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Separating Country Music from Music Row (from A while back Chris Scruggs of BR549 and other projects said in a Nashville Scene interview: “People say, “Oh, you know, country music went bad,” and they like to blame it on Nashville. People say, “I can’t stand Nashville for what it’s done to country music.” Nashville was the home of Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells. To blame Nashville for the state of country music is like blaming the house for being robbed. People came, cheapened it, and they took away a lot of the magic. That’s not Nashville’s fault, it’s the industry’s fault, and it’s the same industry that’s responsible for a lot of the mediocre rock music you get nowadays too. Country fans feel so betrayed by Nashville as a city and I’d like to champion Nashville and say that no, Nashville is still a good place.” Please click above for Triggerman's entire blog and then respond.
2010 Inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame: Ferlin Husky, Billy Sherrill, Jimmy Dean, and Don Williams; Gram's in a long queue!
Jack White, Emmylou Harris Join Nashville Music Council - From Paste magazine:

Emmylou Harris, Jack White and Kix Brooks have joined the 46-member Nashville Business Council. Karl Dean, Nashville's mayor, recently put together the council to help the city's prestigious music scene thrive. Comprised of producers, professors, singers, songwriters, agents, publishers and label managers, the council will oversee and advise Dean on issues like the expansion of the CMA Music Festival, the construction of a downtown amphitheater and the cultivation of music education.

Like Seattle's City of Music Initiative, the Council's formation is an acknowledgement on the mayor's part that music is essential to the city's economy. A 2006 study commissioned by Belmont University and Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce showed the music industry has a $6.38 billion impact on the city and creates roughly 35,000 jobs.

Speaking with the Tennessean, Harris said, "There's so much going on here, musically, and we're trying to put a spotlight on that. There are a lot of good people in this community, with lots of good ideas. I'm just saying to the mayor, 'Put me in, coach.'"
Trace Adkins On Capitol Nashville: ‘They’re Broke’ - July 22nd, 2010

Trace Adkins has ended months of speculation of why he left one of Nashville’s most notorious major labels, that being Capitol Record’s Nashville subsidiary.

“They’re broke.” Adkins explained bluntly in an interview with Yahoo News. “Everybody knows that. I mean, it’s in the Wall Street Journal every other week. They don’t have any money. And that desperation, that feeling permeates the entire company. I don’t care (who you are), you cannot insulate yourself from that, and to me it was just a downer. It was not a good environment to try to operate in for me.

Trace left the label to sign with The Ford Truck Man Toby Keith’s Show Dog Universal label. Capitol is the home of country acts like Eric Church, Darius Rucker, and Keith Urban, and is owned by EMI out of the UK. Adkins says the company did not have enough money to extend his contract and record his new album.

“The label’s country division chief, Mike Dungan, “just straight-up told me, much to his credit, ‘I can’t do that. I’m telling you right now that if I go to those guys over there across the pond and tell them I have to cut you this check, they’re going to tell me no,’ ” Adkins recalls.”

Capitol made headlines nearly a year ago, when they sued a charity organization for using a Trace Adkins appearance on a compilation CD. At the time Adkins was on tour with Toby Keith.

From Saving Country Music
$250M convention center hotel on tap - - Nashville Business Journal
-- This includes a major expansion of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Will this continue what many see as the deterioration of the real Nashville, old Lower Broadway, etc.?



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