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No Depression Is Getting a Facelift: A Note About What's Around the Bend

Ever since we announced that No Depression had been acquired by FreshGrass back in March, we’ve heard from many of you with questions, concerns, and ideas about the future of this website and the community that gathers here. We created a forum topic at that time so we could organize these comments and refer to them frequently, which we have done as we’ve developed…


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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I, II & III 2014 Remasters (Album Review)

Has any music reviewer ever missed the mark more than John Mendelsohn in his 1969 Rolling Stone critique of Led Zeppelin’s scorching, finely honed debut? After calling the album self-indulgent, he labeled Jimmy Page “a very limited producer and a writer of weak, unimaginative songs” and dismissed Robert Plant’s “strained and unconvincing shouting.” The album, Mendelsohn concluded,…


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Five Questions: Louise Goffin

As the child of Carole King and Gerry Goffin, singer-songwriter Louise Goffin comes from musical stock. But genetics never grant a free pass or guarantee a successful career. Just ask Ben Taylor or Holly Williams. Sure, it's a leg up, but an artist still has to prove themselves on their own merit. So that's what Goffin has done, slowly and steadily, over the years. With her new album, Songs from the Mine…


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Learning Songwriting at the Feet of Steve Earle

Steve Earle has his eye on the history books. Not for himself, necessarily - though I doubt he’d object - but for his art form, “songwriting as literature.” With Camp Copperhead, Steve seemed to be trying to secure this form a place in history. “Four days of singing and songwriting,” the marketing materials promised. “Hard core.”

I’m a non-professional songwriter. If you were to insist it was a hobby, I’d be hard pressed to argue, but it…


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New Country is Boring Me

My early music education was in classical and jazz. Through orchestration classes, composition, Baroque theory, etc., I learned a lot of music rules. Some of them have stayed with me, even though I don’t write music on a regular basis. In jazz improv, never sit on the fourth scale degree. In orchestration, don’t cross your voices. In composition, never repeat a melody more than three times in a row, and don’t let a modulating sequence go more than three repetitions. I believe this is based…


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Shawn Amos - The Reverend Shawn Amos Tells It (Album Review)

The only thing wrong with the six-song EP The Reverend Shawn Amos Tells It, is that there are only six songs.

Like James Brown said, "let’s hit it, and quit," Amos gathered together what he calls a "Gutbucket power trio," of Chris Roberts (guitar),Don Medina (drums),and Ed Terrio (bass) then threw down the tracks old school -- live, with no overdubs -- in one day.

Amos grew up around the entertainment industry and is the CEO of the digital content studio…


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Hook & Anchor - Self-titled (Album Review)

Hook & Anchor are a new Portland, Ore.-based band with something of a pedigree. Bringing together Blind Pilot’s Kati Claborn, Luke Ydstie, and Ryan Dobrowski with veteran old time specialist Gabrielle Macrae (of the Macrae Sisters), and Erik Clampitt of Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck and Power of County, all of the individual members of the band…


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Getting to Know the Lords of Lichtenstein - Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist

Dan and Noah Rauchwerk are the Lords of Liechtenstein. They're also brothers from New Jersey who just happen to play quirky, fun, thought-provoking songs while entertaining their audiences with their brotherly squabbles and teasing. Don’t let the argyle sweater vests fool you, these two young men have something to say and sing about.

The Lords of Liechtenstein are one of 24 emerging artists chosen for this year’s …


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Ian McLagan at the Jumping Hot Club (Newcastle, U.K. - July 10, 2014)

As a lifelong Faces fan, I can’t tell you how excited I was in anticipation of this gig. After thoroughly enjoying seeing Mac play his greatest hits at the Gateshead SummerTyne Americana Festival a couple of years ago, I easily persuaded a few friends to come along with me to the den of iniquity known as the Jumping Hot Club, to see one of their heroes.

When we arrived, it was no surprise to see the…


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Jenny Scheinman - The Littlest Prisoner (Album Review)

Renowned violinist, singer, and composer Jenny Scheinman recently released her eighth album, The Littlest Prisoner, enlisting the great Bill Frisell on guitar and drummer extraordinaire Brian Blade to keep time.   My first introduction to Jenny Scheinman was while she was touring with Lucinda Williams some time back. Known mostly in jazz circles, Scheinman has put together seven beautifully crafted Americana songs and three fitting instrumentals to paint her picture.…


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Jimmy Carpenter - Walk Away (Album Review)

When Jimmy Carpenter was first starting out, the number of girls who flocked around him when he played prompted a jealous local promoter to bemoan the fact that Carpenter had too many girlfriends. Thirty years later, it appears that's still the case. Carpenter says that his sophomore effort, Walk Away, was inspired by past, present, and future women in his life, enough to fill thirteen cuts with odes to and bitches about his paramours. But Carpenter is a gentle soul, so…


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Alanna Royale Breaks Fate's Arrow with Debut Album

There is a southern revival that is bringing back soul music that is raw, powerful, and real. Music that fills a room with trumpets, trombones, drums, and guitars, and is charged by a lead singer with a powerful voice that glides over surging melodies or kicks in the door of emotions. Alanna Broadus-Quinn is the lead singer of Alanna Royale, a southern funk…


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Charlie Haden's Bass Sang Around the World, and Back, to The Shenandoah

On the new ECM CD, Last Dance, with pianist Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden’s extended bass solo on “Where Can I Go Without You?” magnificently extends the melodic contours and the meaning of the song, as if the question had been deposited directly in the heart of the listener.

Yet his epitaph might be another standard, “Everything Happens to Me.” Not as a solipsistic whine, this was a humble man. Rather, this musician lived a remarkably full creative existence,…


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Ben Glover – Atlantic (Album Review as Poetry)


versi sciolti da rima

A long thin scar stretches across water

binding with love two worlds of pain and faith

around a single mic and a bottle.

Atlantic to Delta the spirit flows

from emerald hills to fertile ground laden

with ghosts of past sins, a bright homecoming;

the dark songs more like prayers than dirges,

born of sleepy seasides dreaming of Cash

and of Dylan and the soil of the…


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The Littlest Birds - Live & Lucky (Album Review)

The Littlest Birds’ new live album is the band’s third full-length set, and comprises recordings made at live shows over the course of 2013, during which the band performed over 130 times in 30 states and Canada.

In these days of instant access and digital downloads, a well-presented physical package is a treat. And Live & Lucky is a delight, coming in a limited edition (numbered, no less) hand-crafted sleeve, made by Independent Project Press in Bishop, Calif.…


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Americana Boogie new releases for the week of July 15th...John Hiatt, "Cowboy" Jack Clement, Trampled By Turtles, Puss N Boots, JGB and more


For Once & For All (I.R.S. Nashville)

Taken as a whole, the career of Cowboy Jack Clement fits snugly into any auteur theory of country music, and it is his light touch you feel in the scant few solo recordings he released in his lifetime. Six months before Clement died last August, he recorded For Once…


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Neil Young and Crazy Horse Keep On Rocking in The U.K. - Liverpool Echo Arena (July 13, 2014)

There’s no doubt about it – Neil Young is an unpredictable ‘ol cuss. Over the years, he’s gone down all sorts of musical by-roads and some dead-ends as the fancy takes him, released albums of feedback, or baffled even the most dedicated fans by playing them a whole new album live, in sequence, before they’ve had the chance to hear any of it. I can well remember once taking someone along to a show, who’d never seen Young…


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New Album from John Fullbright Is an All-Star Selection

It’s time for the mid-summer classic and many well-deserving artists deserve their day in center field. In 2012, John Fullbright released his debut record From The Ground Up, that brought much love to the then-24-year-old singer/songwriting phenom hailing from Okemah, Okla. Honored with my Male Artist of the Year selection, this firecracker kid with a piano, guitar, and harmonica hit stages across the country playing a roaring set of original tunes. After receiving…


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Del Barber - Prairieography (Album Review)

Another country gem from the Canadian heartland

Whenever I’ve been driving in the car with the iPhone set to random, "Farewell, God Bless You, Goodbye" from this album has haunted me, coming on between the most bizarre combination of songs. But, regardless of what came before it, this pure country track, with its shimmering steel guitar and lazy vocals, caught my attention and has had even me drawling the chorus along with Barber on…


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Robyn Ludwick – Little Rain (Album Review)

And the lines can break my heart

And the pain can do me in

And just when I gain control

The darkness brings you back again

In Little Rain, Robyn Ludwick sings for those times when love's longing lengthens the afternoon shadows, stretching them past the point of no return. The working day is over, there's nowhere to hide from what's missing in your life. You go ahead and open that second bottle of wine. Hell, the one…


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