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"Same Trailer Different Park" by Kacey Musgraves (2013)

Over the past two year I've been reacquainting with country music since my brief departure from it in 2012.  By reacquainting I mean listening to videos on YouTube and looking at the charts. When I started listening to country music again I'm disappointed to say I wasn't very impressed. I thought "Where's the country music at?" since all I heard on the radio were acts like…


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Health & Happiness Hour Moscow Fish in session July 30th 2014

This week’s Medicine Show Health & Happiness Hour, is a Belladrum Festival special, we have Moscow Fish from Thailand in session at the start of their Belladrum Tartan Heart Fringe adventure, look forward to David Celia's & Gypsy Dave Smiths imminent arrival for T.H. Fringe dates + we look forward to the festival its self with music from Billy Bragg, Danny…


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Eric Clapton Pays Homage to His Late Friend JJ Cale

A year after the death of  cult singer-songwriter JJ Cale, his close friend Eric Clapton has launched a tribute with an album and documentary featuring the likes of Willie Nelson and Mark Knopfler.

"The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale" features 16 interpretations of Cale's typically laid-back repertoire and is named after a 1972 release "Call Me The Breeze". The documentary is being shown on U.S. cable networks.

Cale, who died…


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The Infamous Stringdusters on Country Fried Rock

The Infamous Stringdusters tour so much that they even have their own festival, The Festy, with a fabulous lineup including our alumni, New Country Rehab. Chris Pandolfi and Andy Hall are so in sync that they alternate answering questions and finish each others' sentences. For their fifth album, Let It Go, the…


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Adam Yount - Butcher Songs (Album Review)

Adam Yount's "Butcher Songs" delivers a collection of songs full of heart and folksy wisdom. The musicianship is top notch with enough fiddle, mandolin and sweet picking to pull you in and and strong lyrics to keep you engaged as a listener.

The rollicking River Raft is a terrific opener, evoking Mark Twain and setting the stage for Yount's deliciously understated humor with lines like "Gonna build me an old time river raft, roll right off of…


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Jillpoke Bohemia: An Interview with the Author, Conducted by Himself - Part 2


Let’s talk about the music behind Jillpoke Bohemia.  Webcomics don’t typically have soundtracks, but one can imagine that a Jillpoke Bohemia…


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Getting to Know Wendy Cahill -- Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist

Wendy Cahill has a voice.  She’s got a voice that is captivating and beguiling.  She’s got soul.  And like I said above, man-oh-man, she has got a Voice.  It’s raw and powerful and is definitely meant to be heard!

Wendy Cahill is one of 24 Emerging Artists chosen for this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  The Emerging Artist showcase is always one of the highlights of the festival. The musicians are chosen by a three-member…


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The Post-Newport Earthquake: Watkins Family Hour

Did you feel it? That's what everybody in Los Angeles asks each other whenever a shake or quake rattles and rolls through the valleys and flatlands. Sometimes there's just a release of pressure beneath the crust, and other times it's an up and down jolt that lasts only a second. And then you forget about it. Until the next time. 

Sunday night there was a seismic shift. A movement of the tectonic plates. A tilting of the axis. Not in…


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Johnny Winter - True To the Blues: The Johnny Winter Story (Album Review)

“This music proves that a white man with white hair can really play the blues,” Pete Townsend says in the booklet that accompanies True To the Blues: The Johnny Winter Story, the 4 CD box set retrospective of Winter's career just out on Columbia /Legacy. But age has nothing to do with Winter's look or sound. Due to his albinism, Winter's hair has always been white, and he's been playing like this ever since he first…


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Ep#200 Tribute to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill music scene

On episode 200 of the Americana Music Show, I pay tribute to local bands and songwriters in the Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh NC area.

This week features over 30 local artists from the area including John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff, Lyn Blakey, Jefferson Hart and Ghosts of Old North State, Mandolin Orange, Jon Shain,…


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Setting the Captives Free

One morning I woke up and was plunged into psychological shock.  I had forgotten I was free.

-- Jack Henry Abbott - American Criminal and Writer

Recently while listening to Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, I began to wonder whatever happened to Glen Sherley.  Who was Glen Sherley you might ask?  Well the great man himself evokes Sherley's name in that classic…


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Chris Isaak's Life Beyond the Sun

In 2011, Chris Isaak took the long overdue step of recording an album at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tenn. It wasn't just any album, it was faithful interpretations of classic songs by his musical mentors and heroes: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. It didn’t take much of a leap of imagination to predict that the album would be something fine. It captures the spirit of those sessions from so long ago with respect, but also…


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Carolina Story – Chapter Two (Album Review)

Strong country duets from Nashville husband and wife

The empathy shared by great duet singers can take your breath away. The ways in which a duo's voices complement, compete and provoke one another, the weaving of a harmony line above, below and around a melody, and the connection of two voices as they race around banked curves make listeners eavesdroppers as much audience. The Nashville-based Carolina Story, Ben and Emily Roberts, is…


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Canada's "Tour Tax" is History

Next week Delta Moon will cross the border to Canada to play the Kitchener Blues Festival in Kitchener, Ontario, one of our all-time favorite gigs. Friday and Saturday, August 8 and 9, we'll play four shows in Kitchener. And that's it. We'll turn around and head back to the US.

In years past we've enjoyed playing club dates as…


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Waylon, John Prine, Kinky, Gram Parsons ... Come Together

Musicians & Movie Stars: Brief Encounters by W. Conrad

This began as a foreword for a small collection of pictures and articles I am assembling for a book I plan to self-publish. As the memories piled on, the words accumulated into a short memoir and loose chronology of what happened in my life and on paper between 1967 and 1979. All of my No Depression offerings are referenced throughout this brief biography.

Stoney Burns, editor of Buddy…


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The Alvins Prove It Is Never too Late for Brotherly Love: Phil and Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones – Dakota Bar (Minneapolis, Minn. – July 26, 2014)

I knew going in it was going to be an emotional night at the Dakota Bar in Minneapolis.  Phil and Dave Alvin were performing together for the first time in Minnesota for a long time.  Had it really been nearly thirty years since they last played together here?  Having attended their previous shows with the Blasters at First Avenue and later warming up for Eric Clapton at the St Paul Civic Center, it seemed like it was just yesterday that the Alvins and their brash band, the…


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Dave & Phil Alvin & the Guilty Ones – Dakota Jazz Club (Minneapolis, Minn. – July 26, 2014)

“My brother Dave is a triple threat and I’m so proud of him – singer, songwriter, and guitar player.” That’s what Phil Alvin told a July 26 sellout crowd at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, Minn. The show was winding down but fans were totally pumped as the Alvin brothers exchanged pleasantries and showed no sign of their famed sibling rivalry after Dave split from the Blasters. If anything, the duo was good-natured and philosophical; especially Dave, who mentioned Phil’s brush…


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Celebrating 40 Years of Schoolkids Records: An Interview with Owner Stephen Judge

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Watergate. That's not really anything to celebrate, it's not an accomplishment, and what's that got to do with music? Nothing. It simply marks the inevitable passage of time. But, 2014 also marks the 40th anniversary of Raleigh, N.C.'s Schoolkids Records, which is an accomplishment and is definitely something worth celebrating.

iTunes and streaming have cut into record…


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Getting to Know Matt Nakoa, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist

There once was this kid named Matt Nakoa who grew up on a goat farm and went off to learn all he could at a prestigious music school in Boston.  While at the aforementioned college, he learned a lot about music but he also learned a lot about what it takes to live the life of a musician and play the kind of music that feels just right for him.  Apparently it’s working,…


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Getting to Know Allie Farris, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist

Allie Farris has been and will be a very busy festival performer this year.  She’s hopping all over the country with appearances in Texas, Colorado and New York.  As one critic says, Allie’s vocals are a “tour de force” and her musicianship is something else. After studying jazz at Berklee for a short time, Allie headed to Nashville where she had made a comfortable home base for herself and has gotten immersed in the songwriting scene there.

Allie Farris is one of 24…


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