Hi all,

I heard a song a while ago on our local bluegrass,country, roots radio station (WAMU, maybe some of you know it)

and i forgot to look it up when i got home and now i've tried to and it's hopeless. Fellow lovers of roots music, your assistance would be much appreciated.

The premise of the song is this (sung by a woman, at least in this version, with very little instrumentation just guitar it think)

It is essentially a love letter to whiskey. the singer is singing about going back to drinking and how she/he has missed "sweet whiskey"

Whiskey is very much personified as the recipient of the affections which was a cool tack to take, what caught my ear.

Any ideas on what song this is?

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Any chance this is it? 

haha, No this is not it. But I like the song.

The song in question is only about one vice (whiskey) and the singer is female. 

Thanks for the new tune though!

Guessing this isn't the one either, but I bet it works in the meantime.

If we don't find the song you are looking for we can at least come up with a great list of Whiskey related songs!

Well thank you!

Everybody, I FOUND THE SONG!!!!!

it is RJ Cowdery's "Whiskey"

check out the version on her album. It's on spotify and iTunes

I just realized that there wasn't a good chance that I'd find this even with all of you beautiful peoples help.
Soooo, i went the radio website and just looked through old listings trying titles that seemed probable and ended up finding it.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the other tunes.

Glad you found it but shoot, we were just getting started coming up with great Whiskey songs!

keep em coming!

This is one of my favorite all-time whiskey songs!


Same thought, this time from the male perspective. Shane MacGowan's version of Nancy Whiskey.

"The more I held her the more I loved her,

Nancy had her spell on me,

All I knew was lovely Nancy,

The things I needed I could not see."



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