I just read the Patterson Hood interview on No Depression, and I was struck by Hood's response about his current musical interests.  I listened to the bands he mentioned, and they didn't do it for me.  They sounded kind of like Patterson did on Heat Lightening, which makes sense if that is what he finds interesting these days, but Patterson just did it better.  For Patterson, this is a consistent thing.  It took me a long time to give the Drive-By Truckers a chance because their breakthrough album was nominally a tribute to Skynyrd.  I still don't like Skynyrd.  Now, though, the Truckers are one of my favorite bands, and Southern Rock Opera is one of my all-time favorite albums.  OK.  However he gets is inspiration, I like the result.  I've also heard Patterson mention a set of bands who just sound like pale shadows of the Truckers to me.  (I see no reason to insult them by mentioning them specifically here).  But hey, whatever works for him.  I'll keep buying pretty much everything he records and catch every show when he comes to town, solo or with the Truckers.

Everyone's tastes are unique.  I don't expect to like everything my favorite musicians like.  But I am struck by how much my tastes diverge from Patterson Hood's tastes given that I pretty much love everything he does.  Funny how that works.

What are some of your favorite musicians' favorite musicians?

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If a musician I like raves about another musician or band then I am probably going to check it out.

I actually broadened my musical horizons because as a teen into metal and punk (and harder "classic rock") I saw interviews with Henry Rollins (Black Flag and the Rollins Band) where he talked about how he and guitarist Greg Ginn were into all manner of music from country and jazz to punk and hard core. I tracked down a copy of Bitches brew by Miles Davis because Rollins raved about it.

My three favorite musicians as Johnny Cash who with American Recordings broadened my horizons as I tracked down albums by people who played on them and the originals, the Clash who blended all kinds of music into their unique brand of punk and Joe Strummer was influential in my searching out "world" music and then Mike Ness of Social Distortion who wears his love of Carl Perkins, Bob Dylan and Wanda Jackson on his sleeve.



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