I like most guitar mags, but I guess that's different. I guess I like "American Songwriter", good selection of articles. I like Relix, not as good as they used to be, but they had to diversify, also, the Allman Brother's "Hittin' The Note"  is a good magazine.  Rolling Stone and Billboard are good for industry facts and news. "No Depression" in Print was the best, always would look for that first and Barnes and Noble usually had it.

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Q out of England is good for the articles and record reviews and the free CD it usually comes with. It's practically the only print magazine I read much. Otherwise it's online all the way, I mostly download music, I hardly buy CDs anymore.

Mojo is another rag from the U.K. that does a decent job. Otherwise, all online blogs. Same thing here, I don't buy cds anymore, my collection is stored away in boxes since my move early last year, no need for it.




 I miss the print magazine, but the on line version is convenient.  I don't always agree with the various contributors' judgments or enthusiasms, but on the other hand I do find out about new artists and re-evaluate some others on the basis of these articles.  

It depresses me that most non-classical music criticism is so oriented towards the personality of the creators, rather than the actual music.   To paraphrase James Carville, "it's the music, stupid."

Dick Weissman

I read Living Blues, Blues Revue, Goldmine, and Sing Out. I miss No Depression in print. I sometimes read American Songwriter as well

Your best bets are  from the UK , UNCUT and MOJO. Both superb.

Honestly, I really miss the print edition of NO DEPRESSION.  Call me old school.  I like to feel the paper between my fingers.  I still go to the library to get my reading material.  The only magazine I subscribe to is FRETBOARD JOURNAL.  It's beautiful--a real work of art--glossy, fantastic articles, awesome photographs, way good enough to be called a book.  Hopefully, in this digital age, Fahrenheit 451 is still science fiction.  Long live the printed word!

Seems a lot of reference to UK magazines. My favourite is called R2 (used to be called Rock 'n' Reel). Its full of roots music and comes with a fantastic CD of artists to explore. http://www.rock-n-reel.co.uk/

australia's roots music bible is rhythms magazine - http://www.rhythms.com.au/. worth a look for up & coming artists just under the international radar.

I like Premiere guitar magazine.  I have been reading it since it went all glossy a few years ago. I like a few others, but if I had to pick one, premiere would be it.

Like Cletis Carr, I buy & read Rhythms magazine every month - have been doing so since it was introduced to me in 1997. I find it a great read. Mojo & Q are pretty good too, but I don't buy them regularly.  Agree with Ms H - long live the printed word. Having said that, I'm still quite content to read No Depression online. While I'm at it, one thing that shits me up the wall, is respondents who never miss an opportunity to tell us how they no longer buy CDs & that their collections have been consigned away to gather literal & metaphoric dust! Online all the way, eh mate? Well not for me, and plenty of others too I reckon.

Yeh, I like Mojo and for guitars fugot, Premier rocks, their website is even better!!



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