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CD review - C-Leb and the Kettle Black

C-Leb and the Kettle Black

Raw and Rockin’ right out of the gate! The self titled debut from Seattle’s C-LEB and the Kettle Black reaches right out of the speakers for your throat. Front man C-Leb is a force to be reckoned with on earth shaking bass, searing vocals reminiscent of a southern fried Chris Cornel and honky tonk harmonica. His comrades in arms ,Jesse “Hound-Dawg” Strasbaughon on…


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In Defense of Liner Notes

It was a part of the deal for me, sometimes consumed before the music was even played. Vinyl had them. CDs had them. Even fricking cassettes had them. And in the pre-internet age when all of the information I sought was not gathered in one convenient location, it was a cornerstone on which I built my reputation as someone who knew too much shit about music.

Liner notes - sometimes stately and elegant, sometimes silly, sometimes anemic, I would pore over every word of them.…


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Sara Watkins: An Early Take On Sun Midnight Sun

Thanks to NPR's First Listen, we can hear Sun Midnight Sun, the new one by Sara Watkins, in its entirety.  Click here - you can choose to listen track by track or just listen to the entire record.   

This is the second solo record by Watkins, most known up to now for her work as a part of Nickel Creek.  But with music this strong and diverse,…


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Chris Castle (interviewed) and "Last Bird Home" (reviewed)

Talented singer-songwriter Chris Castle's Last Bird Home  (Dirtsandwich Music) is a collection of eleven folk-rock tunes recorded at Levon Helm Studios by Justin Guip with guest appearances by Garth Hudson, Larry Campbell, the Womack Family Band and Tommy Ramone.…


Added by Hal Bogerd on April 29, 2012 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Alynda Lee Segarra of Hurray For The Riff Raff

1.0 – Does the name ‘Hurray for The Riff Raff’ reflect a personal or band philosophy of sorts? I would say the name comes from my love and feeling of camaraderie for the underdog of all walks of life. Growing up in New York City exposed me to people who live on the fringes of society and sometimes go unseen yet they have so much unique energy they give the city. The homeless subway singers, the runaway teenagers from…


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CD Review: "Malheu" by mbilly

John Hiatt has no equal, at least to my ears, but M. William Helfrich is definitely on the path to becoming one of the next great Americana artists.

The Portland, Oregon based folk-rock songwriter known as mbilly will self-release "Malheu" on June 5, and if the stars align it'll get him some seemingly overdue national recognition. The 11-songs on the release spill over with a deep-rooted sorrow and reflection he feels after the death of one of his best friends from…

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Six Mile Grove - Secret Life in a Quiet Town


Welcome back to Six Mile Grove, the Minnesota band that makes a virtue out of staying put in the place they come from. This is the sixth album from these guys – maybe the third that I’ve heard – and I’ve been impressed in the past by the integrity that they exude. They have soulfulness to their work which largely springs from the plaintive quality in Brandon Sampson’s vocal, and they also have an…


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Banjos and Barbecue

True music lovers shouldn't really travel anywhere without sampling some local sounds. So it was that I found myself recently in the Rex Theater, Galax, southwest Virginia, listening to bluegrass courtesy of the Slate Mountain Ramblers. In many ways it was more than I could have imagined.

Family brought me on a visit to Galax from England (my niece is a local  teacher ), otherwise the chances of my showing up there…


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Freight Train Boogie Show #162 with Trampled By Turtles, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Lumineers, Grace Adele, NRPS & more

FTB podcast #162 features the new album by TRAMPLED BY TURTLES called Stars And Satellites. Also new music from JASON EADY, GRACE EDELE and RAY WYLIE HUBBARD. Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.…


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Reading Elvis

by Sandy Carter

April 1999

In the last two decades, the image of Elvis Presley has been so thoroughly obfuscated by myth and parody, it is near impossible to recall his life and music without bringing to mind the ridiculous and tragic figure he had become by the time of his death.

With that in mind, Peter Guralnick's two-volume biography, Last Train To Memphis: The Rise Of Elvis Presley (Little, Brown, 1995) and the recently published Careless Love: The Unmaking…


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Hank Cochran: Living On A Song + Then Some (Nashville Film Festival)

Hank Cochran:

Living On A Song

Nashville Film Festival

People are bitching about the demise of country music, but they’re missing the point. At a time when everybody is overly styled, making the rounds and doing the marketing, they missed the point of what made the oeuvre great: people lived hard, put their hearts out there and harvested the pain and the passion with a ruthlessness that often left ravaged relationships in their wake.

Not that it’s about strafing…


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Kevin Welch in Concert at the Live Theatre, Newcastle

Kevin Welch

Live Theatre Newcastle

22nd April 2012

Alan Harrison

These days George Welch only performs at festivals and the occasional folk club so it was a delight it was to see the ex-coalminer, local folk legend, Renaissance Man, raconteur and artist of some renown at such a prestigious venue as the Live Theatre.

Looking uncannily like a Mississippi plantation owner in a flat cap George regaled the captivated crowd with a mixture of his…


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TPR#85 Dave Willis from Possum Jenkins - Interview and Music

On episode 85 of the Taproot Music Show, Dave Willis from the Possum Jenkins band talks about how humbling it was to have their latest album Carolinacana fan-funded through a Kickstarter campaign, how they were able to keep the band together for 8 years even while everyone in the band was having lives outside of the band, and playing bards where they have…


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Review: Miss Quincy, Like the Devil Does

Got a hot date Saturday night?  This is the album for it.  If things go well, it works for Sunday morning too...in fact just pause it around track four or five and you’ve got the perfect mood shift for waking up all swoony and ready for brunch.

I’m always looking for a Sunday morning record, and so far, nothing has replaced Joni Mitchell’s Blue; Like the Devil Does is a strong contender for that privilege.  Miss Quincy, a B.C. native, is joined by Calgarian music royalty…


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Beyond the Great Divide: Goodbye to Levon Helm

The news coverage of Levon’s Helm’s death last week has been overwhelming – but not just the coverage. The online community responses of commentary, the continuous Facebook posts on those musicians’ pages who have been influenced by Levon were a constant stream of reminders of Levon’s musical and mythic legacy.  Wilco, alone, posted notes for nearly 24 hours after Levon’s passing – as though to remind us that they wouldn’t be here without The Band – without Levon’s voice, his backbeat and…


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Pinetop Perkins: Heaven


Pinetop Perkins

Blind Pig

April 17, 2012 

By Grant Britt

Merle Haggard never had much use for piano players. “Can't get 'em to play what they're supposed to play,” he said in a ’95 interview. “They play everything on the goddanged keyboard.” Obviously he never met Pinetop Perkins. ‘Top plays what he’s spozed to - all the accents in place, the personification of boogie-woogie piano. On these previously unreleased sessions from 1986,…


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Dwight Yoakam: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Interview with Author Don McLeese)

Growing up, I was generally familiar with the music of Dwight Yoakam.  Like most, I knew him as the really skinny country singer who wore super-tight jeans and a cowboy hat pulled low.  I liked whatever I’d heard by him.  When I started working at the local country radio station in high school I became more familiar with his hit songs, but didn’t dig any deeper.  His album “This Time” had been out for a while at that point and I wasn’t aware of any news of anything new on the…

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James Maddock – CD Review - Wake Up and Dream - Casa del Fuego Release

James Maddock – CD Review - Wake Up and Dream - Casa del Fuego Release


While driving to work one morning I turned on the Centenary College FM radio station WNTI and was pleasantly surprised by the tune they were playing. The melody is infectious, the lyrical story is clever, sung in a voice that’s not that…


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Neal Casal- Sweeten the Distance (The Royal Potato Family, April 2012)

My CD collection is heavy on honky tonk, the tail-shaking blues and soul infused variety. Many of my favorite love songs come cloaked in cynical wit and delivered with just the right amount of bad boy swagger, with vocals that tend more toward hoarse than pretty. On his latest release, Neal Casal presents eleven tracks of direct, unguarded expressions of emotion, all sung in a voice that can best be described as lovely and honest, and accompanied by some great playing and…


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Live Review: Vintage Trouble at the Book & Stage (Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas) April 22

It was surprising to find, amidst the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas, a band playing with honest passion and emotions. However, that’s what Vintage Trouble, a band from Los Angeles (no less) displayed during their near 90-minute set of hot ‘n’ sweaty rock ‘n’ soul music. 

The band is led by charismatic singer Ty Taylor. His muscular soulful singing recalls Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and other Stax men, while his…


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