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Goldie and the Gingerbreads: The First All-Female Guitar Band

It could only happen in America: In 1947, a 7-year-old Polish-Jewish girl named Genyusha "Genya" Zelkovicz arrived in New York City's Lower East Side with her parents and a sister, speaking not a word of English. They were the only ones in their family to survive the Holocaust. Genya's mother nicknamed her Goldie,…


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Wayne Kramer - Lexington (Album Review)

Wayne Kramer is someone who's life story I'd very much like to read. From lead guitar in the Mighty MC5 to prison inmate to social activist (he recently interviewed Pussy Riot, and is constantly active in speaking out against such injustices) to new father, Kramer's life has an interesting story in every chapter. His latest record release (and first jazz album), Lexington, (from Kramer's own label,…


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Kim Churchill – Biltmore Cabaret (Vancouver, April 16th, 2014)

Watching Kim Churchill take the stage is an experience in and off itself. Despite the fact that the Australian singer-songwriter plays alone, he’s not exactly a minimalist when it comes to gear. The multi-instrumentalist sits behind a kit that includes a couple of guitars, a kick drum, a kick tambourine, a set of chimes and a larger pedal board that my brain could keep track of. On second thought, “sits behind” isn’t really…


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Good Vibes and Fun Times at Old Settler's Music Festival 2014 (Live Review)

Once again music lovers descended on the Hill Country for a weekend of fantastic music and wonderful weather. This year’s Old Settler’s Festival showcased a wide range of artists spanning an even wider range of genres. What brought everyone together was the enjoyment of this long-running festival that refuses to sell its soul to marketers in order to guarantee that each year’s experience is just…


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Q and A with Emily Elbert

Emily Elbert is one of those talents that doesn’t come around every day.  I feel blessed to have gotten to know her over the past five or six years.  At the time I was booking some shows for a wonderful bluesy singer-songwriter, Brooks Williams, who had some gigs in Texas where Emily was attending high school at the time.  Emily wrote and told me how much she admired Brooks and wondered if he’d be open to having her open a show for him in Dallas.  He listened to her music online…


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Freight Train Boogie Show #252 features new music from Laurie Lewis, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Fearing & White and Jesse Winchester

adam-s-1 FTB Show #252  features new music from Laurie Lewis, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Fearing & White and Jesse Winchester.   Here’s the direct link to listen now!

SETH ADAM -Old Broken Ladder Steel Tempered…


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No Bob Dylan on 33 1/3 short list

The short list of possible new commissions for 33 1/3's series of slim volumes on classic albums maintains Bob Dylan's surprising under-representation on that list.

Of course, I find it particularly scandalous that they didn't take up my pitch for a study of John Wesley Harding, but I do find it more generally odd that Highway 61 Revisited remains the only one of the…


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Drinking Nectar with Wendy Colonna (Album Review)

In ancient Greek and Roman stories, nectar—that sweet, golden, unadulterated liquid—provides sustenance to gods and goddesses. Nectar’s purity offers energy to those who imbibe its sweet liquor, but nectar’s sweet essence offers an elixir that heals and, for the inhabitants of the heavenly realms at least, drinking nectar also confers immorality upon them. It’s no wonder that the semi-human Tantalus decided he wanted a drop of that sweet honey; he’s punished for that deed, but his…


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Red Heart Alarm - Hammer Anvil Stirrup (Album Review)

Seattle is increasingly becoming a bastion of alt country Americana bands vying to be the next big thing toting the Ballard Avenue sound. Red Heart Alarm have coined one of the best terms for their sound calling what they do “Gruntry,” explaining that it marries their native city’s Grunge legacy with the melodic twang of classic Americana/Roots music. The band employed iconic producer Jack Endino to record their second self released album Hammer Anvil…


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Matt Woods – With Love From Brushy Mountain (Album Review)

Ever-bearded Tennessean troubadour Matt Woods’ second full length studio record, With Love From Brushy Mountain, is slated for a May 13, 2014 release.  This comes as a follow up to his first full length, The Matt Woods Manifesto, a trying task in and of itself.  Woods is hands down one of the hardest working singer/songwriters I’ve ever come across.  He eats multiple month tours across the US for breakfast, trades songs for beer,…


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Jessica Rae - Freedom Avenue (Album Review)

Darn pretty Country music from a darn pretty lady

Jessica Rae took me by surprise on this; her second album; judging by her portrait on the cover; I was anticipating something twee and antiseptic; but right from the start with Holes in Your Shoes; she couples the gritty edge of her home town Chicago with the classic Country licks of her adoptive home Nashville to…


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Rod Kennedy (1930-2014) and the Kerrville Folk Festival - Interview & Remembrance

Rod Kennedy’s legacy is incalculable for those who truly love music, he departed this earthly plane on Monday 14th April 2014. R.I.P.

The following “warts and all” late May 1986 interview with Mr. Kennedy, the founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival, was the lead feature in the debut issue of the Kerrville Kronikle fanzine sometime around 1988. No serendipity, that placement was intentional. The 1986…


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The Health & Happiness Hour - Sara Grey in Session and conversation 16 April 2014

This weeks we welcome Folk Royalty in Banjo playing songstress, story teller and musicologist  Sara Grey. My guest this week is a direct line to the roots of the music and deep lover and top exponent of the flailing style of Appalachian banjo. An expert on the songlines that took our Highland tradition to the Americas, now she spends her time taking that music and the stories back home to the source and teaching students on both sides of the Atlantic divide the…


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Dropkick - Homeward (Album Review)

It’s always nice when an old friend , someone you haven’t seen for a while, turns up and reminds you of why you’re friends in the first place. And so it is with Lothian’s Dropkick who have handed in Homeward after a two year absence. Proudly flagging a quote from The Scotsman that proclaims them Scotland’s third best band (sadly a search didn’t come up with the winner and runner up) the Taylor brother’s band are back to a five piece with Ian Grier…


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The Redlands Palomino Company - Broken Carelessly (Album Review)

It’s looking to be a good year for what one might loosely term “alt country” albums with Scots acts the New Madrids and Red Pine Timber Company handing in excellent efforts so far. Time now to look to London to see what’s cooking down there and keeping their end up are The Redlands Palomino Company whose fourth album, Broken Carelessly is released this week. The Palominos are a classic UK “Americana” band with a sound that ranges from pedal steel…


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Simone Felice - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow - 4/11/2014)

With his second solo album safely under his belt Simone Felice is rapidly conforming his status as one of the finest purveyors of Americana around these days. Fortunately (for us) he remains somewhat under the mass radar allowing audiences to see him in intimate settings such as the hallowed King Tuts, a perfect space to see and hear his shamanistic offerings. A mesmerising performer tonight he possessed a leonine grace, prowling and genuflecting,…


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Dennis Knutson: A Blue Collared Songwriter

"He's got a heart like Mt. Rainier and a soul like a four bolt main. He writes songs like a deer would run or a fish would swim."--Roger Alan Wade

Dennis Knutson is an old fashion blue collared songwriter who writes songs for all the right reasons. Over the years Dennis has put together quite a resume of genuine craft from cutting his…


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First Seldom Scene Album in Seven Years: Exclusive Look

Seldom Scene issues its first Smithsonian Folkways album next week with guests including Emmylou Harris.

Mike Auldridge passed away in 2012, but the group includes founding member Ben Eldridge as well as Lou Reid, Dudley Connell, Ronnie Simpkins, and Fred Travers.

Here is a look at "My Better Years" the Hazel Dickens' tune from the album,  "Long Time...Seldom Scene," which features new versions of 16 longtime favorites. …


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Wesly Willis: A Retrospective

“Rock music pays off. Rock music takes me on a joyride. Rock music keeps me off the hell city bus. Rock music will always look out for me. But I will not let my torture profanity demon shoot it down." -Wesley Willis- 

During the middle of a  work week my cousin and I loaded up to witness a show at a club that half of my youth was occupied at Spartanburg's Ground Zero. This wasn’t to be a distinctive metal,…


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