Do we go back to the 'beginning' and say Jimmie Rodgers?

Is it Patsy Montana, with her yodel?  How about Hank's?

The soulful angst of Gram Parsons or the friendly crooning of Gene Autry?


The grit of Waylon Jennings, Jason Ringenberg, or Johnny Cash?

The quiet introspection of Guy Clark or Townes Van Zandt?

The sweet harmonies of the Louvin Brothers or the Dixie Chicks?

How about George Jones, Tex Ritter, Dolly Parton, or Jeff Tweedy?


What do you think, and why?

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I wouldn't say George Jones was the best but he's in the Top...........One !

Jeff Tweedy , i can only assume you were stoned when you wrote that .

Who has the best voice?...Roy Orbison, no question, quickly followed by the Hag...who is the best singer?...different question...George Jones, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, NOT Jr., although he is great..let's not forget Marty Robbins, Eddie Arnold, the Everlies, or the women, you say?...hard to beat Claire Lynch or Linda Ronstadt...a great singer makes you feel the song, whether or not they have a great voice...example?...Petty!...and I sang in high school chorus with him...

Hard to pick but I'd go with Gram Parsons -  Hickory Wind from Grievous Angel and Drug Store Truck Driving Man from the Live 1973 recording, both very excellent

Taylor Swift. Just kidding.


To me you can't beat Waylon. Or Loretta Lynn. But, as a pure singer, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, and even Merle Haggard come really close. 


That said, I love the darkness of Johnny Cash's voice and of course Hank and would consider the two of them, along with Waylon, to be the Holy Trinity of country music.


And Kristofferson's voice, while not great by some standards, is musical comfort food to me.


And Willie can sing anything. 

Kristofferson's voice as 'musical comfort food'; I like that!



no doubt that it's George Jones.  his is perhaps the best voice ever, in any genre of music.

Shit, I forgot one.


From one of my all-time favourite albums Adam , but when i clicked i thought i was getting a newly discovered live ! hiss ! I feel all cheated and empty inside , what a way to start my Sunday.......
Agreed. This track by Presley is one of his greatest of his country tracks and many people who were not Elvis fans 100% and never bought his albums have no clue a great song like this exists. Several artists have covered this wonderful song but this version is one of the best. He even used the female backgrund singers to great effect. Nothing about this was cheesy. His vocals are powerful. It's been said that Elvis on a good day couldn't be beat by anyone in popular music. Great video too. I agree with many of your posts Adam. Always right on target.
Lefty Frizzell, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, George Jones,Tommy Duncan. Theres no best,only many greats.
Agree,  best is very hard thing to come up with.   Loretta Lynn is consistently the best female I think.  But ladies like Jeanne Pruett and Sammi Smith have turned in some really affecting performances over the years.  Among the men, certainly Buck Owens and  George Jones.  I'd also add Ray Price.



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