I don't have any Buddy Miller stuff, but I really wanna buy some. All is fair game, from any era. What is your favorite album the he has done? It's probably pretty obvious, but I'm looking for the best quality songs (I was thinking about Cruel Moon). It doesn't necessarily have to be just him, it can be with his wife, or other collaborators too (ie, Majestic Strings, Jim Lauderdale, etc.). I figured this would be the best place to find out where I should start!



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Buddy's rock side is expressed on Band of Joy , listen to Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, but the whole album is great, one of the best bands ever with Darrell Scott helping with banjo,mandolin, peddle steel and harmony, Patty Griffin and some old guy singing lead.

Majestic Silver Strings is Buddy's reimagination of classic country songs with unrestrained guitars, atmosphere and attitude. Buddy and the three acclaimed guitarists Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot and Greg Leisz (together they are The Majestic Silver Strings) together push each song into a new cosmos warped in reverb. Guest vocalists include Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Lee Ann Womack, Chocolate Genius and Julie Miller.

Midnight and Lonesome is what country sposed to sound like.

Downtown Church by Patty Griffin

Nashville by Solomon Burke, produced by Buddy

I have not heard a bad cd yet with Buddy involved.

Ben, don't worry about which is the best album, they are all, at least, very very good, so just go ahead and acquire them. Perhaps try and do them chronologically so that you build up to the latest Buddy & Jim.

He writes excellent, well structured songs, but he has the capacity to unearth and cover so much brilliant stuff by  many other artists. My favorites are Jesse Winchesters "A Showman's Life" from Midnight and Lonesome plus Tom T Hall's "That's how I got to Memphis" from Your love and other lies. Obviously, anything that he did with Emmylou helps position where he came from, but I also cannot argue with the suggestion to also experience Solomon Burke's album Nashville which Buddy produced and played on from his own front room.

ND were not wrong when they made him their Musician of the Decade in the very last printed issue. All being well, and his health holds out, I can't see anyone to take that title off him, between now and 2020.

The three albums I have are: Nashville (Solomon Burke), Cruel Moon and Universal United House of Prayer. Of these, Nashville is my favorite because of what he brings out Solomon Burke. But everything he has done is excellent!

I love electric overdriven feedback laden guitar such as hendrix, beck etc. Buddy Miller is my favorite today, I just love his tone, his sense of history  & knowledge of country & rock styles. He takes old country songs from my youth and rocks em out. Weird but the best rock player is this country dude!

Check out the DVD Band Of Joy Live at the Artist Den. Some of the best ensemble playing, 3 part harmony or soloing you will ever hear.

Absolutely cannot go wrong with Universal United House of Prayer, a classic, somewhat rough around the edges, gospel - country album in all its "come to Jesus" glory. Includes great covers of the Louvin Brothers' "There's a Higher Power" and an epic version of Dylan's "With God on Our Side."


      Never was crazy about Buddy Miller, just not my style I guess, everybody has dfferent tastes, I like Brent Mason, Bryan Sutton, guys like that also bluegrass picker Tony Rice, that is what is great about music, there are so many different musicians, On the other hand I don't dislike Buddy, I can listen to him on a youtube or something.

As much as I love Buddy and his work with so many other musicians, I do find some songs on each album that are not favorites so here are the iTunes songs I've had downloaded for iPod.  Maybe I need to listen again to some of his other songs.  I probably need to go ahead and get the full Band of Joy CD to hear some of Buddy's best work. I was fortunate to see the crew at Merlefest a couple of years ago.


Buddy and Band of Joy   Somewhere Trouble Don't Go   (also recorded by Joe Bonamassa)


Buddy & Julie  The River's Gonna Run  (also done by Sam Bush)

                               Out In The Rain

                               Gasoline and Matches

                               Little Darlin

                               Dirty Water  (this song also done by blues artists John Mayall and Janiva Magness and Shemika Copeland)) 


Buddy                Looking for a Heartache Like You

                             Does My Ring Burn Your Finger

                             The Price of Love

                             Midnight and Lonesome

                             Love In The Ruins

                             Draggin The River

                             Hole in my Head

                             Love Snuck Up


Buddy and Ann McCrary  No Good Lover  (from Six Silver Strings CD)

Oops, forgot to include "Don't Wait" from Universal House of Prayer CD



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