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Well Crafted, The “Not To Be Missed” Music Festival of 2014

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill located in pristine Harrodsburg, Kentucky plays host to what is shaping up to be the best Americana music festival of 2014.  Well Crafted, August 8-9 2014, couples some of the best musical talent in our beloved scene with the fine frothy libations of Kentucky’s local Craft Beer creators.  Shaker Steps Productions’ Derek Feldman , Shaker Village’s VP of Marketing and Development Jennifer Broadwater, and Delight Hanover of Alias Records helped put…


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Five Questions: Bry Webb

After years of blasting it out as a member of the Constantines, singer/songwriter Bry Webb turned it all down a few notches for his new solo effort, Free Will. Written as a something of a meditation on his new role as a father to a son, the set is quieter, to be sure, but it's not without some edge. After all, you can take the boy out of the rock, but you can't take the rock out of the boy. The take-away, though, is that Webb takes on both music and parenthood seriously,…


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Dan Blakeslee - Owed to the Tanglin’ Wind (Album Review)

Dan Blakeslee’s new record Owed to the Tanglin’ Wind was recorded in the eaves of an old, beautiful theatre in Providence, R.I. I don’t think any record could genuinely illustrate that fact quite as well as this one. The songs on this record bring you to that place. The environment that these songs were birthed from seeps through the sounds and textures, and the stories told on this record. It truthfully is a thing of…


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The Pop Presidents: Nixon

One of the things that should prompt a thankful pride in all Americans is how our country’s presidents so often and so willingly reach for the hot handle of responsibility. In fact, a famous president once said, “The buck stops here.” This series, “The Pop Presidents,” seeks to honor an aspect of the last eleven president’s responsibilities that is often overlooked – presiding over the growth of pop music, specifically the genre known as rock and…


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Jessie Bridges Lets Her Music Breathe (Interview)

Hailing from a family where music has always held a prominent presence can offer a valuable head start when it comes to picking up an instrument. But, it is what you do with the instrument that really counts. In Jessie Bridges's case, she has channeled her burgeoning musical prowess into an inflicting new recording that she has recently taken on the road. The album she has been out promoting is titled Let It Breathe and it follows a 2010 EP,…


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Getting to Know Roy Schneider -- Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist

Roy Schneider has presence.  It’s impossible to dismiss him when watching him on stage.  His music makes a powerful impact on the listener. As one music critic says “Roy Schneider fits in the same bag with such classic singer-songwriters as Guy Clark, John Prine, Steve Goodman and Townes van Zandt.” That’s some bag!  Add the keyboard and vocals contributed by Kim Mayfield (Roy’s wife) and you’ve got a winning combination.



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Dailey & Vincent Thrill Standing Room Only Ryman Auditorium Crowd

The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., played host to a standing room only crowd for IBMA stalwarts and Grammy winners, Dailey & Vincent. The intimate feeling and otherworldly acoustics brought out a richness in classic bluegrass and rootsy songs. Other than the Ryman, the highlights obviously were Dailey & Vincent’s harmonies, but there was the amazing mandolin playing off Jeff Carter, banjo playing of Jesse Baker and the Cherryholmes contingent, Molly and BJ, on…


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Bill Frisell and “The Great Flood”

I feel late to the game with Bill Frisell, discovering him around the time of East/West and just after The Intercontinentals.  We all have those moments of discovering something that is so beautiful and so complete (and even  quite popular), but…


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Americana Boogie new releases for the week of July 22nd... Richard Thompson, Don Flemons, Chris Smither, Hot Tuna...


Prospect Hill (Music Maker)

In 2005, at the now-fabled Black Banjo Gathering in Boone, N.C., Don he met Rhiannon Giddens and Justin Robinson, the fortuitous moment that launched the Carolina Chocolate Drops. After…


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Chris Smither - Still on the Levee, A Fifty Year Retrospective (Album Review)

I first heard Chris Smither in 1970. Not live, unfortunately, but on vinyl when picking up his first record I'm A Stranger Here Myself on the Poppy label, unheard, for the simple reason that it was Townes' label. I figured -- rightly so -- any label that knew what a talent he was could certainly be trusted. It did not disappoint. The album not only included a future staple that would be covered by many folks -- most famously Bonnie Raitt -- titled "Love You Like a Man,"…


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Vancouver International Folk Music Festival Day One (Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC - July 18th, 2014)

A glorious run of unseasonably warm weather for a couple of weeks in Vancouver had me all but convinced that the 37th annual edition of the Vancouver International Folk Music Festival would see rain. We can rarely rely on the sun for that long in the Pacific Northwest, so it seemed like a sure thing. As it turns out I was wrong —…


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By the Time You Read This, It'll Be Over: A Pre-Newport Ramble

Missing the first night -- likely the best of the three, given my taste and interest -- is sort of a bummer. But, on the other hand there's still two more days and nights to wander around the festival site, to hopefully discover a new act or the reinvention of something old. And, to be completely honest, the music and performances will run second to just being there.

This will be my first trip to the Newport Folk Festival and, if you believe in ghosts like I do, brushing up…


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Danny Petroni & Frank Lacy - The Blue Project (Album Review)

Guitarist Danny Petroni teamed up with Frank Lacy to create a modern blues, jazz, and soul band that he bills as the “Sound of Asbury Park.” The result is the self-titled release The Blue Project

The album is a collection of hymns about the common man's struggle and inner city view of modern life, mixed with good, old-time, horsing-around fun. Vocalist and trombone…


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Instrumentally Speaking...Woodstock Gets Hungry for Music

In 1992, while he was enrolled at George Washington University, Jeff Campbell had an idea that initially was inspired by a class project. The concept was to bring street musicians and other D.C. music talent together for a concert called Hungry for Music, that would benefit the Coalition Against Homelessness.

These concerts were held in 1992 and 1993, and included a food drive. Two…


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The Jayhawks at Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London, U.K. - July 18, 2014)

A hot and steamy London night saw the Jayhawks' 1997 touring band play at this iconic venue in support of the recently released and remastered versions of the Sound of Lies (1997), Smile (2000) and Rainy Day Music (2003). The trilogy includes bonus tracks, alternative versions, demos, live takes, new liner notes and unreleased material from the band’s extensive collection of archives. Original co-founder Gary Louris was the driving force behind the initiative, which has…


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Selwyn Birchwood in Durham Central Park (Durham, N.C. - July 18, 2014)

If you go to a Selwyn Birchwood show, the dance floor should be packed with enthusiastic hoofers. If not, the young Florida-based guitarist has a back-up plan: To ensure that there's at least one dancer gyrating to the beat, a mummified muppet voodoo doll dangles by his neck in front of the kick drum, hinged limbs jerking with every thump, paying silent homage to the exuberant, vibrant Birchwood blues soundtrack.

Friday night's show at Durham, N.C.' s Central Park had few…


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Your Interview with the Jayhawks' Gary Louris

A couple of weeks ago, we announced a contest to give away some copies of the Jayhawks' remastered and reissued editions of Sound of Lies, Smile, and Rainy Day Music. In the process, we asked you to pose questions you'd like to see Jayhawks founding member Gary Louris answer. Fifty folks entered and Jayhawk Gary Louris…


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Lake Street Dive Motorboats into the Big Time

The usual pleasantries open the interview with Lake Street Dive's singer extraordinaire, Rachael Price. There’s a mention of a shared acquaintance and a nod to the band's previous appearances in town, the first before a tiny crowd at Norfolk's Taphouse in 2011. "Oh, I recall," Price says. "That was a very memorable show."

I push the comment aside, deciding to return to it at the end of the interview. It's been a memorable year since Lake Street Dive played Norfolk in the…


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A Preview: Pt. Reyes’ Far West Fest Is a Huge Model for Pint-sized Festivals

For the last six years, my husband Dave and I have been involved in a funky little homegrown festival called the Far West Fest in Pt. Reyes Station, Calif. For us, it’s a great way to get back to our theatrical roots while helping to support live music. We have stage-managed at least one of the three stages and been involved in set-up,…


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Jeff Crosby & The Refugees - All Nighter (Album Review)

“Stop Runnin,” the first track, launches in with a very Tom-Petty-esque guitar part. Shortly after, Crosby’s gruff vocal hits it and I am listening. You got me, Jeff. Full band, rock and roll. Its good. The second track has a little bit of a Swinging Steaks feel to me, with the lead line of the electric guitar. I like the Steaks, this again, is good and I am hooked.

Subtle harmonies on the chorus just plain work. It’s a quick-fire lyric-verse situation. Crosby’s vocals have…


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