to travel outside of your radius circle to hear the beautiful three-part harmony blend of Honeybucket.  The little band on this side of the Appalachian Trail will be celebrating their 2nd Birthday and the release of a brand new EP on Thursday, October…


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A conversation with Clinton Gregory

Clinton Gregory was born to sing classic country and bluegrass music. The Martinsville Virginia native took the fiddle on at age five only to master it and play bluegrass festivals one year later at age six. This was the begin of a diverse career for the future recording artist whom earned Music Row Industry's Independent Artist of the Year award for 1992 and 1993. Rockin' The Country, Nobody's Darlin', Made For Lovin' you, She Put the Music In Me, Couldn't Love Have Picked Better…


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"Flying" - Darin and Brooke Aldridge - A Review

Darin and Brooke Aldridge have put out a CD in my opinion that is refreshing. To quote Jim Lauderdale , he says "Darin and Brooke bring tradition to today and today to tradition". This couple sings so well together, their harmonies are just uncanny. I call this CD a mood changer, I like to listen to it with breakfast, they use different songwriters including their own member Becky Buller.

I'm listening to a song I love called "Trying To Make Clocks Slow Down", by Bill Whyte…


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Bluegrass legend Del McCoury is thanked by songwriters Donna Ulisse & Jerry Salley

Songwriters Donna Ulisse and Jerry Salley recently had the opportunity to thank bluegrass icon Del McCoury in person for recording their song "Butler Brothers" on the new Del McCoury Band album The Streets of Baltimore. 

The song is a tragic and chilling story of two brothers fighting on different sides…


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CD Review: Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott - Memories and Moments (Full Skies)

Effortless country, folk and bluegrass duets

It's one thing to be a world class musician, but applying that talent to spontaneous performance in a studio setting is something else entirely. For their second formal collaboration, Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott perform rather than produce - the recordings catch them in the act of making music, rather…


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Book review: Ricky Skaggs – Kentucky Traveler: My Life in Music

Ricky Skaggs is one of the few iconic figures left in bluegrass music today. Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and a lot of the founders and keepers of the sound out of the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina during the 50s and 60s are gone. Ricky's Dad was a guitar player and wanted Ricky to play mandolin. He picked up a Gibson mandolin for Ricky at age 5. At 6 1/2 Ricky got to play mandolin for Bill Monroe. At the age of 7, Ricky got to play in the Skaggs Family Band. His dad…


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CD Review: The Deadly Gentlemen - Roll Me, Tumble Me (Rounder, 2013)

Acoustic string band that goes beyond Bluegrass convention

This Boston-based quintet sports a traditional string band lineup of guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and bass, and though that adds up to the acoustics of a bluegrass band, their original material is something distinct from that of the typical festival players. The differences likely stem…


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Greensky Bluegrass: Musical missionaries vary the template but still stay true to their muse

Formed in 2000, the five-piece, Michigan-based band that goes by the unlikely moniker of Greensky Bluegrass owes much of its success to its tenure at Telluride Bluegrass. In 2006 the band -- lap steel player Anders Beck, banjo player Michael Arlen Bont, guitarist Dave Bruzza, bassist Michael Devol and mandolin and ukulele player Paul Hoffman -- garnered their first major accolade by winning the festival’s coveted band competition. Four albums and seven years later, they’re still…


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Oldies and Old Time according to Ivan Rosenberg (review)

Old Time music is something I'm passionate about.  The raw, down and dirty earthbound rootsy sound of the Southern Mountain region holds a special place in my heart.  I loved sharing Old Time music with my friends until I was met with the all too typical criticisms of  "It sounds too Old."  

Here I thought that was the point.  

Old Time is a glimpse into America's musical roots of country, blues, folk and pre-dates it all.  That said I could never really…


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Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2013: Bluegrass + Attitude + Altitude Make A Fine Four Days!

There are festivals and then there’s Telluride Bluegrass. There, it’s more about the vibe, a natural occurrence that transpires when you gather the loyal hordes – known collectively as Festavarians – at heights of 14,000 feet above sea level within a natural box a mere stone’s throw (or so it seems) from some of the most splendid peaks in the heart of the Rockies.

That feeling of euphoria is evident on arrival, from the sheer beauty of the magnificent surroundings to the obvious…


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Diana Jones - Museum of Appalachia Recordings

Oh Sister where have you been?

I have to confess that I’ve actually been aware of Diana Jones for a couple of years now; as she’s a regular visitor to the Jumpin’ Hot Club which I’m a attendee; but as I don’t like ‘Mountain Music’ or Bluegrass I’ve never seen her play.

Oh dear; I’ve made a huge mistake, haven’t I? Sorry, sorry, sorry.

This is the native New Yorker’s 7th album and something of a labour of love. Alongside fellow musicians Matt Combs and…


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