A friend of mine asked me yesterday, "who's your audience?"  I was kind of taken aback.  Wasn't it obvious?  "All those people you see at our shows," was my response.  "All ten of them?" was her comeback.  I admitted that she had a point!  I know that they amount to more than ten, but at the same time, I don't know who "they" really are.

We started talking about Roots/Americana in general, and the half-serious-best I could do was:  (a) really mellow college kids; (b) baby boomers who have worn out their Neil Young LPs; and (c) city folks (like us) who want to get out into nature more.  On the flip side, I know that teenagers -- both male and female -- are mostly not interested.  I got nothin' on Carly Rae so far as they're concerned -- believe me!  But really?  That's the best I could do on "genre demographics"?  I've been doing this a while ... I should know!

Maybe I'm asking a question to which the answer is perfectly well known.  If so, let's make this a short thread!  If not, I'd love to know "who's the audience?" if such a question can be answered.

Thanks, friends...

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