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Laura Cantrell's New Job.

Laura Cantrell has got a busy month coming up. She’s has a five year old daughter and a full time job as a consultant at Wall Street investment bank and she’s starting a four week series of shows at New York’s Hill CountryBBQ on Thursday (Feb 2nd).

We met at the towering corporate edifice that serves as her workplace in midtown…


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Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers - Prince Albert (Brighton, UK 1/30/12)

You know that ticket sales have been brisk when this room above the pub has been cleared of furniture and the show is standing only. And so it was for the songstress from Seattle on the penultimate night of her UK tour. Backed by a four-piece band (Greg Nies – drums, Mike McDermott – bass, Ethan Lawton – mandolin and Dave Harmonson – electric guitar and pedal steel) Zoe Muth opened up the proceedings with the title track from her sophomore album "Starlight Hotel."

The album has been…


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Madison Violet at Newcastle Cluny II, January 28

I shouldn’t have been too surprised to find a queue stretching down three flights of stairs to the basement of Cluny II following Madison Violet’s fantastic performance last year at the tiny Central Bar. 

All of the seats were full and people were still filing in when Rebecca Pronsky and her guitarist Rich Bennett took to the stage, with the New Yorker chatting non-stop as she tuned her guitar.

The duo filled the 45 minute support slot very well…


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Anoushka Shankar Finds Her Gypsy Soul

At last!  With ‘Traveller,’ Anoushka Shankar has finally released an album worthy of her immense talent

 The first time I heard Anoushka Shankar play live, I was completely mesmerized.  She was a very young woman then, touring with her father, but even in her earliest performances, she communicated a unique ability to fuse what she’d learned from a lifetime of disciplined study with a broader palette of sounds that owed as much to Jimi…


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Billy Joe Shaver, an Interview

Maybe I'm a little jaded, but there aren't too many  people I'd get excited about meeting. 

Billy Joe Shaver is an exception.

He's a writer that proves less is more which meant a lot when my dad showed me "Tramp on Your Street" while I was in college.  Surrounded by people trying to use big words…


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Americana Rock Mix: Live Archive - Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless

Vaudeville Mews

Des Moines, Iowa

Nov. 15, 2011

Download the episode HERE

Set list:

- Do Right

- Always Lose

- Steve Earle

- Can't Change Me

- More Like Them

- Jesus Was a Wino

- Learn to Say No

- Lost Without You

- Bad Way to Go

- Back On The Bottle



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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 127 - Is The Show Over?

Is The Americana Rock Mix nearing it's end? It's up to YOU to let me know. Send me your feedback about the show at Von@AmericanaRoots.com . Has it run it's course, are people still interested? Give me your opinions. In the mean time, enjoy all of this great music.

Download this episode HERE

Music in this episode:

- Good Friday…


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From Out Of Nowhere Podcast - Fifth On The Floor


We’ve got a little bit of everything on this week’s show.  We talk with Eric, who is on the road in Washington D.C., we spin a few tunes, including a trip to the Bootleg Basement and from Lexington, KY, we talk with Justin Wells, the front man of a band everyone should check out, Fifth On The…


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If the blues overtake you, jump overboard and drown

This essay’s title is inspired by the lyrics of Peg Leg Howell’s “Rock and Gravel Blues” when he sings:

“Let’s go to the river and sit down

Honey, let’s go to the river and sit down

If the blues overtake us, jump overboard and drown”.

The song was recorded at 20th April 1928 in Atlanta by Columbia, with “Low-Down Rounder Blues” at the B-side. As with most other Howell songs, it marks a transition from the…


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CD review - Popa Chubby: Back To New York

Popa Chubby claims that he is from the Big Apple, but sounds every bit the Texas style guitar slinger on his new release Back To New York City.

Chubby has been at the forefront of the blues rock genre for some time and is out to kick the blues in the ass on this new disc, the twentieth of his career.

The title track opens the album with a Deep Purple meets Hendrix riff, framing an ode to his beloved home town and he proudly proclaims “this is my city right or…


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CD review - Stacy Jones Band: "No Need To Spell It Out"

I didn't write this fine review but I wanted to share it with the No Depression community as it came from a very good friend of mine and music scholar Troy Michael, the editor of Innocent Words.

With their third release in as many years, the Stacy Jones Band sounds more confident, ballsier and sounding like they are having one hell of a good time recording "No Need to Spell It Out."

The Stacy Jones Band is a four piece which calls the Pacific Northwest home.…


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Explaining Americana France's page

Even though I know that most of the No Depression readers are English readers, you'll find a foreign language on this page, spoken by frogs from the other side of the big river, known to you as" French People"

So you'll find that my blog rss's are in French. 

It's a way of trying to share the fact with the no depression community that on the other side of the ocean there's a Dutch guy living in the deep south of France, which second language is actually English, is writing…


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CD review - Martha Berner and the Significant Others -Fools Fantasy

  The first things you notice on Fool’s Fantasy, the new release from Chicago’s Martha Berner and the Significant Others is how quickly her dusky alto draws you in with an easy, familiar air.

Reminiscent of Natalie Merchant and Margo Timmins, Berner has allied herself with a group of fantastic players to back up her musical dreams with depth and skill. Scott Fritz leads the “Significant Others” as the albums producer and with his tasty guitar, adding just the right amount of…


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Ruth Moody (Wailin' Jennys & Cornshed Sisters) at Cluny Newcastle

Ruth Moody & The Cornshed Sisters

Cluny II Newcastle Friday 27th January 2012

by Alan Harrison

To the uninitiated the four Cornshed Sisters look like four Primary School teachers on a night out, but as soon as they began singing we immediately knew that we were witnessing something very special. All four girls (?) individually have beautiful voices and when they seamlessly slide into their immaculate four part harmonies the sound is quite magnificent and…


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The Pines....Dark So Gold...an essay of sorts

If I haven't been been a huge Pines fan for a few years, if I didn't think Red House Records is one of the greatest indie record labels in business today, if their incredible banjo player Michael Rossetto wasn't someone I've known and worked with in the past, if founding band member David Huckfelt hadn't…


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Damien Jurado - Maraqopa

For the past couple of days, Damien Jurado's new album, Maraqopa, has been filling my home, car, mind, body and soul.  This album is like a drug. When I pushed "play" it entered my bloodstream, warmed my body, heightened my senses, and sent me into an euphoric state. If there was a way to actually shoot up this album, I would. And, because of Maraqopa, I've become a Damien Jurado junkie.

My first introduction - the gateway drug, if you will - was "Nothing…


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John Lilly - Cold Comfort

John Lilly has been lauded on Flyinshoes Review many times because in his own low-key, unassuming way he has seemed to be the truest modern embodiment of the music of Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. Over several albums he has developed a knack of writing songs that sound half a century old, and has performed them with an impeccable guitar style and a relaxed, homely vocal style. For all his success in winning songwriting competitions and in winning over audiences with the…


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The Noise Revival Orchestra - Songs Of Forgiveness [2011]

Fresh, entertaining, curious, eccentric and capable of jumping from a genre to another: it's the Noise Revival Orchestra. This 12 piece large-band lead by Nathan J. Felix pushes the limits of the musical mixture, typical of groups such as Animal Liberation Orchestra or Culver City Dub Collective. Freedom seems to be the secret of their creativity.

Songs Of Forgiveness is the fifth album by the band, and it should be highly appreciated by those who…


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TPR#73 Lincoln Durham - Interview and Music

On episode 73 of the Taproot Podcast, Lincoln Durham talks about his residency at Gruene Hall, why he can't write love songs, his long path from playing fiddle to Son House and Fred McDowell, and why he wrote a creepy songs about ne'er-do-well characters playing forty two.

Listen to episode 73.



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Naomi Bedford...let me be the first

You might think in this day and age of fast-flying megabytes and high speed connective connections you'd pretty much find out information about someone special with the whiz of a search engine and a series of clicks. No. Not always I suppose. If you are anything like me, a music junkie who flips through webpages the way one used to flip through the stacks of new albums, you're always on the lookout for something new, something unfamiliar, something wonderful. 

And so it was…


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