During clean up and nap time in my classroom, I play my local non commercial radio station low on the dial. It is WTMD (Towson, MD). I heard Pretenders-complex person. After a crazy morning with 2 year olds, it put a smile on my face. How 'bout you?

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I drove up to the Wine Country this morning to show my portfolio to a new winery client. Listened to Sam Baker's "Cotton" during the drive. Although a sad song, "Angel Hair", the line in it "Not a day goes by that I don't think about you" always makes me smile. I can relate to it in a good way.
In my opinion 'Angel Hair' is the best song Sam Baker has written along with 'Thursday' from his 'Mercy' album. Lucky to have seen him live in January and perform both songs. A really special singer songwriter.. I often think he should be writing novels.
Can't disagree with you.
I'd also have to put "Days" in there with my favorites.
Just came across this discussion. I love Sam Baker, I was introduced to him through Ellis Paul.
I think my favorite SB song is "Boxes".

Sam and Ellis have a co-written song called "Dragonfly" on Ellis' new CD
It's a beautiful song written backstage at the Blue Door in OKC. You can really hear Sam's influence!

Take a listen here, it's posted in the music player
Passenger by the Dead. First song of the day and got me off on the right foot
'Bout time those sisters found their way to center stage....
I know...right! They sound amazing! Can't wait to catch them on the east coast!
1917 by Niamh Parsons on her Old Simplicity release.
Not a particularly happy song about a French prostitute in WW One
(I think Emmylou Harris has covered it as well).

(Checked ... it's written by David Olney).

Yesterday was Everything Is Free by the Holmes Brothers
(which I realized was familiar because it was done
by its writers ... Welch & Rawlings ... a while back.
Neil Young live Helpless! this morning on Pandora! Doing dishes and heavy sighs...
"Find The Out" Slobberbone. Got my butt up and movin' this morning. Great band. Wish they were still around.
I was fortunate enough to see Sam Baker at Anderson Fair in Houston. It's in the top 3 shows I've ever seen. If he come by your town GO see Him.

This morning for me it was Drive By Truckers "Nine Bullets"



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