Mine is: "Is Your Love In Vain" by Bob Dylan "Street Legal" (1978).

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For Your Precious Love - as sung by Jerry Butler.



"Everybody Knows" (The River Song) by the late great O.V. Wright.

My SECOND favourite , after Jerry Butler, is (seriously) OV Wright " Thats How Strong My Love Is"  !!!!!

You can't go wrong with anything by OV.

'Me and Bobby McGee' by Kris,  Janis' version is my preferred.

My second favorite song is by Phil Ochs..."The Chords Of Fame!" 

Box of Rain by The Grateful Dead (Phil Lesh and Robert Hunter)...just beautiful...

I wouldn't argue , BUT :

"Brokedown Palace" from that same album is , by far, my favourite Dead song, a classic !

"listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul"

Brokedown Palace is one of my favorites, but right now I'm really in thrall with "Friend of the Devil".  

Anything by The Dead is something special to me, but I think my favorite is "Me and My Uncle" written by John Phillips. It tells a story about the old west. I think they could of made a movie based on that song. Directed By Sam Peckinpah. If only we turn back time.

Would have to say this one

Tom, This is certainly an excellent addition to the list. I had not heard it since it's hey day in the 70's. Marshall Tucker was great live as I remember. They aren't makin' um like this anymore. Thanks.



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