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Adam Sheets's Blog

Get the Real Butter Out!: An Interview with Greg Martin

Originally published at MoonRunners

Greg Martin has spent his entire career as a professional musician chasing down the roots. As lead guitarist and founding member of the Kentucky Headhunters, he has fully explored the links between country, blues, and rock and roll, creating a Southern-fried sound that doesn't quite fit in anywhere. Yet for a period of time in the early '90s, Martin's band was the talk of Music…


Posted on April 13, 2012 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

The Lonesome Death of Donny Young

Originally published at MoonRunners

The hills of south central Ohio are an enigma. Both culturally and literally they are worlds apart from the pre-NAFTA industrial hubs like Akron and Cleveland. To the best of my knowledge, neither LeBron James or Drew…


Posted on April 9, 2012 at 3:00pm — 5 Comments

Why Roger Miller is my hero (with a partial album guide)

Originally published at MoonRunners

It's easy to write songs like Jim Morrison. No disrespect intended to a charismatic frontman and a great rock band, but everybody can and has written blatant attempts at poetry, shrouded in so much imagery that only the most astute listener will know or care what the songs actually mean.

It's tougher to write something that is intelligent, yet so simple that you get…


Posted on March 29, 2012 at 6:00pm — 13 Comments

On this whole Chris Brown Thing

Originally published on MoonRunners

This whole Chris Brown thing reminds me of a deleted scene from Mike Judge's Idiocracy and is exhibit A in the case against our modern day society and culture.

I'm not speaking from any moral high ground here. A short list of any of my favorite artists would reveal drug addiction, alcoholism, and even an attempted murder or two. But I was…


Posted on February 14, 2012 at 4:00pm — 8 Comments

The Last of the Rock 'n' Rollers

An uncensored version of this was originally published at MoonRunners

You ever hear a song on the radio and ask yourself, as Eddie Murphy did, "Can you believe this motherf****** shit?" You know the type of song I'm talking about. It's one of those things that sounds more like an engineer and a computer programmer jerking each other off on a bed of Auto-Tuned bubblegum than anything even remotely…


Posted on January 27, 2012 at 1:00pm — 28 Comments

Vintage Vinyl Review: Porter Wagoner- "Soul of a Convict and Other Great Prison Songs"

Originally published at MoonRunners

"Miracles appear in the strangest of places," as Willie said.

Today, while we were on a pointless excursion in town, my brother decided he wanted to visit one of our local pawnshops and check out some guns. I had nothing better to do, so no…


Posted on January 15, 2012 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

On Elvis, influence, and unintended consequences

Originally published at MoonRunners

Today marks the 77th birthday of Elvis Presley, hands down the most influential recording artist of the 20th century. But what does influence really mean? Does each action have an unintended, inadvertent reaction? Is it enough to call Elvis the King of Rock 'n Roll and say he was one of the best ever or should we look beyond that and ask what his influence really was and what it…


Posted on January 8, 2012 at 10:45am — 30 Comments

2012 Music Preview

Originally published at

Well folks, 2011 is just about gone and we've seen a lot of great releases. The great news is that 2012 is gearing up to be even better. Below are some of the albums I'm looking forward to next year along with my thoughts or the artist's comments on each of them.

Alan Jackson

Nashville honky-tonk traditionalist Alan Jackson…


Posted on December 30, 2011 at 9:00pm — 7 Comments

Adam's Top 10 of '11

I swore to myself I wouldn't do this. I hate making lists and even more than that, hate the feeling that somebody is being left out. And, don't take it personally, but I haven't read the top 10 list you posted. Sorry. But it's 2:55 a.m. on December 30th and I needed to write something. So here we go. Starting at number 10.

10. Roger Alan Wade- Too Fat to Fly

Surprisingly, or maybe not, Roger Alan Wade followed up Deguello…


Posted on December 30, 2011 at 12:30am — 3 Comments

On freedom of speech, misplaced legacies and double standards

Back in 1982, one of the most popular country singers of his era delivered the following lines: "Blew my last twenty dollars on an Oilers football game/I only lost by half a point, nothing ever goes my way/Reaganomics and plastic people makin' good luck hard to find/All this stuff that's goin' down, really got me down this time." It's worth noting that he didn't write those particular…


Posted on October 3, 2011 at 10:00pm — 27 Comments

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At 10:11am on August 25, 2011, Classic News said…

Hello Mr. Sheets, Good to be on board. If you get a chance stop by and ck out the video. MP3 of song available to media and stations.

At 8:58pm on July 31, 2011, DanaK said…

Hey Adam,

I'm with a new indie label out of Texas called Sweet Southern Records, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing a new CD by one of our artists.  His name is Jud Block, and the CD is called Barroom Gravity.  Looking at the reviews you've done in the past, I believe he'd be right up your alley.  I can send you a copy as soon as it's released, which oughtta be within the next couple months.  Let me know if you're interested.


Dana K. 

At 4:27am on April 27, 2011, Steve Hatch said…


Hi Adam


      As a featured contributor to No Depression, I’m particularly keen on getting your feedback for the following – Please forgive the intrusion if you don’t have the time or inclination to reply.


      I’ve posted the following to the No Depression discussion board – you can either respond there or alternatively drop me a line at


Thanks very much for your time

Kind regards,





My name is Steve Hatch and I’m currently conducting research for my Master’s in Songwriting at Bath Spa University in Bath, England (though I happen to be an ex-pat Georgia boy).  I would be extremely grateful if you could find the time to listen to the track (link below) and answer the 2 accompanying questions.  The more detail, the better of course (more to say in my final analysis) – but all feedback will be useful and very much appreciated.


Sadly, as this is an academic pursuit, there is a deadline.  Please reply by May 20th if at all possible so that I can have time to chew over your response and include it in my final write-up.


            The track:


1)     Which artist/band(s) would you say the track is most similar to and why?


2)     Which genre(s) would you say the track belongs to and why?

At 12:23pm on January 26, 2011, Josh Zanger said…

Hey Adam,

This is Josh from Bloodshot Records. I wanted to see if you'd like to listen to the new Eddie Spaghetti record, Sundowner. Let me know and I'll send you some music.


Thanks, josh

At 5:39am on December 22, 2010, chris sweeney said…

That's great! I'm not sure I ever heard all the words to that song before.


Thanks, Adam.

At 3:46pm on December 8, 2010, Chris Elliott said…
No problem. Will checkout the site.
At 8:30pm on December 7, 2010, chris sweeney said…
Nice murals, Adam. Wish we had more heroes like Roy Rogers and Hoss Cartwright these days!
At 7:32pm on December 7, 2010, chris sweeney said…
Do I recall you are a Dan Blocker fan? This is part of a mural I spotted in Alpine, TX this week while on vacation.

At 12:58pm on December 7, 2010, Stefan Z said…
Thanks - I will pass yr info onto Alive. Would you be so kind as to email your contact info (and/or address)?
At 8:18am on December 7, 2010, Stefan Z said…
Well met good sir...always appreciate someone who loves the real blues (whatever that is...).
At 9:21pm on November 9, 2010, TenLayers said…
Re: girlfriend's father, an avid history dude gives this Pulitzer Prize author a thumbs up.
At 10:23am on October 9, 2010, lou paschall said…
stumbling thru the innertube guided by bat juice
check out wayne douglas/aka/doug sahm
At 1:01pm on August 28, 2010, Hearth Music said…
"Aw nah, hell nah, man, y'all an' up and done it" Nappy Roots are most excellent. You heard of Bubba Sparxxx? Check out my first hillbilly hip-hop blog:

Hey, what's your email? I'm at Had a few questions for ya
At 6:12pm on August 22, 2010, lou paschall said…
+hey adam
thanks for remembring
thanks for phil
and bob
and donovan
and leo
is this sally?
kinnd of like her
thankks adam

for bringing phil
back to life
At 4:40pm on June 6, 2010, Jason T. Lewis/Sad Iron Music said…
Thanks for picking up the Sad Iron Music record. Look forward to hearing what you think. -Jason
At 7:08am on May 31, 2010, olds sleeper said…
thanks for the good means a lot. i have an additional .ep coming out later this month, i will send it your way. peace. olds.
At 5:11pm on January 26, 2010, rosemary cross said…
I gotta tell's nice to see such an inspiring afro from OHIO!

At 7:38pm on January 12, 2010, Paul Masson said…

Thank you for the add. Hope you enjoy the songs.

Be Well,

At 5:31am on December 31, 2009, James G. Carlson said…
In the event that you didn't see it posted on my page, I thank you for bringing the typo in my Blind Willie Johnson piece to my attention. His DOB was 1897, not 1867, quite right. Honestly I don't know if I am slightly dyslexic or what, as I intended to enter his DOB as 1897 when I wrote the piece, and yet it ended up as you pointed out in your comment. Thank you for the comments, incidentally. Dock Boggs is exceptional, too. Of course he is more commonly referred to as a Folk musician, but I can definitely see why you would categorize him under the Blues as well. You obviously have a wealth of knowledge regarding music in general. You also convey that knowledge very well through your writing, and I look forward to reading more.
At 3:01pm on December 23, 2009, Kyla Fairchild said…
Hey Adam- Your posts are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knowledge and writing here on the ND site. It's very much appreciated.


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