I'm surprised not to see any discussion of this yet here.  With both Derek and Warren leaving the band, do they continue?  If so, with whom?  Predictions of the band's demise seem odd given that neither Derek nor Warren (nor Oteil, for that matter) were original members, and if any band can survive, it is the Allmans.   Then again, Gregg's health wasn't as much of an issue even when Dickey left/got kicked out.  Guesses?

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Here's the info from the press release in case anyone is interested in reading that:


(New York, NY) January 8, 2014 -- For 25 years and 15 years respectively, we've had the honor and pleasure of playing, living, learning, and traveling with the Allman Brothers Band, one of the truly legendary rock and roll bands. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience, and for the love, enthusiasm, and support of the incredible fans. We are both preparing to dig even deeper into our various creative and musical endeavors and, as a result, 2014 will be our final year as part of the band. We are looking forward to seeing our loyal ABB fans at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta this Friday night January 10th and in March at the Beacon Theater in New York City as we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the band. - Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks

A Statement from Warren Haynes:

I joined the Allman Brothers Band in 1989, at age 28, for a reunion tour with no promise or expectations of it going any further. Based on the success of the tour and the uncanny chemistry between the original members and the new members, we decided to continue and see where it all led. Now, here we are, 25 years later, and it has been an amazing experience. I've always said that if I were to join a band that I grew up listening to the ABB would be at the top of that list. The original version of the band was a huge influence on me and I'm sure that the countless hours I spent listening to and studying that music helped shape me as a musician. As proud as I am of being a member of such a legendary band, I'm even more proud of the music that we've made together and of being a part of carrying their original vision into the future.

As someone who's been fortunate enough to juggle a lot of musical projects and opportunities I look forward to maintaining a vigorous schedule which will include many more years of touring and recording with Gov't Mule in addition to my solo projects and to enjoying more family time as well. Being part of the ABB has opened a lot of doors for me and that's something I don't take for granted nor do I take for granted the friendship and musical relationships I have with each of the members. The 45th Anniversary of the ABB is a milestone amidst too many highlights to count and I'm looking forward to an amazing year creating music that only the Allman Brothers Band can create.
A statement from Derek Trucks:

I got the call to join the Allman Brothers while on tour with my own band at the age of 19. It was out of the blue and felt surreal. I leapt at the chance. This was the music that I had cut my teeth on and it was the distinctive sound of Duane's guitar that inspired me to pick up the instrument in the first place.

When I started with ABB I didn't know how long it would last, only that I would let the music lead me and teach me. Amazingly that led me past the band's 40th anniversary, to the band's 45th, and now my 15th year as a member of this incredible band. Five years ago the 45th seemed like a lofty goal but I thought if we could make it to that milestone it would be a logical time to move on.

While I've shared many magical moments on stage with the Allman Brothers Band in the last decade plus, I feel that my solo project and the Tedeschi Trucks Band is where my future and creative energy lies. The Tedeschi Trucks Band tour schedule keeps growing, and I feel the time has finally come to focus on a single project, which will allow me to spend that rare time off the road with my family and children. It's a difficult decision to make, and I don't make it lightly.

I'm proud to have made a small contribution to the masterful music they have created over the past forty years, and will continue to create. Now seems like a good time to go out on a high note with a great 45th anniversary in 2014, and the mutual respect and friendship of the other 6 members of ABB.

Two guitarists who are very hard to replace...Warren's soul, and Derek being the channeling of Duane and among the best in the world right now.....vey hard to recoup this change...

Nothing lasts forever. As good as Warren and Derek are...theres a bunch of them out there waiting for the musical  call to arms.

Call it Semi-Retirement Gregg. 50 small shows a year as just Gregg. Or get Jim Herring or the million other abled body guitarists out there to continue the legacy.

   Or go get Dickie off the Sarasota Beach.

  They have made a lot of great music over the years, think it's time to call it quits , I liked them with Warren and Dicky. Derek came in and did a good job too. It's up to Greg.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the end is inevitable.  I can easily think of a dozen or so guitarists who could not only carry on the tradition, but add to it by bringing something new to the table.  Even if Jack and Dickey are off the table, Jimmy Herring, the guitarist from Jaimoe's Jasssz Band and a slew of others could form a worthy successor to the Warren & Derek era.  The benefit of having created a whole scene is that they have already cultivated potential replacements.  However, the transition to the current era was gradual.  Warren was the last in a long line of players to play alongside Dickey, and Derek didn't step in until Warren had established himself.  The nostalgia crowd, which is a big part of the fan base right now, probably wouldn't take to a lineup that is too new, and even if they could reform around Dickey, that would just emphasize the lack of forward movement.  It's a catch-22.

Too bad.  I would have loved to hear a new line-up with Junior Mack and Geoff Achison on guitar, with Vic Wooten on bass if Oteil were gone too, and maybe Randall Bramblett as a permanent member.

Victor Wooten is the bass player that bass players watch....

Now to hear the "Allmans Sound" I'll have to check out the spots on the Trucks Band and Govt Mule albums with Greg Allman singing; there is usually about one track per disc. Jim M pointed out yesterday that the discs with Warren and Dicky Betts were really good. "Hittin the Note" is also a superb CD. Jimmy Herring's work with Widepread Panic and on Derek's CD make him a natural, but they need a slide player.

And that need is the dilemma.  While the hard-core fans know Jimmy Herring, the nostalgia crowd isn't as familiar with him, and they would need a more familiar name, like Dickey.  Dickey can play some slide, but not enough to be the primary slide guitarist alongside Jimmy Herring.  Junior Mack from Jaimoe's band could handle slide, but even fewer know who he is, so a lineup of Jimmy Herring and Junior Mack would be too unfamiliar for the nostalgia crowd, as good as it could be.  The other option would be to do what Gov't Mule did when Allen Woody died, and have a series of high-profile guests before settling on a permanent member.  I could imagine an alternating line-up where Sonny Landreth handles slide for a show, then Robert Randolph, then Anders Osborne, and so on.  



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