Q: How do I blog here? 
A: Anyone is welcome to blog on the ND site as long as the blog is not promotional in nature. We welcome your contributions! See the answers to specific questions below and check out these tips for blogging on NoDepression.com

Q: How do I submit a CD for review?
A: We do not accept CD's for review. Unfortunately everyone wants a review and not enough people are willing to pay for ads so we had to cut the editorial budget in February of 2009 and launch the community site due to lack of revenue to pay writers. You can read about the difficulties of monetizing online content here if you are interested. 

NoDepression.com is a community of bloggers, photographers, videographers, artists, labels, DJs, venues, and fans around the world. We don't accept submissions for review as we don't assign any reviews. Our content comes from throughout the community and the best of it is featured on our homepage. 

If you are interested in advertising on the No Depression website that is the best way to get the word out to our audience of music lovers! Ads start at $300 and we reach more people now than we ever reached in print.  You will find information about advertising here.

Q: I'm a musician/I'm in a band. How can I best use this site to share my work with the community?

A: Here are some tips we created especially for you.

Q: I can't find the upcoming releases list or CD and concert reviews? What's up? 

A: When we launched this community site in February 2009, it was in the wake of discontinuing our editorial budget, which means some of the features of the old site (i.e. a list of upcoming releases) had to go away. (For more about this, read ND Publisher Kyla Fairchild's blog on the Cold Hard Facts.) As for CD and concert reviews, you can get to those by mousing over "blogs" in the top nav and choosing "reviews". This page points to all the reviews that have been posted by No Depression community members since we launched. We would love to feature your reviews of albums, concerts, or festivals you've attended. What albums and shows you review is entirely up to you. This is, after all, your roots music playground. All you have to do is post a blog (see how to do that below).  Here's the one for CDs/DVDs and here's the one for live reviews.

Q: I'd like to post a CD or concert review. Are there any rules regarding reviews on this site? 

A: We ask only that you keep consistent with our basic preferred style, placing all song titles in quotation marks and album titles in italics. Please include the artist name, album title, and record label in the title of your post and in the body of the review. Please also include the release date in the body of the review if possible. (See below if you'll be requesting materials/access from publicists, labels, or artists on behalf of No Depression.) NOTE: There is no "create a review" function on this site. You need simply to add a blog post following these guidelines. We'll see it once it's published.

Q: What if I've written a review for another publication, or for my personal blog? Can I repost it here, or should I just link to it? 

A: You are more than welcome to to post reviews on this site which have already been posted on your personal blog or with another publication (providing that other publication is okay with you reprinting it here). For the sake of making this a smooth and easy experience for our readers, we ask that cross-posted blogs be posted in full here rather than an excerpt with a link  or just a link. Please feel free to add a line at the bottom of the post that says "Originally written for [NAME OF PUBLICATION]", with a link to that publication or your blog if you wish.

Q: Can I tell labels/publicists/artists that my review will be featured at NoDepression.com? What should I tell them when requesting materials for review or access to a concert for review? 

 A: Since everything that's featured on the ND homepage is up to our discretion, please do not promise labels, artists, or publicists that your work will be featured here. If we choose to feature your post(s) on the homepage, we will let you know. However, you are more than welcome to let them know the review will be posted to your blog on the NoDepression.com community website. In the interest of consistency and properly representing ND, if you are requesting materials or access, please include the following language in your correspondence:


I'm a freelance music blogger who contributes to the NoDepression.com community website. In case you're unfamiliar, after 13 years in print as the leading authority in roots music, No Depression took to the web and is now a community of critics, artists, labels, DJs, venue owners, and roots music fans around the world (with a monthly readership of more than 135,000 unique visitors and growing). In addition to the extensive community activity - a vibrant forum, music, videos, and concert photography - No Depression's reviews and other blogs and articles come from throughout the community.

I would like to add a review of the new record from [ARTIST NAME], which will be part of my personal blog on the network and, as such, may or may not be featured on the NoDepression.com homepage. I would be happy to send you a direct link when the review is live on the site, and will let you know if it's featured on the homepage.    

Q: How do I add a blog post, photo, or video to my page? 

A: Click on "Blogs" or "Video" in the top navigation and that will take you to the main page for each. In the upper right corner of the page you'll see a button "+ADD".  Click that and the page to add your blog or video will appear. For detailed instructions on adding a video to the video section or a in blog or comment check out our tutorial (See also tips for blogging on NoDepression.com.)

Q: How do I add a photo or link to a blog post?

A: When you create a blog, you will see a line of icons on a grey bar under where it says "Entry".  "link" is to add a hyperlink to your blog, the "image" icon next to that is to add a photo, the "media" link next to that is for adding a video or other embedded content, the paper clip at the end is to add a file.

 Standard editing tools are also available in the row below those icons. The B is for bold, I is for italicizing text, U is for underlining text. In order to use the bold, italic, underlining, or linking buttons, just highlight the text you want to bold/italicize/underline/link and click the button. If you're trying to link, a window will pop up and you'll enter the URL of the page or website to which you'd like to link. Paste the link in there, hit okay, and it will automatically create the link for you. If you'd like to upload a photo, click on the photo icon and you can either upload the image from your computer or enter a URL where the image lives online. Once you've selected the photo, click on the "Options" link in the photo upload box. There you can choose whether the photo will align to the right or left of your text, have the text wrap around the photo, and select a size for the photo. We ask that photos in blog posts be no bigger than 300px, and album cover art should be 200px wide.  

Q: Can I pull my personal blog from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. into my No Depression member page?
A:Yes. On your member page, there should be a box marked RSS. Simply enter the RSS URL from your personal blog into that box and, whenever you blog there, it will automatically feed into your No Depression page, reformatted to fit whatever design you've applied on your ND member page. However, those posts will not automatically feed into the list of blogs on the Blog page. So, if you've written a stellar blog post on your personal, non-ND blog and you think we might want to feature it on the main page, copy and paste it as a blog using the instructions above and it will feed into the community blogs.

Q: Can I advertise myself, my services, event, or band in a blog post?
A: Technically you can, but we'll probably delete it.  Because so many people come to this site searching for reviews, recommendations, and commentary, we try to keep the blog area free of items that are just show listings, links or look like advertisements. There are so many artists, venues, festivals, radio DJ's and publicists as members of the site that if everyone posted only links or self promotional posts, etc., the No Depression site would become overrun with that and it would drive away many of the readers we have who are looking for more than that. 
We respect and appreciate our advertisers' willingness to continue to support No Depression, and we would be more than happy to send you information about advertising on this site (email advertising at nodepression dot com).

We also welcome your band, business, or other entity to participate in the community by blogging, starting discussions, sharing your photos, music, and video. You're welcome to create a member page that links back to your website or places where people can hear your music. You're also more than welcome to add all your upcoming dates to the community event calendar. But, if we see you've created a blog or forum discussion for no reason other than to advertise your goods or services, we'll have to delete it.

Q: How do I add an event to the community calendar?
A: Mouse over the "Members" tab in the top navigation and you will notice the option to click on "Events". That will take you to a page full of events, and you will see at the top right of that page a phrase that says "+ Add". Click on that and follow the instructions. Your event will automatically appear on the calendar. 

Q: What are Groups and how do I make/join one?
A: Groups are a way for like-minded folks within the community to start discussions, share information and tips, and just get together and do whatever it is they do. For example, you can start a Group for banjo pickers or for fans of Ryan Adams. Start a group for people who always go to Merlefest, or start a group of roots radio DJs. The options are endless, and these are just a few ideas. Mouse over Members in the top nav and choose "Groups" (or just go here). This will take you to a page that lists all the existing groups. Join one, or start your own by clicking on  "+ Add ". In other words, Groups are little communities within the No Depression community.

Q: Can I add music to my page?
A: But of course. There are two ways to go about this. If you own the rights to the music you're uploading (i.e. if it's your band or you wrote the song) you can upload songs directly by clicking on the "Add Music" link in the "My Music" box in the left column on your profile page. When you add songs this way, if we like them, we might feature them in the player on the homepage. If you'd like to be considered for a feature in that player, let us know you've uploaded tracks and we'll let you know if/when we choose to feature your song. You're also welcome to embed a SoundCloud or other web-based player into the text box on your page (please don't do it in a blog post). Just know we can't feature songs in our homepage player if you've posted them only with a SoundCloud player on your page.  
Q: What is First Spin, and how do I get my band's album featured on First Spin?
A: First Spin is a sponsored feature run by No Depression. The albums featured on First Spin are chosen based on the discretion of ND Community Manager Kim Ruehl and Publisher Kyla Fairchild. As sponsored content, First Spin features are run in conjunction with an advertising campaign. If you're interested in being considered for a First Spin feature, please contact advertising (at) nodepression dot com for more information. 

Q: I have a Flickr account. Can I pull photos onto my page from Flickr?
A: Yes. When you click in the photos section of your member page to add photos, scroll to the bottom of that page and you'll see an option to add photos from Flickr. Just follow the instructions and voila!

Q: What else can I do?
A: You can pull in YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, create a personal avatar, and any number of other things. Just click on the Applications option under your profile photo and explore all the options.

Q: Can I reorganize my member page? How?
A: This one's easy. The answer is yes. To reorganize the content boxes on your member page, simply drag and drop them wherever you want them to go. If you want your photos at the top of the page, just click on the header of that box and drag it to the top of the page. If you want them in your left column, just drag and drop them over there.

Q: Will my blog/photo/video automatically feature on the main ND community page?
A: No. Your trusty ND Community Manager will regularly troll the community looking for blog posts, photos, videos, and other items to feature on the main page. Any photo, video, or blog post you add to the community will show up on those respective tab pages (for example, if you click on the Community Blogs tab, you will see every blog that has been created, in order of the most- to least-recent), but only the Powers That Be can feature your content on the main page. If you wish to avoid ever being featured on the main page, please let us know and we will happily oblige.

Q: What if I see a photo/video/blog that blows my mind and I think it belongs featured on the main page?
A: Just drop us a line and let us know.

Q: Can I access the ND community from my phone?
A: Yes. To access the ND community from your phone, type in the URL and add /m to the end. For example, to visit the main community page, you would go to: http://www.nodepression.com/m

Q: I'm no longer interested in participating in the No Depression community site. How do I leave the community?
A: If you click on "Settings" from your member page and scroll down, you'll see a link that reads "Leave No Depression". Just follow that link and you will be removed from the community.

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