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Debut Record Now Available

Whats Being Said

"The six track EP is solid start to finish, all the songs are written and crafted by Masson whose vocal is a perfect match for the meandering lo-fi alt-country on display here, the twang provided by the pedal steel and banjo is blended beautifully with the minimal percussion to produce a thoroughly enjoyable song set, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, the EP"
The Beat Surrender

"Every once in a while, and sadly it doesnt happen much any more, but there are times when you put on a record, or an ep as it were, and you just immediately gravitate to the sound. Thus is the case with Baltimorian Paul Michael Masson and his recently released and most excellent self titled ep. Plainly put, this ep is one of the best collection of songs that I've heard in a while. Granted its only 5 songs, but taking it for what it is, its spectacular. His voice is great, the lyrics are smart without seeming like he’s trying too hard, and the instrumentation is lovely."

~ Captains Dead

"Baltimore-based Paul Masson reminds me of why I'm a music fan in the first place...Masson's debut and independently financed and produced EP is a fine slice of that captures the colours of life's dreamy moments and applies them to a canvas of hurt and regret.The performances here have been recorded live with few overdubs, making an intimate listening experience. Masson's vocals are full of heartfelt warmth, a little whiskey-soaked around the edges, and a sincerity that major-label financing often kills."

~ High Noon Saloon

"Paul Masson writes some of the smoothest country songs I've heard in a very long time, to the point where they are almost Southern Soul songs. Masson's voice can only be described as a slightly "twangier" Ray Lamontagne...we hear that Paul puts on a helluva show. He cut his record to reflect his live sound and as a fan of all live music, that gets me really excited. I hate when bands overproduce their records and fall flat when it comes to the live show. Paul Masson won't be falling flat.This is a great introduction to an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who we will be hearing a lot about in the near future. If you're a fan of heartfelt, honest music, I highly suggest you give this a try."

~ Front Porch Musings

"All tracks on the EP will convince you that Paul Masson makes music with his whole heart and soul, listen for example to the magnificent My Girl Baltimore, that was rightly chosen by fellow blogger Smansmith from Slowcoustic to be his track of the day not so long ago. But to reduce the EP to this one ballad would do harm to the complete release. I think every track has a story to tell and you should listen to it with both your ears and your heart. Great lyrics walk hand in hand with sometimes sparse, sometimes rich instrumentation evoking a strong feeling of safety on the one hand and delightful melancholy on the other."

~ Common Folk Meadow

"An EP that has garnered many a spin in the CD player recently is Paul Masson's self titled, debut EP. Masson's Lamontagne-esque vocals give the tracks a depth that many current singer/songwriters and other aspiring folkies only hope to carve out for their own material... Masson’s disc is what Lamontagne’s Trouble record might have sounded like, had it been recorded in the sunny glow of Laurel Canyon with a pedal steel player that is as skilled as These United States’ Tom Hnatow."

~ The Gobblers Knob

Witness B-more native son Paul Masson...Much like his hometown, Paul Masson is deceptively complicated...His candy-coated voice is immediately impressive, to the point that it hardly matters what he’s singing. It is easy to lose yourself in his shifting, opaque tones.

~ Seven Days - Vermont's Independent Choice

"Masson’s timbre is well suited for traditional Americana music – gritty, expansive and flawlessly channeling the sensibilities of yesteryear. This brilliant self-titled debut EP is definitely worth seeking out - I can’t wait for Masson’s first full length effort."

~ Record Dept. Music Reviews

"Great country (or Alt-Country for those too scared to say they like country music)... Immediately I was drawn in by Masson’s perfect pitch delivery for such music: just a bit of grit, a bit breathy and clearly a history beyond his years."


"Got a new country folk sound for everyone to check out. His name is Paul Masson." ~ ~ Grit Music

"It's honest, Americana folk... "Balt-Country" if you will."

~ B Baltimore's Free Daily Newspaper

Press Release

Turning on the radio today is an act of repetition. Forty top songs reigning supreme, chartering an ebb and flow of digital perfection. The soothing warmth of the human voice run through a labyrinth of digital effects, guiding our sensory experience to the point that would register the uniqueness of our own voice unrecognizable. Instruments carried down through centuries of song and dance replaced with a plastic pad redefining what is considered sonic perfection. Artists no longer expressing themselves through their songwriting craft, but instead performing songs pieced together by a room of hired hands they'll never meet.
Against these odds Paul Masson introduces his debut EP, a record that takes a staunch stand against the digital age of craft-less perfection. The EP, written entirely by Masson, is a fluid piece of music with a breadth and depth that is purely accessible. Performing all the songs live, and playing every instrument him self, Paul Masson is the exception to the rule in today's music scene. There are no tricks. Paul recorded the songs as they were first created - just a man and a guitar making amends with his own perilous journey. With his freshman release, Paul evokes a celebration of the imperfect beauty of the live recording, reminding the listener of the inherent humility of music. Each song is given the opportunity to authentically form as an organic entity. It is his way of counteracting the binds of the digital age. To put it succinctly, it is how he stays human.

The Merriman Webster dictionary defines “authentic” as worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact. When discussing Paul Masson’s music, the meaning stresses a painstaking and faithful dedication to actual character. Masson has a voice that is far older than he himself. When he sings, a soulful, rough-hewn sound escapes from within him with urgency. Masson’s voice is seamlessly versatile, full of warm yearning in “Gonna Be Your Man,” while whispery and pulsing with emotion in the EP’s first single, “My Girl Baltimore”. He sings like it was the last time he will be allowed, and never leaves anything behind.

Paul Masson is baring his heart in a time when most chose to disguise themselves. He’s not afraid to embrace love both lost and found. His life's blood is the music he makes and his sincerest intention is to create art that reproduces essential features of his own mortality. He is only doing what allows him to wake up with reason every day. Keeping his heart open and finding beauty in the cracks and flaws. He hopes there are others that feel the same.


Paul Masson is an American singer-songwriter who lives in Baltimore MD. He has released a debut self-titled EP, described as “brilliant,” “authentic,” and “honest.” It is a record that is country at its root, but hints at soul, blues, and folk as well. With a voice older then his years, Masson is a man who has been to the edge and fought his way back to share his tribulations. His stories are autobiographical, but always relatable. There’s a depth to his songwriting that is impressive when you take into account that this is his debut record.

Masson wrote the record upon his return to Baltimore in January 2009 after having moved away three years ago. “Being back in Baltimore I started seeing things more clearly. Songs like “My Girl Baltimore”, which had been in my head for some time suddenly came into focus. I had written the chorus before I moved away, and the words had been an angry sentiment. But after moving back, and reflecting on my travels the past couple years, suddenly ‘She’s my beautiful girl/She’s named Baltimore/and oh well honey don’t you know you’re going to win.’ were expressing love. It was the idea of giving yourself to another person or place without regret and that action freeing you.” Love is the theme that ties together much of the record. “To be honest I had decided to give up music when I moved back to Baltimore, but at the risk of sounding cliché, it was love that brought me back to it. I had closed my heart off to beauty and feeling, and until I was shown how to re-open it, these songs were not possible for me to write.”

The EP’s lead song “Gonna Be Your Man” is a deceleration that when faced with life’s trials, love will grant our desired ends, revealing the parts of our morality that are truest. “Cause in this life you and I will walk/Sometimes in light, sometimes in dark/But darling I’m always gonna be your man.” In “Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone” Masson channels the emotions of a woman he has loved, but must leave behind in order to reconnect with aspects of his consciousness that could lead him astray.

“This record is at its core about me, but I honestly believe it covers themes anyone can relate to. Whether it’s about money and the troubles that brings us in “Gold” or the deterioration of the environment in “Red Morning Skies”, I don’t know anyone who isn’t a little scared about those things.” And it’s in this honesty that Paul Masson’s debut EP shines. His stories only made stronger by the power of his live performance. “We recorded everything as I would play it on stage and I think we were able to capture an intimacy that is missing on a lot of records I hear today.” The record is built around one man and his acoustic guitar, drawing you in and making you part of the story. “I think there is a mystery to songwriting and performing, that is as vast and amazing as living and breathing. People are so immensely different from each other and yet we are so often brought together by art. Poets, writers, painters, songsmiths, they find a way to talk about something as mysterious and misunderstood as love and do so in a way that unites us. I think that’s amazing. And that’s why I continue to write. Because I want to be part of that continuing mystery.”


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At 5:32pm on January 8, 2013, Jim Moulton said…

Can We say a prayer  for Abbie Caldwell, who broke a vertebrae in her neck in an accident, out of hospital now, but still healin?


At 5:52am on March 1, 2010, Jeanne Murrin Wilkinson said…
Nice sound, Paul. Best of luck to you. JMW
At 2:55pm on February 13, 2010, Red River said…
Thank you for the add, Paul. Really like your voice, and the songs are great!
At 3:53pm on January 28, 2010, paul kearney said…
Thanks for the add. Dig your sound. Good going. How 'bout a short northbound drive up 95. Grace Philly with a show.
At 5:29am on January 25, 2010, Craig Cummings said…
You can go to my website, my myspace page at, or my sonicbids page

The music player on my website must be used with firefox or safari browsers. Happy listening.
At 9:30am on January 22, 2010, Mitch Barrett said…
Hey Paul,

Thanks for reaching out. I'll check your page out.


At 3:49pm on January 20, 2010, Craig Cummings said…
Hey Paul:
Thanks for friending me. I'll check out your music. Please give mine a listen as well. I see you have some review comments from Baltimore press. Are you a B-more local like me?
At 12:24pm on January 20, 2010, Kim Rinehart said…
This is just superb!! I am always looking for new artist that inspire not just musically but also with a lyric I can relate to as well. You have done a wonderful job! to be compared to Ray LaMontagne is quite an honor! I also think of early Dan Fogelberg when I listen to this. He was also a man of deep feeling that was in every lyric he penned. I will be eager for more good stuff from you. Thank you for sharing your gift.
At 11:58am on January 20, 2010, Tara Sitser said…
Welcome and thanks for the friend request! Glad to know you. I'll be listening!
At 1:22pm on January 17, 2010, ryansfather said…
Thanks for adding me as a friend Paul, and congratulations for your music, is amazing and I dig it! Rock on!

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