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New Favorites: Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

We've been waiting to post this review for a while, but with rain pouring down on our roof in Seattle and a roaring fire in the hearth, there's no better time for some deep, dark British folk music.

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker. The Seas are Dead.

2012. self-released.

It's no secret that British folk traditions laid…


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When Glen Campbell Visited Glen Campbell: Memories of a Legend

As I slowly wind down from the excitement of seeing the legendary Glen Campbell perform his fabulous hits last night at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh, I think back to those days when his "Goodtime Hour" was the hot show on prime time TV, and the time he made a surprise visit to a tiny village not far from my hometown. Hey, when you're growing up in a rural county on the fringe of Pennsyltucky, the visit of a big celebrity creates quite a stir.

In 1971 Glen was at the…


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All Jams On Deck DVD Review

All Jams on Deck

Various Artists

Legendary Rhythm And Blues Cruise LLC/Mug Shot Productions

By Grant Britt

It's the cheapest cruise you'll ever take. You don't have to leave the comfort of your easy chair to take in some of the biggest names in blues jamming after hours on this 96 minute DVD shot in 2010 on a week long Blues Cruise from San Diego to the Mexican…


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Lee's Listening Stack: MORE of the Best of the Rest for May

Ryan Adams

iTunes Session


 He may not be releasing new albums at the fast and furious pace he did just a few years ago, but that doesn’t allay the suspicion that Ryan Adams may be the most prolific artist of this generation bar none. So instead of getting a new LP every six months, our man Adams has resorted to other mediums to get his music out, among them iTunes, which released this gem of a collection as an exclusive offering a short time back. Those that…


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CD Review: The Hunger Games Goes Deep into Appalachian Americana

Looks like we're the first on No Depression to review the new soundtrack to the hit Hollywood movie, The Hunger Games. Sure, we've all been hearing about it, especially the much ballyhooed Taylor Swift/Civil Wars collaboration and the production by Americana icon T-Bone Burnett, but the album itself is a musical wonderland. Burnett's off the leash with this one, gleefully quoting Appalachian tropes while shoving…


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Natasha Haws at Sunderland Minster

Natasha Haws      

Sunderland Minster

Saturday 12th May 2012

Alan Harrison

     I love discovering new venues but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see a gig in a Church; so, with a lack of mid-sized concert halls in Sunderland, the curators of the Minster in the city centre have volunteered to put on some acoustic concerts across the Summer and several local musicians have grasped the opportunity to play in…


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Freight Train Boogie Show #165 with Marty Stuart, Grant Peeples, Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem and a track from "Mercyland" with The Civil Wars

FTB podcast #165 features the new album
 Nashville 1: Tear the Woodpile Down. Also new music from 
RANI ARBO & DAISY MAYHEM and a track from
Mercyland. Here's the


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Gonzo Country: How to Write a Hit Country Song (Tractors,Trucks, Fishing, Beer and Jesus)

Turnstyled Junkpiled's

How To Write A Hit Country Song

Tractors, Trucks, Fishing, Beer and Jesus

by Courtney Sudbrink, Editor

Many of today’s young,up-and-coming Country 
songwriters may be scratching their heads, wondering why Nashville isn’t biting. Bobby Bare once sang of the “Sure Hit Songwriter's Pen,” but unless that pen bleeds…


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Interview: Singer/Songwriter Keith Betti

For all the bittersweet twang and folksy melodies on singer/songwriter Keith Betti’s latest album,
Company Loves Misery, the ghost of George Harrison haunts the premises like no other. Harrison isn’t named-checked on Betti’s biography and nor is he mentioned on his store page.

Nevertheless, the soaring melodies of “Found a Love” and the sunny warmth of “It’s a Long Way Down” are marked with Harrison’s fingerprints. Being compared to one of the Beatles is certainly…


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The Birth of British Folk Rock - 45 Years On

It is always dangerous to claim the birth of a particular genre of music, but a case can be made that 45 years ago on May 27 there was a major delivery -- the arrival of British 
folk rock.

The midwives at this event were the members of  Fairport Convention, a group that is still wildly popular among aficionados of the genre and which spawned many others from 


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Stackridge, Farncombe Music Club (UK, 5/18/12)

I first started going to live gigs in my early teens. I was underage. I lied about my date of birth so that I could become a member of Friars, a music club based in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Life membership was 25p. I still have my member’s card. Wild Turkey in June 1971 was the first live band I saw and some forty one years later I am still occupying live music venues but not pretending to be older than I am!

In my early concert going years one of the bands I saw was…


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Bonnie Raitt, John Prine & Tom Waits at Opryland (circa '74)

Bonnie, Johnny & Tom Visit Opryland, USA — an interview-article by W. Conrad for Buddy Magazine (March, 1976)

Backstage and on stage at Nashville's Opryland, Ben Fong-Torres, rock journalist from 
Rolling Stone, was shadowing Bonnie Raitt, the star of the evening's attraction. In the shadows, lurking inside his cheap suit and a cloud of tobacco smoke, was Tom Waits, an up-and-coming beatnik pianist-poet .

I was there to interview John…


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The Last Time I Saw Gram Parsons

By Bill Conrad (His Prep School Pal)

Summer of 1968, I was in London when I saw a flyer advertising the Byrds at Royal Albert Hall. Melody Maker, the local music news, suggested that a few Beatles and Stones might attend. That was incentive enough for me.

 The Byrds took the stage and launched into "Turn, Turn, Turn."  Other than band leader Roger McGuinn, I had no idea who was in the band. What happened next became one of my life's unforgettable moments. Applause for the…


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Davina and the Vagabonds at Newcastle Cluny II

The Cluny, Newcastle

Thursday 17th May 2012

Alan Harrison

One of my greatest pleasures is discovering new music any of its shapes and forms and tonight was a bit of a revelation as I had only ventured out of the house because there was nothing on TV. As the support act finished there were only about 30 people scattered around The Cluny and perhaps 75 were scattered around the room when the band made their way onto the stage in their black…


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TPR#88 Addam Scott - Interview and Music

On episode 88 of the Taproot Music Show, Addam Scott, the musician, not the actor, talks to Calvin about his latest CD, San Diablo. He discusses the concept of conflict that runs through the CD and how he likes ““I like to move forward that contradiction and show the best of who we are as people and the worst of who we are as people.” He discusses his musically formative…


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Album Review: Denison Witmer - The Ones Who Wait

I’m going to confess that despite his fifteen year career in music,  I only discovered Asthmatic Kitty artist Denison Witmer last month when his ninth and latest CD The Ones Who Wait landed on my doormat, writes Neonfiller.com's Joe Lepper.

Listening to the album I can see why he has been the anonymous bridesmaid but never the bride for so long. He can clearly sing well, has a keen sense of melody,…


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Guest Blog: Roots Music in Portland, Maine

Hearth Music Guest Blog: Roots Music 
in Portland, ME

by Melissa Rae Cohen

We've got a special guest blog today from travel writer Melissa Rae Cohen, writing all the way from Portland, Maine about the great roots music in her hometown!

I grew up in a very musical environment. My father and grandfather used to sit…


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Banjo picker Doug Dillard dies at 75

Just a few days after I featured one of their appearances on the
Andy Griffith Show, comes this sad news from the


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Review: Paul Thorn - What the Hell is Going On? (Perpetual Obscurity, 2012)

Paul Thorn - What the Hell is Going On? (Perpetual Obscurity, 2012)

Paul Thorn is a Mississippi bluesman whose earlier career as a boxer still echoes in his gruff growl. Though well-known for his original, biographical songs, Thorn’s sixth album is an all-covers affair. Singing the songs of other writers is a complex task, one that reflects on…


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Somewhere with Ned Hill, But Not There

Ned Hill lets out an explosion of chuckles and leans forward a bit after commenting on a question about Nashville that I’ve side stepped into what turned out to be a four hour conversation slash interview. He rebounds back into a totally serious tone that still manages to ring of some humor. It’s a gesture I’ve seen him do countless hundreds of times during the course of our friendship. His natural…


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