The yanks have 100's of the things, & we have err..........
Billy Bragg's A13 & Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (which is magnificent, and is covered by Bluegrass legend Del McCoury & Reckless Kelly).

Any others of note?

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I thought of doing one about The A34 Milton interchange at Didcot
but couldn't rhyme Didcot :-)

Parrot was close as I got...

Terry Allen Truckload of Art count as a road song?
wait, isn't truckload of art about art heading from east to west coast of the states?
Have not, what not, fuck snot all rhyme with Didcot - you just didn't try hard enough!
Its because our roads aren't long enough.

You set off after breakfast, have lunch half way up the M1 in a Happy Eater and you're there by tea time. There's no f*cking adventure in that! You can't drive all night to cross the stateline with another 5 days driving ahead of you.

I suppose we could write about driving accross Europe but somehow getting pulled over by the French Police for not signalling when you changed lane still doesn't compete with riding shotgun down highway 1 with the Pacific Ocean on your right and red wood pines to your left.
Done by an American but Gretchen Peters' England Blues fits the bill.

Not to forget Roy Harper's hymn to motorway services Watford Gap
Best Americana song about a train in England...easy Darden Smith's 'Last Train to London' if he can do it :-)
But that is a train song not a road song Shaun.
My Rutland Road Trilogy is in development, there's many an adventure in the fifteen minutes it takes to cross it's mighty plains.
So its a "Walking song" then?
Actually, I joke, but there are Train, Road, Truck songs but are there walking songs we could use to start a genre?
Rail road count? :-)
Rodney Crowell's, Glasgow Girl, name checks Camden, Sheffield, Glasgow, Aberdeen
We do one - it's our take on Queen Ida's I-10 Express, which we've renamed the A50 Express, as we spend so much time crossing the Midlands on it. It's an instrumental, so the lyrical matters aren't an issue....



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