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Welcoming Back the (Mighty) Duhks: An Interview With Leonard Podolak and Jessee Havey

photo 1 Jessee Havey remembers the day she took the Duhk call like it was ... well ... 2011.

Four years after leaving the Duhks, one of the Canadian neo-folk scene’s most influential roots acts, the stunning songbird was sitting in the backseat of a taxicab heading toward her day job as school administrator at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People in Winnipeg.

Leonard Podolak, who had known Havey since she…


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Hollis Brown and Dennis Ellsworth at Jumping Hot Club, The Cluny 2 (Newcastle, U.K. - June 4, 2014)

This was something of a first for me tonight. I went along solely to see the opening act, Dennis Ellsworth. Work commitments meant I hadn’t been able to research Hollis Brown.

I made my usual "fashionably late" entrance at 8:30. There were only 14 people in Cluny II and one of them was Mel on the door. When another six or seven arrived, Ellsworth made his way to the stage and -- God Bless him -- he performed as if he was at Wembley…


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Graham Parker and The Rumour at O2 Academy (Newcastle, UK - May 30, 2014)

They say you should never meet your heroes, for fear of being disappointed. So, it was with that trepidation that I walked toward the theatre. I’ve been a fan of Graham Parker ever since a nice man in Oz Records convinced me to buy the Howling Wind LP in late 1976. 

As the evening progressed, I bumped into several old friends, including a school friend last spotted in April 1975, and none of us could agree on how many times Parker had previously played in Newcastle…


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Pete Seeger's Dream Comes Alive

When Kim Ruehl tipped me off that there was something goin' on up in Pete Seeger's town of Beacon New York on the day we acknowledge the life, work, accomplishments and passing  of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I hit the interwebs to dig up the information. In my mind, whenever the ninety-four year old Pete comes out to do something, it's pretty damn big news. An event. A happening. A gathering. So it was sort of surprising to discover barely any details of what Pete Seeger and the…


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The Passing of Phil Everly

It breaks my heart to share that Phil Everly died Friday in Burbank of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; as his wife, Patti Everly, told The LA Times. He was 74. “We are absolutely heartbroken,” she said, noting that the disease was the result of a lifetime of cigarette smoking. “He fought long and hard.”

In this picture of the Everly Brothers, Phil is on the left. 

The music they've been making together and separately since they began…


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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 205 - Halloween Mix 2013

It's this years Halloween episode! What else can I say? Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

-  The Devil's Son AND Sinners & Saints by The Creepshow

(from Life After Death)



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Bonnie Montgomery and her Musical Balancing Act

When Bonnie Montgomery strode onto stage wearing polka dots and a shy smile, the crowd in Portland’s Alberta Rose Theater clapped politely.  After she’d sung and strummed a couple songs, backed by some tasty guitar twang and a steady standup bass, the mood shifted.  Montgomery’s music sent listeners through time to the era of classic country, alongside Patsy, Loretta, and the Hanks.  The applause was louder, and there were hoots and hollers between songs.  Not bad for a girl from a…


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Is Alice Cooper the new Ted Nugent?

I saw that Kyla posted the Fuse interview with former theater rocker and current golfer Alice Cooper over in the video section, where he blasted some of the new folkie (sort of) bands like Mumford, Lumineers, etc. His exact quote went like this: "I just feel like this whole generation maybe all need to eat a steak," Cooper said. "Maybe they need to quit eating, you know, vegetarian food and get out there and get some blood pumping in their system." I'd go one more step and…


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The Toy Hearts at The Jumping Hot Club, Live Theatre, Newcastle

5th May 2013

I only discovered the Toy Hearts in 2010 when they had a mid-afternoon slot at the Gateshead SummerTyne Festival and it was immediately obvious that not only were the two young sisters who fronted the band easy on the eye; they were excellent musicians too. Subsequently I’ve seen them a further twice and each time the band have been better than the previous visit.



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CD Review - Treetop Flyers "The Mountain Moves"

Take a trip to the West Coast via London’s West End

I saw the Treetop Flyers at the SummerTyne Festival last Summer and was instantly struck by their combined youth and their ability to create a West Coast harmony based sound that bands many years their senior would have been proud of.

Here we are 11 months later and they have somehow managed to move in leaps and bounds with their debut album THE MOUNTAIN MOVES.

All of their…


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Sunday Wilde: He Gave Me A Blue Nightgown

Oh Canada, ya surely now how to nurture Blues artists. Especially lady blues artists. Here we re-visit a friend Sunday Wilde and it’s like old friends getting together again, good times guaranteed.

First off I am drawn to ‘No Matter How Far’. From the wilds of Northern Ontario we hear traces of Patsy Cline, as the band works it’s melancholy mood over the music as Ms. Wilde thickly vocalizes the depths of the love for her man and in spite of the…


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Sondra Sun-Odeon...eloquent conversation

Sondra Sun-Odeon, one half of the Brooklyn-based band Silver Summit, has released an enchanting solo album titled Ætherea and its another connect-the-dot collection of songs and soundscapes that comes from a different branch of the folk music tree than most of the strictly-acoustic fans are accustomed to. Not being one to hold tight to the traditional, I sort of like that Wikipedia has seen fit to include the term psych folk as its own sub-genre, complete with a…


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A Blizzard of New Music 02.2013.

With the leading edge of what promises to be yet another "storm of the century" beginning to push through the Hudson Valley this weekend, I could either finish season three of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime, read a book, do more online job hunting, clean the apartment, eat food or listen to some new music. Of which there seems to be plenty of. I suppose I should open this with my usual pronouncement: There are over 100,000 new album releases each year, and 97,500 of them sell…


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Celtic Colours Festival Review

Guest Blog by Llyn De Danaan

The Celtic Colours Festival, named for the adornment of brilliant fall foliage that cloaks the hills on Cape Breton in October, recently finished its 16th year. Its mission, as Joella Foulds, founder and artistic director told us at one evening session, is to “promote, celebrate and develop Cape Breton’s living Celtic culture.” However, it has also…


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My Favorite Album Covers of 2012

Let's see...we have individual lists for best albums, favorite albums, top 10 from the frequent contributor's and the reader's top 50. We don't have anything for producers, engineers or guitar techs. And we missed an opportunity to come up with the best banner ads that Kyla sold this year, although I'll nominate the in-house pitch to buy the No Depression posters which are all really quite nice.…


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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 169 - Before The World Ends

WARNING: This episode is NSFW or kid friendly because of language used. It’s last episode of 2012! Or even the last one EVER if the Mayan calendar is correct! This episode has A LOT of talking in it, as do most episodes co-hosted by my wife. We talk about best and worst presents received, horrible Christmas songs, and the presents we never got when we were kids. Also, we switch back and forth between traditional and modern Christmas/Holiday music. Happy Holidays.

Download this episode…


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My Top 10 albums from 2012

I’m a semi-professional music reviewer with an internet radio show and I receive between 6 and 10 albums every month; with the exception of a couple of absolute stinkers, this has been an amazing year for Americana and Roots music; so selecting a Top 10 was really difficult.

For this request I didn’t refer to my notes until number 8 on the list; and that was only to differentiate between 5 competing albums. The Graham Parker and the Rumour album didn’t arrive until…


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A Message From Bruce Springsteen

This is Ed, not Bruce. I just wanted to take a moment before I share Springsteen's words with you to say that I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming election here in the US. Yesterday after the second presidential debate, I was inspired to put down my own thoughts, but I backed off because this is really just a music site, although politics certainly seep into the posts from time to time. On the other hand, No Depression is also a community. And a world community at that,…


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The Freewheelin' Steve Earle

What I really wanted to call this post, but it was too long to fit in the above space and kind of presumptive with a touch o' the mean spirit, was this: "Why Steve Earle has become the person that has fulfilled our generation's desire of what we had hoped for from Bob Dylan". This thought came to me last night in Englewood New Jersey, sitting between my fifteen year old son and my forty-one year old nephew. They were the two youngest people in a sparse and not quite half-filled…


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Boulder 11-Year-Old Gets 11 Minutes of Fame With Amos Lee

Making his third visit to the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Amos Lee was on his way to another workmanlike performance as the closing act on a fun-filled Saturday. The Philly steak, rattle and soul brother already had the sold-out crowd on his side, and everyone would have gone home thoroughly entertained, satisfied and, quite possibly, even inspired.

Then Lee introduced Bella Betts to the stage, and…


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