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Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition deliver music that will rattle your soul.

When you get a new record from Jimbo Mathus you need to know two things. One, you never know what you will get from one song to the next and two you can count on it all being freakin’ brilliant. Mr. Mathus and his Tri-State Coalition are back with a new record, Dark Night Of The Soul, and these guys just…


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Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ keeps getting better with EP #4, Songs For The Turntable

Since Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ (DNC) started out on their journey through sound and space with the release of multiple EP’s they have kept fans and newcomers happy with the new music while simultaneously creating a want for the next EP. The latest in the EP line, Songs For The Turntable…


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The Deadfields 'Often Wrong, Never In Doubt' has something for everyone

There is a lot of good music coming out of Georgia these days of every shape and form. No matter what your taste is there is something there to make you happy. One of these bands is the Deadfields, and their music is making a lot of people happy.

Loaded with enough banjo to make a bluegrass fan happy, enough twang to appease the country aficionado and the right amount of southern rock to win over a ‘Skynyrd’ loyalist, the Deadfields…


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Thunder and Light-ening

A film about Ferron by Bitch (DVD/CD)

Soundtrack by Ferron

Review by Douglas Heselgrave

 But I don't forget the factory

I don't expect this ride to always be

Can I give them what they want to see?

Let me do it twice --

The second time for me

 - from Shadows On A Dime

A song lasts as long as it takes to sing, it hovers in the air for a second and then…


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On Ancient History, Nickel Creek, and the Sometimes Necessary Genrefication of Music

One of the oldest human possessions ever found is a flute. I'm talking somewhere in the area of 50,000 years ago, someone sat or squatted - presumably on the ground - playing a flute. The fact that these old flutes exist indicates the presence of music is much older. It would have to be in order for people to get good enough at flute-making as to fashion an instrument that would be so durable. 

But, think about the implications here. You can't run from a predator when you're…


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Talking With Paul Luftenegger - Part II: Depression, Therapy and the Pope

Q: Have you ever dealt with depression yourself?

A: No. I would have to say no. I have been sad many many times throughout my life but I have always been able to say that my glass is half full and somehow find the silver lining no matter the amount of pain. I am not really sure what mental health really means. I understand it of course as best I can from an external part of myself, but I have never really been able to put my finger on it and who is to say what…


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Birds of Chicago - Live From Space

Glory Be! Roots music to gladden the soul, heart and mind.

I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Lindsay aka JT Nero’s quirky and intelligent music ever since I saw him in the 1pm slot at a festival several years ago. When he was joined by the delectable Allison Russell from Po’ Girl for a UK Tour in 2011 to promote his Mountains/Forests album that she had sung on, I was astounded by the sweet sound their voices made when singing together.

Their debut…


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An Indie Folk Primer (featuring William Fitzsimmons, James Vincent McMorrow & City and Colour)

As the host of The Coffeehouse on Pittsburgh’s WYEP-FM, I am tasked with providing the Sunday morning soundtrack for listeners who value independent, non-commercial radio. For many, Sunday morning is a time of reflection and relaxation. Often, I receive calls from listeners who are drinking coffee and doing the NYT crossword, getting ready for church, or doing laundry and other household chores. The common theme of these conversations is a general feeling of contentment and…


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Five Questions: Robby Hecht

Even though the singer-songwriter genre is chock full of amazingly talented artists, very few of them are as consistently wonderful as Robby Hecht. With his eponymous third release, he proves this fact yet again. Many of the tunes on this and previous sets warrant "instant classic" status, such is Hecht's gift. He just has a knack for crafting timeless observations of life, love, and loss. One listen to "The Sea and the Shore" or "Soon I Was Sleeping" makes that perfectly clear. If…


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Lisa Mills is Healing and Changing with Re-Release of Her First Album

I’m changing. You’re still the same. Your anger brings me so much pain.  Each and every time you slam that door. It makes me cry and I’ve been here before. --  “I’m Changing” by Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills is haunted by her first studio album, I’m…


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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 223 - Best Mix Of The Year?

Is this possibly already the best mix of 2014? Truthfully I hope not. I don't want to peak too early. But the mix that wants to top this one has to me amaze-balls. Enjoy!  Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- Afraid To Die AND Back Fuck Forty by Rick Dodd And The Dickrods

(from Tavern Songs)…


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Patrick Sweany lays waste to the Mohawk in Austin (Live Review)

Anytime someone refers to a musician or act as the “real deal” their opinion is almost always rendered null and void at that very moment. Calling an act the “real deal” is as cliché as slapping the “authentic” label in front of that Oliver Garden meal you just ate. It is an affront that shows the slightly…


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Q&A with Songwriter, Children's Music Educator, Quiltmaker and Artist: Sally Rogers

Sally Rogers is a woman of many talents. She’s a singer-songwriter, a music educator, a collector of stories, and as though that’s not enough—she is a painter and a quiltmaker. Sally’s website is sprinkled with all kinds of quotes from the media, teachers, parents, and audience members. Imagine being the recipient of this message: “Whenever I wonder why I should keep…


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Mason Jennings continues to please with his new album Always Been

“Staying open to the feeling of awe, the feeling of being moved by things—that’s the most important part of songwriting for me .... When I’m able to stay in a childlike state that’s more about the heart than the head, that’s when the songs really come in." -- Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings’ new album Always Been continues his streak of pop-folk perfection. Jennings has always managed to balance folk with more accessible pop songs, relying on a bed of rootsy guitar playing…


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Big Shoals - Still Go On (Album Review)

The Florida Americana/Alt- Country/Folk scene is tremendously strong these days which is something this writer from New Jersey is downright jealous over.  Deland, FL’s Roadkill Ghost Choir and a band I drove damn near two hours in the snow to see in mid-February, Have Gun, Will Travel, from Bradenton are at the forefront of the Sunshine State's folk attack.  It seems every time I turn around there is a show in Florida that I wouldn’t mind attending to say the least.  The irony…


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Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt A Whirl Band @ the Dakota March 24, 2014: Blues Masters Emeritus

The music genre of blues has become something of a cliché the last couple of decades.  There are so many mediocre blues bands populated by well-intentioned but mediocre musicians that I almost have given up going out to see live blues music.  There is a saying among some of my musician friends that anyone can play the blues but very few people play the blues well.…


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Medicine Show Jackie Leven Concert tribute first broadcast 16th November 2011

The late great Jackie Leven and I travelled the Highlands many times, I still find it hard to believe I’ll never see him again, but now at least I can listen to his music and not feel to much pain and can appreciate just what an gigantic  talent he was, I see his face and hear his songs in every place I visit around this country of ours, so its overdue I play this show which was first broadcast 16 Nov 2011 on the day after his death and feature a concert recorded in Strathpeffer at…


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Bob Corritore – Taboo (Album Review)

On Taboo, Bob Corritore's latest, nobody has to say anything to get the message across. The Phoenix-based harpist's all instrumental effort for Delta Groove  shows him at the top of his powers.

Corritore fits in as seamlessly with this cast as he has in previous releases. Last year's Knockin' 'Around These Blues teamed him up with with Junior Wells/Muddy Waters/Magic Slim/James Cotton bands alum John Primer, and 2010's BMA-winning Harmonica Blues…


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Americana Boogie new releases for the week of Mar. 25th... Johnny Cash, Simone Felice, Ronnie Lane & more


Out Among The Stars
(Columbia Legacy)

Back in the early ‘80s, Cash was not exactly flavor of the month, C&W-wise. “He didn't quite fit,” says John Carter Cash, the producer son of Johnny and June. Cash recorded the tracks with producer Billy Sherrill but Columbia didn’t know what to do with it so this record was literally shelved.…


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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Live in Amsterdam DVD & CD

The Crown Prince of Blues guitar finds a voice that Rocks!    

Joe Bonamassa is undoubtedly one of the finest guitarists I’ve ever heard, but his choice of material and lengthy guitar solos had always left me cold until I heard the See Saw album he recorded with Beth Hart a year or so ago.

On that album, Bonamassa relegates himself to the shadows. On this live recording at Amsterdam’s Koninklijk Theatre, Ms Hart revels in her femme fatale role in the…


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